[modern gold] Ningbo "three robbery" has an upgraded version
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   Just after the Spring Festival holiday, Ningbo municipal government decided to take the city to promote the project for speed, industry first, science and technology for investment in urban and rural areas, competition and service competition, strengthen the "six party effect for tackling the mobilization of the general assembly, the post as the first meeting of cadres.

   The purpose of this conference is to mobilize the city under boost manner, drum full energy, than learning to catch the rapid formation of a strong atmosphere, dry out the crucial high acceleration ran out after. According to the deployment, through the next 3 years of hard work, the social and economic level of Ningbo should be a step, and efforts to promote the city in the forefront of high quality development.

   Jin newspaper reporter Fan Ying Chen Yanran

   Facing the situation in Ningbo

   Model more and more far, more and more close behind

   This conference is facing the situation of Ningbo in the city's competition. In recent years, the development of various undertakings in Ningbo has made great progress, such as the strength of manufacturing industry, the competitiveness of port and shipping, the advantages of opening to the outside world, the degree of urban civilization, the quality of urban and rural environment, the quality of life of residents and the quality of cadres. But jump out to see Ningbo, more and more far, pacesetter pursuers closer and closer and therefore more tight, we need to have a sense of crisis and urgency, we must pay more arduous and more hard work.

   Provincial Committee and party secretary Zheng Zhajie at the meeting pointed out, to promote the "six for crucial", is to implement the new era of Xi Jinping thought and practice of "socialism China features 88 strategy" Ningbo action is to implement the general secretary Xi Jinping important instructions on Ningbo spirit and provincial requirements for specific initiatives in Ningbo, is the path of practice of building "city names", is also an urgent need to deal with city competition.

   Zheng Zhajie stressed that the city should strengthen the consciousness of "competition", with "struggle" of the spirit, insist the "struggle", "fight" out of action, improve the "competition" ability, expanding the "struggle" of the momentum, work hard, work diligently, at top speed, six fight poverty, three years of rising ", and strive to promote Ningbo walk in the forefront of the development of high quality.

   Push forward six fortifications

   Public concerns about projects, industries, etc.

   At the end of the municipal economic work conference, to seize the day to grab the opportunity, grab items, emergency personnel, caused a strong reaction from all walks of life. But this time, the municipal government proposed to promote the "six for crucial", equivalent to "three grab" upgrade edition, is related to the overall development of long-term development in Ningbo, "planting engineering". To see what is specific?

   For the project is to focus on high speed: major industries, major infrastructure and major ecological environment and public facilities and other fields, tasks for the project, to the project, without loose construction projects, in long-term projects, accelerate the expansion of effective investment scale.

   Industry: first is to supply side structural reform as the main line, and deep transformation and upgrading, integration, openness, strong enterprise "five articles", hold the basic, optimize inventory, expand increment, optimize the structure, Yangchangbuduan, striving for superiority, accelerate the construction of modern economic system.

   Science and technology contention is to firmly establish the idea that technology is the core competitiveness and give full play to the role of the main body of enterprises, the role of platform driving and the support role of talents, so as to guide the whole society to increase investment in scientific and technological innovation and speed up the enhancement of regional innovation strength.

   Good: urban and rural is to actively docking bay area garden big channel construction of metropolitan area, active benchmarking advanced city, promote global co-ordination, strengthen planning control, improve construction quality, enhance the management capacity, speed up the building of a modern metropolis.

   Effect: service competition is to strengthen the overall service, service consciousness of the masses, the revitalization of Ningbo's mission on their shoulders, take responsibility for the benefit of the people in mind, speed and efficiency, realistically catch fine, take responsibility, to create a good environment to speed up the satisfaction of the masses.

   Strengthen the Party Building: is to unswervingly strengthen the political construction, accurate and effective to strengthen the cadres, unremittingly to strengthen the basic infrastructure, relaxation and endless strengthen style construction, accelerate the upgrading of the great level of construction.

   How to speed up the implementation

   The lead department and the head of the district and county

   Make a statement

   At the meeting, the leading departments of the "six struggle for hard work", the districts and counties (cities), and the main heads of some functional district management committees made a statement.

