[Ningbo daily] a commitment to "the envoy of the seedlings" of the island
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   Mr. Zhang Lingfei escorted the students home. (photo) (Photo by Wang Xiaofei)
   Newspaper reporter Huang Chengsun Ji Jing
   Chen Yunsong Jiang Pan, Ninghai reporter Station
   Ninghai Wangjia ferry terminal. The wind sobs, waves lapping.
   In the drizzle, 25 students in yuejing primary school walk on the ferry with their hand folded white flowers.
   How many times they were happy to go from here to their parents' arms. But this time, the children were silent, just quietly looking down at the white flowers in their hands. They knew that Mr.    Zhang, who was in the boat with them in the past, would never appear again.
   On this day, they went back to the village with their parents and teachers, and the next day they would go to the funeral parlor and send Mr. Zhang Lingfei's last journey. In January 14th, Zhang    Lingfei, a primary school teacher in yuejing, died of illness. He was only 56 years old.
   Because it was a promise, Zhang escorted students fifteen years of compulsory ferry, regardless of the weather, never absent; because of the parents' commitment, he stationed in the island from teaching for thirty-three years, with the life of his parents responded to the "good man" inculcate.
   "The teacher said we should do." Zhang Lingfei has been keeping his promise. To carry out the promise of escorting the ferry, to practice the commitment of taking root, and to practice the commitment of the people, intertwined as his ordinary and moving life.
   Fifteen years, regardless of the weather during the funeral escort ferry, father is not absent
   Ocean pond is the only island village of Ninghai County, which is surrounded by the sea, big pond after reclamation, and the Xiangshan County border side.
   In 2002, with the decrease in the number of students, Ocean Village Primary School was included in the list of merging into Ninghai County primary school, Yue well recently, so go to school have to ferry security problems the children become parents most worried about.
   To this end, yuejing primary school promised: "the school teachers escort the ferry students safe to home." As a fellow, Mr. Zhang Lingfei took the initiative to take up the mission of escort, and became a "Sea Island nurse envoy". "It's not easy for the island children to read," Zhang Lingfei said. "I'm on the road and the water is good. It's the best person for this job."
   The ferry every 20 minutes, 20 minutes at sea. At the beginning of the period, yuejing primary school had no dormitory, and the students had to escort every day. Later, the children began to live in school, once a week.
   When school children across the sea there are more than forty people, the less time 20 people. 3 years ago, according to the new regulations, passenger ferry time shall not exceed 20 people, so must escort twice a week. When the first student was escorted by Mr. Zhang, the rest of the students were taken care of by another teacher at the dock.
   Fifteen years of wind and rain, the children changed a dial and another, Mr. Zhang kept keeping his promise, never absent. Zhang Lingfei's daughter Zhang Yi recalls, in October 2012 my grandfather died, my father leave for the funeral home, that day is Friday, he still go to the terminal to the children back to the village, and then send the child home to busy home.
   Before Zhang Lingfei's father was in Ningbo, Zhang Lingfei had to escort the children on the weekend and rarely visited. "To this, the family all support and understand, the father often said that he was the son of the Tong Yang Tong, the teacher of teaching and educating people. I am proud to have such a father. " Zhang Yi said.

   Last year, Zhang Lingfei was awarded the "most beautiful Ningbo". At the award stage, the sponsor arranged for the first batch of escorts by Zhang Mingzhu to award the prize. "Mr. Zhang sent me for 6 years and took over me more than my parents!" I feel very happy to be his student. " Zhang Mingzhu said, Zhang not only gave her paternal care, she also act as a lesson in life the most important, that is "as good as gold".
   Looking back on the most memorable thing on the ferry, many students talked about the typhoon day in September 2007. On that day, yuejing primary school received an emergency transfer order from the Ninghai County Education Bureau, but the ferry had been stopped. The bigger the rain, the children burst into tears. In order to send the children home safely in time, the school agreed to rent a Chinese bus. Zhang Lingfei took the children and took them more than 80 kilometers from Xiangshan to send them home. On the car, Mr. Zhang kept comforting the students, "come on, come on, don't be afraid!" In the end, all 27 students were delivered safely.
   One day in the late autumn 7 years ago, Mr. Zhang led the students home. The ferry just started, and there was a sudden cry of a child. It turned out that a student's new shoes fell into the sea. The child kept crying, afraid of being scolded home. "Don't cry, the teacher goes back to you." After that, Mr. Zhang jumped into the sea and swam to get his shoes back. After climbing the boat, he was shivering with a wet whole body.  "Back to the school, the headmaster criticized him hard: 'what's the importance of life and shoes?'" Lu Liping, a teacher in yuejing primary school, recalls.
The mother of Zhang Zhihan, a three grade student in yuejing primary school, said that her family's two children were all escorted by Mr. Zhang to cross the sea primary school, and the older daughter had gone to college. "Mr. Zhang, like our family, is very good to the children and is particularly responsible." Mother Zhang said.
For 33 years, from the grassroots level to teach in liver surgery, still want to go to school to work
   Zhang Lingfei had been teaching the island for 18 years before he became a "envoy to protect the seedlings".
   In 1984, he took his father's class, worked in the primary school in the village of Yang Tong Village, and joined the yuejing primary school with the school. He spent 33 years in the grass-roots education work throughout his life. He participated in correspondence and training many times, and completed the undergraduate self examination.
   According to Wang Sifu, the former headmaster of yuejing primary school, Zhang Lingfei joined the yuejing primary school with the same batch of Zhang Lingfei. Later, they all moved away from the remote island. Only Mr. Zhang was rooted in the grass roots. "Zhang Lingfei doesn't talk much at ordinary times, but everything will be done well to him." For many years, there was a chance to move, but he did not want to violate his parents' commitment. "
   Wang Sifu said that Zhang Lingfei's father was a famous teacher in the village, the mother has also engaged in education work, the two old people dedicated from teaching for many years, "Zhang Lingfei in the words and deeds of their parents, inherited the fine style of the last generation, being stationed Island teachers of Chinese, mathematics, sports and art are taught. Ocean Village under the age of 40 villagers almost all of his students."
   Before carrying out the last escort task, Zhang Lingfei just finished the examination in the county hospital because of his ill health, and he returned to the countryside before the examination result had come out. Two days later, the diagnosis was cancer, and the family did not dare to tell him the truth. He went to school as usual, and when the principal was informed, he gave his class to the other teachers.
   "I let Zhang rushed to the hospital, he said that even in class, teaching me all over him to give up." Ye Zhaoming, the principal of yuejing primary school, said. "We went to the hospital and home, and every time he always asked the same three questions: what did the student escort do? What about the life of a school child? What does his class do? "

