[Ningbo daily news] the first "Chinese Culture Festival 11 opening on the lake"
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   The lake. (Photo by Zhou Jianping)
   Whether it is a city, a nation or the strength of a country, it is always supported by the flourishing of culture. In March 11th, an enhanced cultural innovation to promote the Chinese excellent traditional culture of creativity "as the theme of" Chinese culture on the event will be opened.
   The eighth United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Pan Zhenzhou, the first curator of National Museum, Shanghai Fudan University professor Qian Wenzhong ten from cultural, political and business circles "coffee" and more than 1000 from the industry representatives will attend the "moon event, the common feeling of the unique charm of Chinese culture, find the new requirements of new industry in the new era of cultural development.
   The event is organized by the Ningbo municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Ningbo City, Haishu District People's government, by the Ningbo Municipal Publicity Department of Haishu District, Ningbo city Haishu District civilization office Co, spread by the Foreign Cultural Exchange Association, Haishu District of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Hui culture co..
"The Chinese culture festival held on the organizing committee deputy director Shi Tenglong at a news conference," the lake event "aims to cultivate and spread to the lake for the concept of Ningbo,Zhejiang, Central South, Chinese culture; cultural and economic linkage, build a city value, the global symbol of high-end platform.
   The highlights of the more than 20 cultural activities
   On March 11th, at 8:30 in the morning to 8 pm, the first "Chinese culture on the grand" more than 20 cultural activities will be presented in Ningbo.
   Morning, Ban Ki-moon will bring "the speech of the Chinese civilization and world peace" theme; Qian Wenzhong on "Chinese culture and school education" ideas. In addition, Ban Ki-moon, Qian    Wenzhong will also work with five kinds of college dean Yan Jiehe, the future of the industry platform founder Feng Xiaozhe nearly 10 guests for a "Chinese culture and economy in the future" high-end dialogue, with 1500 entrepreneurs from all walks of life in close communication, collision sparks of wisdom.
   Afternoon, in addition to the "Chinese culture on the event will be in the main forum, Ningbo Howard Johnson Hotel, Haishu Guangji Central Primary School, Ningbo Tea Culture Museum and other venues" of the Chinese culture and the "Three Character Classic" inheritance "and" Chinese culture and the development of enterprises "and" Chinese excellent traditional culture and elementary education "" "a" music appreciation "art four forum activities.
   The forum activities have their own characteristics: if you are interested in the new era Ancient Chinese Literature Search cultural development, concerned about how to get through the traditional culture and modern culture of the door; if you are curious about the history of Mongolian heritage; if you are an entrepreneur, the entrepreneur to unlock the cultural heritage of the confusion; if you want to see the intangible cultural heritage of the "lantern" performance want to enjoy playing, pipa, erhu, harp, guqin, may wish to look at the forum, I believe you will regret it.
On the night of 6 to 8 in the month, rippling lake, will also hold a grand "Chinese culture on the night". The opening dance "of great momentum and time", graceful and beautiful "Zen dance" Yin "and" Chun Xiao Qin solo full of rich cultural elements in Ningbo reading program "Chinese culture" and the Declaration on the lake, for all the guests and the people of the city in a cultural feast.
Ban Ki-moon continued the "Chinese love"

   Among the previous secretaries general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon has the most "Chinese love". During his 11 visit to China as Secretary General of the United Nations, he traveled all over China, showing Chinese, calligraphy and Xin Chun as a loyal lover of Chinese traditional culture.
   Ban Ki-moon is the first United Nations Secretary-General in Asia from East Asia and second in the history of the world. During his term, the United Nations official Chinese micro-blog and WeChat public platform has opened; in recent years the Chinese Lunar New Year, Ban Ki-moon specially recorded video to the global Chinese happy spring festival.
After leaving office, Ban Ki-moon frequently took part in activities all over the world. He served as honorary member of the world leader League and honorary chairman of the global social contribution Research Institute of Yonsei University, and founded the center of sustainable development of Ban Ki-moon. He and the China interaction becomes more and more frequently: in November 2017, Ban Ki-moon in Guangzhou to attend the "from international forum, January 7, 2018, world peace foundation and Ban Ki-moon Chinese first preparatory committee meeting will be held in Shanghai, Ban Ki-moon and his wife attended and delivered a speech.
   In March 11th, Ban Ki-moon will once again visit Chinese, "Lake grand debut". It is understood that this is his first visit to Zhejiang after he left office.
The words "elementary education month lake"
   In recent years, traditional culture has been popular again. The rise of Sinology classroom and Confucius institute not only let the Chinese people pay attention to our traditional culture, but also let the world have the opportunity to learn our traditional culture. As an important part of traditional culture of early education, elementary nature has been widely concerned.
   In the "Lake event", close disciple Ancient Chinese Literature Search Dean Mr. Ji Xianlin - Professor Qian Wenzhong will share the experience of enlightenment. Qian Wenzhong was in the "Lecture Room" done "Qian Wenzhong read" Three Character Classic "," Qian Wenzhong "disciple" interpretation of such wonderful lectures, make a contribution to the popularization of enlightenment.
Yuehu, history and cultural infiltration
   Ningbo, a famous historical and cultural city in China, is the birthplace of "Hemudu Site culture" seven thousand years ago. It is the cradle of East Zhejiang culture, the center of Chinese culture, academic and education, and the Oriental departure port of the maritime Silk Road.
   The pivotal status in Ningbo lake, was a brick, every tree and bush, historical and cultural traces: the Tang Dynasty poet Aichi Aki, Wang Anshi once lived here, the Northern Song Dynasty official official; then county magistrate Wang Anshi set the county school in Zhuzhou, invited the Zhejiang Science Masters, "the five floor of Mr. Yu in this lecture, writer Feng Ji floor, floor, different key was educated at the floor; Yu Zhou Zaizhu lectures thirty years, creating a precedent for Zhejiang science, creating a large number of talents. Mention of the eastern Zhejiang School, it is not open around Wang Yinglin, his "Three Character Classic" to future generations far-reaching, began to spread to other countries China from the Ming Dynasty, after several hundred years of history, more appreciated by people all over the world, in 1990 by UNESCO as world refers to the children's book.
   Jia Pingwa, a famous writer, says that cultural confidence comes mainly from excellent traditional culture and comes from history. In recent years, with a long cultural history of Ningbo, put forward the "book of ancient and modern times, Hong Kong World" slogan, and actively create the "cultural city", on the one hand, the international cultural exchanges and cooperation with the Belt and Road Initiative "under the background of the building, lay a solid foundation for international platform for Ningbo culture; on the other hand, focus expand the influence of the city, organized by the cultural event, promote cultural sharing, enhance the cultural leadership. This year, the Ningbo municipal government to promote the development of city soft power, improve public cultural services and accelerate the development of cultural industry has put forward higher goals: to build a national art "art in the first area, promote the cultural and creative city construction, strengthen the film city, Wen Chong Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Fashion Music the cultural industry platform. With a long tradition of culture, Ningbo Yong forefront, efforts to enhance the cultural self-confidence.
Wang Bo correspondent Shi Muqian

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