[Ningbo daily] Ningbo compose a new chapter in the innovation transformation of the entity retail
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   In December 2017, Haishu District, Yinzhou District and Fenghua district were included in the provincial and commercial department and provincial finance department in the wholesale and retail upgrading and upgrading pilot cities. The pilot began for a period of three years, and it sounded the new horn of the transformation and upgrading of real business in our city. In the past few years, Ningbo has achieved brilliant achievements in the transformation and upgrading of the real business field.  Recently, the Municipal Commission of Commerce by "three year action plan to upgrade the transformation of Ningbo city wholesale and retail trade (2018 - 2020)" to speed up the preparation of the "Dongfeng", held in the city of retail innovation and transformation of work experience in the field of communication, the retail entity outstanding representatives gathered a set of intellectual suggestions, upgrade Moupian layout for 2018 transformation.
   The meeting proposed that we should fully affirmed the effectiveness of the transformation of retail innovation, we must clearly understand the situation and tasks facing the retail industry, take the initiative to return to the retail nature, accurately grasp the transformation direction of retail innovation, focus on the development of the quality of retail, retail, retail, green wisdom of cross-border retail, retail play guiding production, expand consumption, market prosperity protect the function of employment, to revitalize the real economy, the construction of "city names" add fuel to diesel.
In the past year, Haishu has made the "Haishu shopping" brand, and the real business has flourished and a hundred flowers bloom. The province's first Metro Commercial Street East drum road opened, Tianyi Square transformed into "life experience center", the first line of "new East stores intime retail", the new "ole Shanjing test business model", the drum tower is to achieve integration along the coordinated development of the business.
   Yinzhou also quickens its pace, pays great attention to the construction of business circles, and consolidates the "status of the rivers and lakes" of the highland of the city's commercial complex. The eastern city plaza, Harbour City Yintai, Fergus, Mingzhou in other large commercial complexes have opened, "eat in Yinzhou" "buy gold in Yinzhou as a regional development name card".
Under the wave of reform, the retail industry is in urgent need of transformation. At this experience exchange conference, a group of pioneered and effective merchants shared the lessons of successful experience and trial and error, and wrote a new chapter of Ningbo's entity retail transformation.
Yintai department store is a pioneer of "new retail" idea
   From May 2017 to September, Dongtai store of Yintai department held a new retail renovation for more than 100 days, which spent 120 million yuan, subverting traditional department stores into shopping centers, providing a template for self upgrading of the same type of shopping malls.
   How do department stores run through the concept of "new retail"? The practice of Yintai is "renovation and upgrading" and "service upgrading".
   Now the East Gate Yintai shop, all floors have a theme decoration, interactive space include design space, white sail style industrial atmosphere, minimalist space retro style Plaza leisure space and zoo theme, through the space of the building to create differentiated consumer scene, and each floor of the commercial brand side by side.  After the transformation, the number of stores in the mall was reduced by 1/3, and the area of public space, aisle, rest area and leisure area increased significantly. Some areas were also equipped with AR and VR technology to enable consumers to get comfortable shopping experience in interaction.
   Yintai shopping service is a "Internet plus" express, meow street, Mini Silver, Xixuan, sea Amoy cross-border goods such as the five hall, meow O2O business line "go hand in hand, people and goods, realize the reconstruction of the field". Customers can search shops and evaluate transactions in real time, tens of thousands of commodities are digitalized and integrated into the background system. The counters also synchronously implement APP invoice and on-site invoice.
   Now, Yintai is striding forward with the "new retail" forerunner. In 2017, Tianyi realized sales of 1 billion 273 million yuan, up 21.1% from the same year. The reopened Dongmen store was more than 59 million 100 thousand yuan in sales for 10 days, up 38% over the same period. At present, Yintai's backstage has brought together more than 1 million digital members, which will provide impetus for brand to further implement the new retail concept and lead the transformation and upgrading of department stores.
The new Jiangxia supermarket showed the "financial weapons" to benefit people's livelihood

   With the popularization of Internet technology, a number of e-commerce platforms with rapid distribution and low price have been created, and the functions of the traditional large supermarkets are weakening. The new supermarket is acutely aware of the living predicament of the old format, active transformation stores, enrich the content of services, and showed the "financial weapons", let oneself and consumers closer.
