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Open Economy

Total export-import volume of Haishu District was 65,296 million yuan, up by 13.8% at comparable prices. Particularly, the total export volume was 55,295 million yuan, up by 8.2% and the total import volume was 10,001 million yuan, up by 58.5%. More participation in overseas markets was witnessed in 2017 and 20 overseas investment companies newly opened in Haishu, completing the agreed investment amount of 251 million US dollars, an increase of 12.6% compared with the last year, and yet completing the actual investment amount of 120 million US dollars, an increase of 193.3% compared with the last year.

Headquarters Economy

The construction of the municipal group headquarter was completed in this year. Zhenhe Electronic Business Headquarter block was completed and is now calling for foreign investment. The construction of Henghou Group started ahead of schedule in this year. Taxes paid by Weike headquarter and Seduno group headquarter were over hundreds of millions in 2017.