   After a change in the liver, Zhang Lingfei wanted to go to school. When he started school last September, he was accompanied by his family to school. "He said he did not have classes and could help to change his homework. Take public wages, medical care have health insurance, not guilty in the heart work." Recollection of the situation, Ye Zhaoming a little choking, "I again and again comfort him to say, first raise the body again to work, he went home."
   "Zhang Lingfei is a good teacher. It is more careful to take care of the students than the family." Zhang Lingfei's colleague Chen Pingping said that what impressed her most is that in May 2016, the school cafeteria was rebuilt and stopped for about a year. The students could only eat in the classroom, there was a distance between them, and they had to go upstairs and downstairs. Miss Zhang, in advance of the big rice cooker full of Steamed Rice moved to the teaching building, which is convenient for students. "Once, Mr. Zhang is not in, we also try to move, two people are very hard to lift." Mr. Chen said.
   Parents told reporters that children would go home once a week when they were young. There would always be such a situation during their stay in school. They often asked Mr. Zhang to bring things back and forth every day. They wore clothes and quilts in cold weather, and they were sick with drugs or food. "Sometimes the car battery and filled with all kinds of things. After all these years, he has been very enthusiastic and never had trouble. "
   At the end of December last year, Zhang Lingfei illness. Knowing that he was thinking about the child, the school teacher took a few of the students he had escorted to visit. At that time he was very weak, he was very miserable, and he couldn't sleep at night, but he was happy to see the students, and then he told the teacher to pay attention to safety on the way.
For 56 years, was born in the island dedicated Island, the village people praised him as "living Lei feng"
   In the memory of Zhang Yi's daughter, his father did not smoke and not drink, and his body was always hard. He suddenly died of illness, family grief.
   "My father told me not to have been heavy, like my grandfather taught him as, tells us to do good." Zhang Yi said, when he helped many people busy, not to mention home.  One night, when his father saw a car bad on the road, he went up to inquire, and then took the battery car to bring the master of the repair factory. This is the village people told her.
   In the next 30 years of Yang Tang ferry boatman Bosgen, and Zhang Lingfei are old friends for many years together, Zhang Lingfei impressed him. Just like Lei Feng, in addition to taking care of students, on the docks and ships, whenever he saw where to need help, he was the first to rush up, help the elderly, carry things, clean up cabin garbage and so on.
   Tangangangcun is rich in orange, and the area of rice is not small. Every busy season, Zhang Lingfei always take the initiative to help the people in the village. In the early years, the village had not paid the fixed telephone fee business point. The payment went to the The Strip on the other side of the river. The villagers always entrusted Zhang Lingfei to pay back and forth every day. Zhang Lingfei was willing to help.
   On weekends or in the summer and summer vacation, Zhang Lingfei often visits the children in the village to do their homework, and buys some extracurricular books for them, never paying back. "Once, the parents gave him a box of biscuits, after coming home, he was very happy, also said to buy something in return." Zhang Yi said. He is always very hard on himself and is generous to his students.
   In October 2014, Zhang Lingfei moved from Yanyang village to Ninghai county to live with her daughter. The two batch of escort Friday after the child returned home, he would also like to catch the ferry to return to Yue Jing Cun, then the electric car ride to The Strip Town, take the bus to town, then turn the bus to get home. Zhang Yi said that when she was pregnant and the child was born, his father wanted to go home early to accompany his family. But he still insisted on sending the students up and down, so that he arrived home two or three hours later. Sometimes he missed the car in the county seat, and he didn't take a taxi, but he came back in second days.
   "He could not walk walk, take the bus, usually live frugally, and even some stingy, but for students is very generous to lend money to the difficulty of relatives and friends are also very generous." Zhang Yi said that some of the money was borrowed, others did not return him, and he always felt that it was a difficult one. Ill in hospital after home began looking for someone to borrow money, he also never mentioned.
   In March 3, 2017, it was another Friday. Like every Friday in the past 15 years, Zhang Lingfei, together with two piles of life jackets, waited at the school gate to wait for the children from the village to school.
   Look at the children bounced have come out, he skillfully put them one by one jackets, and together with his colleagues took them to the terminal, waiting for ferry across the sea to go home. In this case, it is not known how many times it has been repeated. However, after two days on Sunday, across the ocean village children back to the dock for back to school, but did not wait for Zhang familiar figure.
   The man is dead. To Zhang Lingfei's comfort, the school colleagues formed the ferrior team and took over the "relay bar". "As long as there is a student in the village, we will escort the children to the end, let the children feel comfortable, let the parents rest assured." Ye Zhaoming said.

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