   Since 2016, the new year to complete more than 10 stores follow the transformation principle, per square meter cost 2500 yuan, is expected to be completed in 2020 all the store renovation work. The area of the supermarket has been "shrinking", but its functions are increasingly rich. Now, the construction of new fresh distribution processing center a total investment of 15 million yuan has entered the final stage, this year is expected to put into operation in March, is expected to achieve full cold chain distribution of fresh goods, enhance the taste and expand profit; invested 2 million 500 thousand yuan to introduce the information system will open up the business line and online mall, some stores also introduced let the new tag technology, have become the big data analysis capabilities of the "one-stop" Internet convenience supermarket.
   Last February, the new new tactics, reached a strategic cooperation with the Bank of Yinzhou, to build the "bee house" new convenience stores, explore new financial convenience store business model. The convenience store located in the bank can complement the bank, not only to solve the location problem of convenience stores, but also to help bank drainage. Today, the "convenience store + bank" model results, the 10 "bee house" new convenience stores have sales, is expected within 3 years to build 90. Zhenhai rural commercial bank is also in September last year, the initiative to contact the new Jiangxia, plans to build 20 new "post harvest" convenience store within 3 years, in the harvest of wealth at the same time more efficient convenience.
And Yi avenue to climb the top end of the city's "high point"
   In the Internet age, the high-end consumer places also need to take the "ivory tower", actively meet the wave, adapt to the needs of the audience transformation and upgrading. As the Ningbo high-end consumer "benchmarking", and the Avenue Shopping Center in a timely manner and constantly adjust the format, increase of leisure, dining and entertainment, experiential formats proportion, introduction of children living museum and a small and exquisite light meal project, to create a relaxed shopping environment, realize the re gathering of passenger.
In 2017, the annual business income of Heng Yi Avenue increased by 17% compared to the same period last year, and more than 10 experienced brands were introduced, covering the fields of art life, smart home and high-end car sales, which enrich the shopping experience of citizens. At the same time, underground parking is more convenient, the "intelligent reverse car search" service launched in April last year can help customers to effectively solve the problem of parking and car seeking.
   In addition to providing high-end goods and services, yi road also tries to achieve "cultural heritage" and "value reengineering" in the city from "business + culture". Over the past year, and the avenue of humanism, life and art, innovation and technology, green consumption "contemporary life element" into commercial space, deep cultural marketing, the introduction of new forms of art exhibition, held frequent cultural exchange activities, let art and culture and high-end shopping pavilions.
   Fashion brand fashion show, spring 2017 concert, Shun Zi cool / Gu Zhongshan and Yi will meet, Monet impression -- time reflecting trace art exhibition...... Yi Yi Avenue adhered to the idea of "let art go into ordinary life and combine commerce and art perfectly". It continued to climb the commanding heights of high-end consumption in the city, leading the consumption habits and lifestyles of modern consumers.
   Tian I square business circle crossover "chasing the tide"
   It is one of the oldest core business circles in Ningbo. It bears the good memories of the commercial celebration and the consumption Festival. Ten years time flies, the old district experienced wind and rain, but still with luxuriant foliage. Today, it still stands at the forefront of transformation and upgrading of entity retail, increasing the residence time of consumers through the adjustment of brand formats and the promotion of square services, giving them richer and more diversified feelings.
   The key word for the transformation and upgrading of Tianyi Square is "cross boundary". In addition to the traditional business, but also the introduction of Tianyi Square to meet the needs of young people in the bookstore Sisyphus cat feces coffee, Apple retail stores and a number of competitive games brand, has become a gathering place for popular culture again. In the "seventh blocks", the street sports enthusiasts came and went, and the activities of "small refreshing" or "non mainstream" activities were staged frequently, attracting the surrounding college students and urban white-collar workers.
   2017, Tianyi Square joint and the Avenue Shopping Center, Lake Park, Sheng, cool Guogou composed of radiation City Tianyi purchase business district, together to launch all kinds of interactive marketing activities more than 300 times, including the overall promotion activities 38 times, business theme promotion activities more than 180 times, 88 times to plan large-scale activities. The golden section adjacent to the mouth of Sanjiang has become the commanding point of the city's business activities.
The cross boundary is the core idea of the operation of Tian Yi square, and it is also the principle that the long-term development of Tian Yi square must be scrupulously adhered to. In the future, Tianyi Plaza will continue to adjust its format ratio, and actively seek for partners who are bright, strong personality and loved by young people, to bring better quality of life experience to consumers, and aspire to become the leader and advocate of future lifestyle.
