[Ningbo daily] historical block protection and utilization, see "Millennium Haishu" how to do?
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   Newspaper reporter Chen Zhaoxia

   Haishu station reporter correspondent Zhu Yinying Dazhi continued

   The historic and cultural blocks in Ningbo are protected and utilized by the most recent movements:

   One of the two historical and cultural blocks -- Fufushi Yongshou street historical and cultural blocks protection planning of the old city of Ningbo to save only the most complete introduction, will create a livable life with a strong Ningbo traditional cultural atmosphere of the community.

   At the start of the historical and cultural blocks of Yuehu Lake Jinhui town core area, will make an attempt to "promote the integration of the historical block protection and regional economic development, the old city transformation and upgrading and emerging industry integration".

   The nineteen major reports of the Party pointed out: "to strengthen the protection and utilization of cultural relics and the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage." How to protect the historical blocks and make the history and culture reflect the modern civilization? In recent years, as the seat of the core area of Ningbo's historical and cultural city, Haishu district has explored some successful experiences in exploring the integration of multiple protection and cultural tourism business in historic districts.

   Block protection:

   The living context of the city

   In 1986, Ningbo became the second batch of national historical and cultural city approved by the State Council.

   The State Council announced the second batch of national historical and cultural city in the paper: "focus on cultural heritage, and can fully reflect a certain historical period of traditional style and ethnic characteristics of local neighborhoods, buildings, towns and other villages should also be protected, according to their historical, scientific and artistic value, announced local historical and cultural protection areas". To this end, from the 90s of last century, the urban planning and cultural relics administrative department began to formulate the plan for the protection of the historic and cultural cities of Ningbo.

   In April 2005, the city's purple line plan was compiled, with a planned area of 18.97 square kilometers, which is designated by historic conservation city. Plan within the region 8 historical blocks purple line, respectively Lake Historic District, Gulou Park Road Historic District, historic district, county Tian Feng Temple Tower Road outside the Catholic church historic district, historic district of Xiushui Street, Yongshou Fufushi Street Historic District, historic district, Yu Jia Xiang Nan Tang River Historic district.

   Among the 8 historic blocks, the other 7 are in the Haishu district except the historical blocks of the Catholic Church. Since 2005, the Haishu district has organically combined historical and cultural protection with urban renewal to explore the protection and utilization of historical blocks.

   "The protection of historical blocks is different from the protection of historical sites. It is the whole protection of point, surface, film and line." At that time, Chen Jiandong, the director of the Haishu culture, radio, television and Publication Bureau and the party secretary of the Haishu Federation of literary and art circles, said that, unlike cultural relics and historical sites, there are not only cultural relics, historical sites, but also large numbers of residents in historic blocks. For the protection of historical blocks, we should not only protect several cultural relics and historical buildings, but also protect all elements of the overall appearance, such as street and lanes, and so on. We should also protect and inherit the culture carried out by the blocks, including the unique living intangible cultural heritage. It is necessary to protect residents' living environment and promote regional economic vitality, which is the way of sustainable development of historic district protection and transformation.

   Innovation path:

   Government led, Socialized Operation

   The protection of cultural relics and urban renewal has always been a dilemma. How can the historic block be "organically updated" at the same time? Haishu District adheres to the importance of cultural relics protection and rational utilization, and explores the transformation of historical blocks by the mode of "government led and Socialized Operation". Specifically, the formulation, is a government department responsible for the historic district planning business positioning and pre demolition work; specific reconstruction projects implemented by the Ningbo urban construction Klc Holdings Ltd and other state-owned companies, business restructuring, undertake reconstruction projects (including building block protection and restoration of cultural relics), investment, property management and other functions.

   In 2008, the historical block of Yu Jiaxiang was taken as a pilot project, and the reconstruction of historical blocks was formally implemented in Haishu district. 10 years later, the historic district not only make full use of "in situ conservation, the original relocation, space conversion, interior style, technology penetration and other design techniques," repair old as the old "to retain the integrity of the original historical and cultural features, endowed with real modern urban vitality, become a beautiful City landscape.

   Yu Jia Lane Historic District where the "Lake Sheng Garden" was opened in May 2010, 670 million yuan investment, the success of the transformation to "fashion catering, retail and leisure entertainment features based Jiangnan courtyard fashion street".

   The South River Historic District is located south street in the first and two respectively in January 2012, opened in September 2015, has become the "collection of historical relics, tourism, culture and leisure, catering, a hundred years old and famous and folk features in one embodiment of the Ningbo Jiangnan Water City Township features" historical and cultural characteristics of commercial district.

