[modern gold] the shadow father and daughter will have a secure new home
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   In January 22nd, master Wang Shijun took care of the shadow of a daughter in the rental house of the Zu Guan mountain road. In January 19th, Ningbo local public number in the world WeChat push an article entitled "Ningbo: fifteen years I will beg the prepared pesticide before he died, and her daughter went to drink" article, the hero of the story with Wang Shijun suffering from cartilage disease and shadow, difficult living together in Ningbo for 15 years, always never abandon to take care of this no blood relatives daughter, which caused the attention of many users.
   At noon yesterday, gold Daily reporter learned that the so many people about his daughter, will have a real stable foothold. So, where will their new home be? What kind of story is there behind this? The reporter made an interview.
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   Love upsurge in all walks of life in Ningbo
   More than 75000 yuan has been donated for good money
   This year, it is the twenty-fourth year of Wang Shijun and the shadow of a daughter, and the fifteenth years they have come to live in Ningbo. In this winter, a web text issued by the WeChat public, "Ming Zhou Shi Xiang," changed their original life.
   24 years ago, Wang Shijun and his wife adopted the shadow of more than a month and took care of them. However, with the age gradually growing, the shadow of the cartilage disease began to show gradually, so far can not live self care.
   However, the economic pressure brought by the discrimination and vision of the surrounding people has never shaken Wang Shijun's mind. He always takes care of the shadow as a natural daughter. When his wife died of illness, he took the shadow came to Ningbo, the money was difficult to make a living by begging daily.
   The text described the experience of Wang Shijun and shadow in detail, giving readers sympathy, at the same time, they urgently wanted to help a group of them.
   The subsequent wave of love has made everyone witness the great love spirit of the city of Ningbo. According to statistics, from around 30 o'clock in January 20th, in the short period of a day, or through electronic transfer or face-to-face cash donation, the majority of the love people quickly collected 75000 yuan of donations for the father and daughter through various channels.
The garden Authority arranges the foothold
   It is expected to move into a new home before the Spring Festival
   About 3 pm yesterday, the newspaper reporters saw Wang Shijun in Qinglin Bay Park, and qinglinwan Park, will be the new home and his daughter's shadow.
   It turned out that after knowing the story of Wang Shijun and her father and daughter, the Ningbo City Garden administration began to find a better place for them. Taking into account the qinglinwan Park recently built, inside the facility is relatively new, and the garden management own management space, just to have a room, with a little modification, it can become a good place. So, yesterday afternoon, the staff came to the father and daughter now, Wang Shijun received a qinglinwan park with him and look at the field house.
   "Then we can connect the tap water, install a brighter light and put two 1.2 meter beds into it. Oh, yes, we need to add an induction cooker, so the problem of cooking is solved, and it is safer to use." Xu Wei, the director of the Ningbo City Garden administration, showed Wang Shijun patiently as he took Wang Shijun to visit his future home.
   Xu Wei told reporters that the gardening administration had been with Wang Shijun, and Wang Shijun could contact them directly if he had a problem again. "Our staff will start to clean up the house immediately, and then help Wang Shijun move things together, so that he can move in before the Spring Festival.
In the interview, the reporter found that the number of Wang Shijun's opening is not much, more time is just in silence, but he has a smile on his face.
   "To be honest, I don't have much culture, I can't say much thanks, and I really don't know how to thank you all. In the future, I will not go out with shadow to go out to beg. As long as she takes care of her, two people will live well enough. " Wang Shijun said.

   At least hundreds of good hearted people give their love
   Many people have come from the outside of the country.
   Back to the residence in the Haishu District of Zu Guan mountain, Wang Shijun's casket slowly opened.
   "On the day of January 20th, it was so cold and rainy. At least hundreds of good hearted people went to the Tianqiao near the first hospital to find me and donated a lot of money to me. One of the girls living in Yinjiang, sat for a long time the subway and bus come and see me, hold my hand......"
   In addition to the hundreds of Ningbo citizens who had gone to the rain before that day, Wang Shijun's home frequently visited people in recent days, and many of them came from other places.
Wang Shijun told reporters that although shadow had some obstacles in expression, she could understand all the information of the outside world. "This afternoon, the gardening authority came to pick me up to see the house at home. "
   Salvage stations continue to help for years
   Free treatment hospital, CDPF to visit
   The reporter has learned that recently the Ningbo rescue management station has also specially sent people to visit Wang Shijun and his daughter.
   "Wang Shijun and his daughter have come to Ningbo for many years, and the people of our rescue station and he are old acquaintances. Many years ago, when we first discovered that he was taking his daughter to beg on the street, he advised him to come to the rescue station to accept our help, but he was rejected. So we had to visit him with food and other daily necessities. " Ma Guojun, the stationmaster.
   Ma Guojun told the newspaper reporters, basically every time they see father Wang Shijun in the street, the staff will bring things to come to visit, in addition to the necessary food, with some extra summer Jieshu drugs Huoxiangzhengqi water like, winter will take some cotton trousers.
   "We talked to Wang Shijun more than once. If there were no feet, we could come to the rescue station at any time to find us. If he wants to go back to his home, we will also be responsible for helping him buy his ticket. " Ma Guojun said.
In addition, the Ningbo Sixth Hospital is ready to make a free and comprehensive examination of the shadow on Thursday.
   Early in January 20th, the staff of the Haishu District Federation of the disabled came to the first hospital near the bridge, looking for the old father and daughter to understand the situation.
In the afternoon, Haishu CDPF also launched the jasmine garden social assistive service platform, launched the disabled welfare organizations and - love union and Ningbo local businesses, rushed to the father and daughter rental to send warmth. In addition, the director of the rain dew love Alliance said he would continue to provide life care for Lao Wang and his daughter, such as weekly volunteer visits.

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