Well Shan OLE and create a new model of the parallel business "

   The "cheap luxury" as the selling point of the outlets, is suffering from the two sides of traditional commercial and online shopping mall, the brand attractiveness and price advantage has been lost. On the one hand, the brand shop of traditional commercial body such as Yintai, Wanda and cool shopping has been increasing preferential efforts. On the other hand, Tmall mall, Jingdong, vip.com and other e-commerce platforms have lowered the cost of purchasing overseas luxury brands. So many difficulties, but ole Shan wells "upstream", in 2017 achieved sales of 2 billion 280 million yuan, ranking the seventh outlets project.
   The success of fir well olai is closely related to the new model of "business parallel". Sugii is located in the suburbs ole Ji Shi Gang Zhen, Tianyi Square from the city center about 10 kilometers, around over the highway network, traffic is convenient, pleasant and comfortable environment. Besides, the square occupies a large area, and the shopping space is relatively wide. It is suitable for family trips and bulk purchases, and has all the conditions for the construction of short distance tourism transfer stations.
   Therefore, fir well olai quickly stepped out the pace of exploring "business and brigade parallel" management model and pioneered the retail industry in the city. Recently, with the formal opening of the three indoor hall with family and parent-child as the theme, the Plaza has many formats such as movie theaters, large-scale supermarkets, restaurants and so on, providing a full range of holiday experience for the citizens who come to play. While attracting the citizens to shop, relax and entertain themselves, Sugii Okurai also voluntarily joined the commercial and tourist routes, and tried to build a tourist transfer station to radiate Ningbo and the surrounding cities. At present, Chinese fir wells ole has been with the Ningbo more than 40 travel agencies to achieve cooperation, the future will be in the area around the city and open up new tourist routes.
   Huang Gu Lin let Ningbo rush into the "cloud"
   Ningbo is the world's "rush sales champion", which is located in rush production enterprises gathering area of ancient town of Huang Gu Lin, Ningbo rush "is a gilded signboard". Unlike traditional rush production enterprises, Huang Gu Lin opened early in the process of the electricity supplier sales rush, rush products make low cost, relatively low margin into the "cloud", sold worldwide.
How to connect the electronic commerce its products? It is understood that in recent years, Huang Gu Lin invested 3 million 500 thousand yuan to set up a new e-commerce operation system, so that the efficiency of product circulation increased dramatically. In addition, the ERP software industry dedicated to e-commerce transactions is put into operation, to improve the efficiency of customer service, and to inject power for the takeoff of network sales. In 2017, Huang Gu Lin achieved sales of nearly 300 million yuan, of which electricity supplier sales of about 150 million yuan, worthy of the rush of electricity sales leader "honorary title.
   In 2017, the acquisition of rush increased dramatically, 800 households and Huang Gu Lin reached cooperation, farmers' income 9 million 600 thousand yuan. At the same time, Huang Gu Lin has invested 1 million 200 thousand yuan to open the handicraft farm of farmers, which has made a good sale for the rural handicrafts in Ningbo, and has promoted over 50 farmers' employment and increased more than 150 yuan.
   With the concept of innovation and the return of social responsibility, Huang Gu Lin to gather a team of more than 30 people in the product development team, accumulated to the State Intellectual Property Office for six patents, its products has developed three series more than 100 varieties, continue to play the Ningbo time-honored to upgrade the role.
The drum tower works through the multi - Industry Integration
   The lofty Haishu building bears the historical memory of Ningbo for thousands of years. How to protect, inherit and excavate the cultural resources along the drum tower is an important issue to be solved by government departments and operators at all levels. Since June 2012 officially launched the tower along the walking street of the Ningbo organic renewal project, the full flavor of the street there are many industrial convergence shadow, it uses the traditional culture as the foundation, vigorously introduce creative, tourism and the characteristics of commercial activities, relying on multi fusion industry to promote quality upgrading of street.
   Block, all kinds of fusion type format with luxuriant foliage. "The art of calligraphy and painting on the lake garden" gathered 14 Ningbo painting and calligraphy, in accordance with the "January lecture, exhibition, an open day" principle to spread the art of calligraphy and painting, to help people develop the habit of traditional art appreciation, new positions to build Ningbo mass art exchange and promotion. At present, the "Lake calligraphy and painting art garden" has held more than 20 boutique works and 14 art lectures. There are nearly 700 famous works, and more than 200 thousand people have been received. There are more than 100 batches of reception teams.
