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   Recently, Haishu District issued "on deepening the implementation of innovative talents at home and abroad and the introduction of" 100 sea exchange team plan "opinions", launched 18 new talents. In the local history of the largest and most innovative breakthrough, the highest gold content "plan, Haishu" 5 10 million "as the core of a comprehensive upgrade of recruiting policy, reform talents mode, behind the" new name card for the global talent and intelligence 100 foreign sea view ".
   Big hand -
   "5 years and 500 million" Talents
   More need for Industry
   Haishu clouds, the wind is hanging yifan. Zoning adjustment, Haishu urban and rural spatial pattern, landscape change from single symbiotic blend of the original city space, is experiencing a gorgeous butterfly". And talent, will help new Haishu to achieve the "wings" across the development. In the next 5 years, the Haishu district will add 100 million yuan to the "hundred foreign exchange plan" project each year.
   Behind the big hand, it is the firm determination of Haishu to cultivate talented people to innovate and start a business, to create a dream for a dream home.
Haishu focus on new materials, new energy, high-end equipment, bio medicine, energy saving and environmental protection, a new generation of information technology, the six strategic emerging industries, the introduction of academic leaders, leaders of science and technology and high-level innovative talents and projects, the development of high-tech industries and emerging disciplines; focus on promoting the construction of major innovation projects, and Key Laboratory the innovation center and other major research and development platform, the introduction of a shortage of much-needed talent; focus on the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, the introduction of a number of strong tackling ability, breakthroughs in key technologies, add wisdom and strength for the traditional industries and project personnel.
   "Not only regional, not only educational background, do not ask for all, not stick to a grid, the applicability of the first place. The scope of our recruitment has expanded to the world, and the scope of the gathering is concentrated on the industry. The need for regional development and enterprise development is the talent to focus on. " The person in charge of the Haishu District Committee Organization Department said.
   Industries gather talents and talents to lead the industry. Within 5 years, there will be more than 100 enterprises launched by Bai Hui Hai Hai plan talents and teams, which will promote the formation of influential industry chains in Haishu. The entrepreneurial team and innovative intelligence will truly become a new engine in Haishu's long - run short board and high quality construction in China.
   [Key words] heavy gold support
   The whole field -
   The "5 10 million" launched
   More to send a journey
   The road of pioneering and innovation is not smooth sailing, it is difficult to start, and it is difficult to take off. The most needed, is a pair of timely support of the hand.
   In "100 foreign sea plan", Haishu talent to put out a full range, strength of the "hand" -- "project funding, talents, talents, capital into the establishment of credit loans, the growth incentive" and "5 10 million" financial support, there are elements of security, life services for personnel remove menace from the rear.

   Gold and silver, timely assistance. For the team that was selected for the "100 Yuan Hui sea plan", it was given 2 million yuan -1000 million to 4 levels. To the selected talent, give 500 thousand yuan -100 million yuan.
   The office, can apply for a maximum of 1000 square meters of rent or rent subsidies; hiring, occupation qualification to the introduction of full-time technicians, a two-year 600 yuan monthly rent subsidies; settle down, not only can apply for talent apartment, can also enjoy the relocation subsidies and housing subsidies......
   For entrepreneurs most difficult financing problem, Haishu three provide financial support by the bank: awarded the highest 10 million yuan credit line, 3 years can apply for a maximum of 200 thousand yuan of subsidized financing, but also to political bancassurance cooperation model for loan guarantee and credit insurance, for entrepreneurs at the same time, to explore the allocation of risk; guide the fund and credit risk pool set up talent project, leveraging capital and resources to current talent project.
   It is more important to encourage the growth of the bud. "In the past, our support was mainly concentrated in the early days of the talent settlement and the establishment of the enterprise, and the help of the development of the talent enterprise into the fast lane was not outstanding. Now, not only to support, but also on the subsequent growth of enterprises and encourage talents." Haishu District Organization Department responsible person said, according to the plan, talent and team founded enterprise has been developing faster and has greater contribution to regional development in 5 years since its establishment. After it has been identified, it can get the highest 10 million yuan reward subsidy.
   Not only that, talents and teams have been upgraded after self training, but at all levels of "1000 person program", "ten thousand people plan" and "3315 plan" of our city, besides the superior funds, they will get the highest award of 5 million yuan in district level.
   [Key words] leveraging the talents
   Effective -
   Three types of summary procedure expert evaluation
   More market test
   How to allow people and projects with good faith, strength and prospects to enter the "hundred foreign exchange plan", really do not have to be free and clear? Haishu's answer is to mobilize social resources, stimulate the endogenous power.
   "Usually, the process of declaring talent plan includes project declaration, expert review, due diligence and so on. The core is to evaluate talent with expert wisdom. But we have set up three simple passages to test the talents with a more plural standard. The head of the Haishu District Committee Organization Department is introduced.
   "Capital introduction" mode, "to encourage private capital investment guide". If the entrepreneurial team and individual get private capital contributions to the real money contribution to no less than 3 million yuan or 2 million yuan, the Haishu district will be funded by 30% and the maximum no more than 10 million yuan. A very excellent team can reach 20 million yuan.
   The "one matter and one discussion" model aims at the project that has already realized industrialization, the award winning items at home and abroad, or the special talent and team. For example, qualified talents start businesses, achieve industrialization and annual revenues of more than 100 million yuan, can be directly selected as "Bai Hui Hai Hai plan", and give the highest 10 million yuan subsidy funds.

   "Thousands of people through train" mode, refers to foreign countries in the "thousand person plan" of Zhejiang Province, thousands of people plan talent full-time settled in Haishu area, also can be directly identified by the selected "entrepreneurial talent innovation exchange plan, siphon effect talent to continuously expand.
   It is not only to throw out "olive branch" to the talents, but also to improve the reward range for the social forces in Haishu district. The institutions operating the high - end innovation platform carrier can get the highest award of 3 million yuan. Institutions and individuals help the introduction of talent and team, to give the highest 600 thousand yuan reward approach.
Author Chen Zhaoxia continued for Guanxian Zhang Dazhi Haishu District Organization Department

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