   The municipal development and Reform Commission: Aiming at the project, we must speed up our efforts to speed up the investment and launch the "four links to accelerate and six key areas to speed up" special operations. In 2018, aimed at the project, construction, construction, commissioning "accelerated" four links, focus on the pre project 101, new investment 380 billion yuan; 61 projects, annual investment of 19 billion 300 million yuan; 104 construction projects, annual investment of 53 billion yuan; the completion of the project 32, the annual investment of 11 billion 200 million yuan.

   City Commission by letter by letter system: the firm response to the municipal government called for, to build "Chinese manufacturing 2025" national demonstration zone is always the starting point, tightly pegged to the top three industry first "hard task, Li said Li line, hard work, and strive to become a national benchmark city. For example, the next three years, the regulation of industrial added value of the average annual growth rate of above 10%, and strive to achieve the new total of over 100 billion yuan; ratio reached 50% for the high-tech industry, equipment manufacturing industry; in the field of key parts of key strategic materials, foster the formation of 50 individual national champions, 500 new special expertise products; green to build a world-class petrochemical industry advanced industrial clusters.

   Bureau of science and technology: on the "science and technology for investment, promote the innovation of Ningbo super conventional" a turn six "action for three years, to 2020, the whole society R & D investment and investment in high-tech industries and strive to exceed 100 billion yuan, the 8 innovation indicators to achieve double, leading the city ranks into the lead in national innovation city.

   Municipal Construction Committee: the city's housing system will resolutely implement the municipal government decision to deploy, to carry out urban and rural quality excellence three years of crucial action, efforts to create "excellent quality, exquisite Ningbo city", to become "six vanguard for tackling the soldiers. For example, to implement the Qianbaishi project, and strive to 2020 renovation of the Old District million square meters, built thousands of miles of recreational greenway, the formation of one hundred kilometers fast road network, to achieve an annual investment of billions each year, to build 10 high-quality city roads.

   The city to implement a special office: the implementation of "green wave" service for effective action, comprehensively promote the government service a green light, green light, speed and efficiency, and strive to build the approval at least, the most efficient, best business environment, people and enterprises obtain the strongest sense of administrative environment. For example, we should further reduce the approval and approval procedures, accelerate the promotion of the online approval and supervision platform to the 2 edition, explore the implementation of the "standard land" system, and ensure that before the start of the general business investment project, the approval will run at most and 100 days at most.

   Municipal Party Committee Organization Department: Party building as concentrating departments will actively respond to party a clarion, reforming of Party building, strengthen the protection for poverty, resolutely carry the mission of serving the overall situation of play.

   Extended reading

   Ningbo city of 2017

   Science and technology award was announced yesterday

   At the mobilization conference, the Ningbo city science and technology award list was also published in 2017. A total of 93 projects were commended. Among them, Ningbo Jiang Feng electronic materials Limited by Share Ltd Dr. Yao Lijun, Ningbo Agricultural Science Research Institute researcher Wang Yuhong, Ningbo shock Polytron Technologies Inc Dr. Zhang Yan and other 3 people won the special award of science and technology innovation, vice president of Ningbo University of Technology Professor Bao ghiron 10 people from the city of Science and Technology Innovation Award, "display with high performance optical brightening film preparation key technology development and industrialization" and other 10 projects won the first prize of progress in science and technology, and high-speed rail EMU with high reliability series sensor key technology research and industrialization and other 20 projects for science and technology progress prize two, "small new automotive gasoline engine turbocharger" and other 50 projects for science and technology progress third-prize.

   From the award-winning projects, research 2017 annual Municipal Science and technology award evaluation and recognition of the work focus on the achievements of science and technology and industrial projects, enterprise led innovation projects, collaborative innovation, basic research and invention, the layers of selection and encourage a number of outstanding scientific and technological innovations and individuals, in order to further promote the integration and industrial development I make a positive contribution to science and technology, promote the development of scientific and technological progress contribution to economic and social level. The science and technology progress award of the 80 projects focused on new materials, new energy and energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent equipment manufacturing, electronic information, special industry, auto parts manufacturing, health and other industries, providing important support for the development of power industry innovation and technology.

   It is understood that from 2006 to now, Ningbo has been awarded 23 special awards for technological innovation, 112 of which are promoted by scientific and technological innovation, and 943 of technological progress awards, of which one or two, three and other awards account for 10.8%, 25.3% and 63.8% respectively.

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