   At the same time, cultural activities come and fall. In 2017, the cumulative more than 120 games organized along Gulou theme activities, not only to strengthen the supervision institution of Ancient Chinese Literature Search forum ", in the ancient stage launched more than 530 cultural performances and the exchange of experience, in the night night launched the cultural and creative and cultural performances and more than 280 special activities, at the same time to achieve the normalization of 3D along the light show drum play, lit up the night sky blocks.
Based on cultural details and enhancing the connotation of activities, drum tower has become the "highland" of Ningbo's cultural consumption. The cultural shops along the streets reach 353 households, accounting for 53% of the total. In 2017, the traffic volume of the block exceeded 12 million passengers, and the sales volume of merchants exceeded 1 billion 200 million yuan, which is digging the bright historical context step by step to enhance the city image of Ningbo.
   The Chinese medicine pharmacy with time-honored "spirit of originality"

   Health industry is closely related to the principles of quality management and standardization. It is regarded as the bottom line for the survival and development of enterprises. With the "four large pharmacy of Chinese time-honored" title, topped the national pharmaceutical retail industry top 100 is to inherit the nearly hundred years "ingenuity spirit", has become a model for Ningbo pharmaceutical retail sector transformation and upgrading.
   The pharmacy is one of the first through the retail pharmaceutical enterprises GSP quality management standard, this is the first demonstration of the rational use of drugs, has been included in the daily work of quality management standard, purchase, storage and sale of the strict management of drugs, improve the organizational structure, responsibility system, quality system process management and facilities etc.. Each employee will receive training and assessment, the procurement of goods, inspection, classification, storage, display, record and so on top of professional knowledge, let the importance of quality management standard of each employee's daily work, ensure the quality of drugs without fear.
   As a pharmaceutical chain enterprises, standardization is the booster pharmacy business ningbo. In recent years, Siming pharmacy established retail pharmaceutical warehouse covers an area of 6000 square meters, according to prescription drugs, non prescription drugs and non drugs reserves of more than 8000 kinds of commodities, and supporting the establishment of the cold chain drug delivery system, currently the largest combined device, equipped with one of the most advanced pharmaceutical retail chain distribution center.
The classification and distribution are standard, and the quality and safety are guaranteed. Therefore, people can be assured to the purchase of medicines, medication, enjoy fast, convenient and safe store delivery service. Riding on the Internet "express", four large pharmacy is also actively expanding business, successive development of Taobao's "healthy living museum" and "Jingdong" stores and ICBC APP financial e shopping platform, 2017 to achieve annual sales of 21 million 500 thousand yuan net success, driving the ship time-honored "pharmaceutical industry with the new ship" the spring breeze sail unmoor.
   Yau neighborhood community commercial products to tackle the "last one kilometer"
   In developed countries, the proportion of community commercial retail sales to total retail sales of social consumer goods is up to 60%, while only 33% of the domestic line cities have data. Now, the traditional ultra large business "retired", the business community will become the focus of the development of urbanization, Yau goods neighborhood center to seize the opportunity, Ningbo took the lead in the practice of the neighborhood center business model, has taken a solid pace to tackle the business community "last mile".
According to the different needs of different communities, neighborhood matters product created "territorial type business" model, unified planning, unified business, unified operation of the new community and the community surrounding the commercial street, to ensure that the surrounding commercial activities can meet the daily necessities daily necessaries of tea "and" free basic necessities of life ", to provide one-stop service for the community residents.
   In 2017, upgrade products for neighborhood Yau "version 2", pay more attention to human nature and experience, giving more abundant function blocks, such as the comprehensive optimization of vehicle management, rational allocation of motor vehicle and non motor vehicle parking spaces, and actively explore the auxiliary solar charging scheme, also a recycling station layout, in order to improve the environmental awareness of residents. In the future, the neighborhood center is not only the role of "consumer place", but also a community housekeeper who advocates a new lifestyle.
Now, you have been operating 8 product neighborhood commercial projects, the total area of over 100 thousand square meters. In these neighborhood centers and neighborhood business streets, the daily life needs of residents are fully satisfied, especially for the elderly. "Senior school", "old university community library, the" green ring "Xin Cai Chang have planned landing, can bring happiness and satisfaction in life for thousands of people.

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