   The historical district of Gulou Park Road is led by the government of Haishu District, and Haina is responsible for the specific implementation and later operation management, and the Chinese Academy of beauty is responsible for the planning and design of the block. In January 2013, the "Drum Tower along" the historical and cultural block was reproduced, which was defined as "the commercial, tourist and literary interactive Ningbo folklore and cultural and historical blocks".

   Jun temple tower day historical district conservation and renewal and industry promotion project, officially launched in early 2014, a set of cultural, commercial, tourism, folklore and a variety of formats, the organic integration of "eat, live, travel, shopping and entertainment" six industrial structure ", the business and travel" theme type and values eastern Zhejiang folk culture experience type city recreation business district will be unveiled.

   In December 2017, a total investment of 1 billion 500 million yuan of West Lake Protection and renewal of the promoter region of the start of the project, to explore the "fusion historical block protection and regional economic development, and the transformation and upgrading of the old city and the emerging industrial integration".  Today, the lake Jinhui town has a total of 464 enterprises, registered capital of 44 billion 114 million yuan, the occupancy rate reached 50%.

   In addition, the historic district of Xiushui Street and Yongshou Fufushi Street Historic districtconservation respectively in October 2017, issued in November. For the two piece of the old city of Ningbo only local traditional best preserved neighborhoods, invariably reflect planning "government led, public participation, and gradually improvement, gradual improvement" principle, to avoid large demolition, retain the original traditional block pattern, architectural style and the original residents living conditions, to achieve "human life extension cultural heritage, highlighting the historical and cultural districts, the return value".

   In 2003 of the "government led, social operation mode, at the same time, the competent departments of cultural relics in Haishu District in cooperation with the establishment of the Ningbo volunteer force, the first historical and cultural heritage protection of folk organizations - Haishu District of historical and cultural heritage protector Association, to further strengthen the protection of Historic District power.

   Experts believe that the Haishu Historic District diversified mode of protection and utilization, on the one hand, led by the government, to strengthen the block of cultural relics protection and restoration construction project administrative examination and approval, construction supervision, to ensure the authenticity, integrity and sustainability of the conservation of historic district; on the other hand through the social operation, ease the protection of tremendous financial pressure, protection and development of historic district is the recommended path.

   Follow up development:

   Promote cultural image and implant industrial projects

   The successful attempt to diversify the pattern of historical and cultural blocks makes Haishu more and more widen in the way of the protection and utilization of the historic blocks. "The historical block upgrade completed to achieve sustainable development, to further exploit its cultural heritage resources, focus on improving the cultural image, into industrial projects, do a good job, business and travel to the interaction, cultural popularity, activities to promote business opportunities, keep the historical and cultural blocks lasting vitality and charm." The person in charge of the Cultural Department of the Haishu district said.

   Ningbo Drum Tower historic block of the ancient building There remained but a single one. marked from the beginning of 2012, the organic renewal, through business transformation, promotion and other activities to carry out the work, to create a "new old Ningbo tour, Ningbo impression", Ningbo has become an important cultural and leisure experience. Recently, the block successfully selected the list of Zhejiang cultural and creative blocks of the year of 2017, adding a beautiful card to the famous historical and cultural city of Ningbo.

   Let historical blocks return to "life"

   In the north of the South River on the Nantang street, across a bridge - Xiangyang bridge in the Qing dynasty. Then, from the countryside eight boats carrying local, endure endure crowded crowded diponium at the bridge river quay, 1 baskets of goods being shipped to shoulder hand, street shop. This article according to the South River and the construction of the street, was outside the South Gate of Ningbo prosperous commercial center, known as the "city of South Gate three".

   Years of change, "south gate three cities" gradually to silence. In 2002, when I was writing "Ningbo ancient building Tour" series of articles to find Xiangyang bridge, only to see a cramped deserted street stands quietly in the South river.

   In 2012 and 2015, with a period of two, Nantang Street into the opening, the 1.3 kilometer long street year-round flow waves, the busy degree compared with the year of the "south gate three," I am afraid ifheavier.

   In recent years, Haishu district has explored the road of multi protection of historical blocks and commercial integration of cultural tourism, and has made some successful experiences. Sheng Yuan, Gulou and lake along the South Street as popular, new and old people in Ningbo have come to seek the taste of old Ningbo. The drum tower historic district was selected 2017 year Zhejiang Province cultural creative block list, South River Historic District was named Ningbo municipal (nurture) cultural and creative industrial park.

   The newly introduced Xiushui Street historic district and Yongshou Fufushi Street Historic District protection plan, is proposed to retain the original traditional block pattern, architectural style and the original inhabitants of life. The future of these two historic blocks is more worthy of our expectation. The return of the historical block to the "life" is not only able to inject vitality into the old building, but also to continue the "context" of our city.

   (Wang Fang)

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