[Ningbo daily] Haishu to improve the new pace of high quality construction in high quality areas in China
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   Wen Xu Zhan continued map of Haishu District Propaganda Department Dazhi
   Haishu clouds, the wind is hanging yifan.
   After the adjustment of the administrative division, the new Haishu, which has expanded nearly 20 times, has become a complex urban area, which integrates the central city, the suburb and the mountainous area. Facing the problem of unbalanced regional development, Haishu District cracked the imbalance of development with the "two integration", and responded to the "two promotion" with inadequate development. It cleverly solved the problem of two cities in urban and rural areas with significant structural imbalance and unbalanced regional development.
After a year of exploration and grinding, Haishu city function more and more perfect, the core area to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, industrial layout of high-tech "East West Green Business and speed up the formation of, attracting people, logistics, information flow and capital flow hit the satellite towns, the focus of the town scale and radiation effect gradually strengthened, new rural construction is accelerating the pace of. The principle of "five vanguard" strategy and "six lead" "six leap" development ideas, Haishu is a gorgeous butterfly, high-speed rail marching into regional coordinated development.
A plan to do the work before
   Haishu actively respond to the new form after the adjustment of administrative divisions and the new changes, focusing on the history of Zhejiang, focusing on Ningbo development coordinates, under good chess upper hand layout. Established in the area of the Ninth Party Congress in the next five years of development goals and striving to deploy five vanguard "strategy, positioning and positioning of new Haishu find their own, the successful completion of the" 13th Five-Year "plan and 15 special planning, determine the" twice with three "space layout and the" East West Green Business "the new pattern of economic development, realize the move slow.
   At the same time, in the "padfoot, walking the line teams to break the problem of" grasping the implementation of the special action to promote the work of the project, new construction of province, city and district 61 key projects, major projects frequently break the key nodes, promote the rapid growth of investment in fixed assets, to maintain a high return of Zhejiang funds, foreign capital the completion rate, the introduction of a number of high-quality corporate headquarters, showing rapid development momentum.
Team integration level promotion
   The construction of the team is the key to the development of the cause. In 2017, Haishu successfully completed the three changes in the District, town (township) and village (Society), deepening the integration of cadres, strengthening communication, optimizing the structure and enhancing the resultant force. "100 foreign exchange plan cited only policy, accurate service enterprise operations in depth, the centripetal force, the majority of entrepreneurs and professionals of new Haishu's cohesion growing.
   To lay the foundation for talents, and the development of fusion power in Haishu. Taking the goal of building the first class strong area in China as a goal, Haishu is pushing forward the pilot work of the provincial service sector, promoting the transformation of entity businesses and improving the construction of Pan Tianyi business circle, and facilitated the operation of the first rail traffic underground business district east drum road in the province. Ningbo international mail exchange station is open for the development of cross-border electricity to add a fire, Tianyi Pavilion, Lake scenic area to spurt the national 5A level scenic spots, selected for the third batch of the province to create a list of the characteristics of Small Town Lake Jinhui town in Ningbo for insurance innovation cause the increase in weight. In addition, Haishu seized the opportunity of "made in China 2025", relying on the provincial garment manufacturing transformation to enhance the advantages of the pilot area to make the metropolis industry, cultivate a number of leading enterprises, leading enterprises and main board listed companies, and jointly enhance the scale and level of urban economy.
   Promote urban construction and benefit the people's livelihood
   On 2017, neither too fast nor too slow and steady, promote the overall development of Haishu city construction management, jishigang satellite city, Wang Chun Industrial Park and other key building blocks steadily, 14 plots completed listing; highway 214, Heng Jie - Chapter water highway and other key projects restart, comprehensive renovation of Jiefang Road basically completed; environmental remediation work it is remarkable, not only passed the city to suppress the deterioration of global comprehensive inspection, also completed the first batch of 3 town (township) 47 projects of the comprehensive harnessing of small town environment, relying on the road refreshing action and "brightening" action to change the urban and rural areas.
   The people's livelihood, precise poverty, efforts to increase housing security, education, health care, pension charity work with luxuriant foliage, deepening, together to create a new Haishu peace and stability. According to statistics, Haishu first letter to the early resolution of obvious effect, mediation success rate of 98.4%, effective operation command system of three grade comprehensive information, event completion rate as high as 99%.
Strengthen the healthy development
   In the past year, faced with multiple bottlenecks, Haishu is committed to implementing the principles of deepening reform, administering the region according to law and strictly administering the party, so as to provide strong support and guarantee for the healthy development of the economy and society.
   With the determination of reform, the functions of Haishu government continue to change, and a breakthrough has been made in the "run up to one time" reform. The administrative service sub center is set up and run to achieve "one window reception" in the whole area, and the satisfaction of the masses is the highest in the whole city. At the same time, East European New Material Research Institute, Ningbo Institute of intelligent manufacturing technology and a number of innovative platforms have been established, the first national science and technology business incubator to create success, increase the value of the information economy and the comprehensive evaluation of Haishu's limit on science and technology service industry are ranked first in the city.
   Do not forget the future of the heart to plan the future

   Striving to be the vanguard of production integration of the city
   The new year needs a new look. The curtain of 2018 has just begun. Haishu will take full advantage of its efforts to tackle the project and build a more solid development potential. It will strive for 40 new projects in the year, and invest 30 billion yuan in key projects. In order to reduce the obstacles of major project construction, Haishu will continue to carry out the action of clearing and pulling nails, and promote the rapid development of the project with the breakthrough of promotion. We plan to complete the relocation of more than 900 thousand square meters.
   The heavy hammer falls and the frame opens. As the construction of major projects is in full swing, Haishu will not forget to optimize the layout of spatial functions, and carry out "urban double repair" work to enhance livability and sustainability of urban development. The future, Sanjiang city core area will become more prosperous, pan day District play the leading role, accelerate the construction of Town God's Temple surrounding area reconstruction, NingBo Railway Station, shanty towns and villages in the region gathered into outlook update, trade, commerce, finance, culture, tourism industry heights. The other areas are dislocation development, mutual benefit and integration. We should cultivate characteristic industries according to local conditions, gather elements resources, promote the integration of production and urban areas, and improve the comprehensive carrying capacity of blocks.
   Haishu will also think globally, "The Belt and Road into the fast lane. Local elements based on the original "living fossil The Belt and Road", Haishu will seize the opportunity of "16+1" in Ningbo economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone, active implantation of a new finance, such as cross-border electricity supplier industry, promote Finland talent and technology exchange and cooperation platform function, build international famous trading center in central and Eastern Europe, and cooperation in science and Technology Industrial Park Hester civilization experience base, to create new advantages in foreign development. At the same time, Haishu will abide by the concept of precise investment, pay attention to the industrial orientation and benefit contribution of the imported projects, and bring the global enterprises, talents and capital into Haishu to enhance the internationalization level of the city.
   Around "the industry is more advanced, the structure is more optimized, the system is more complete."
   Striving to be the vanguard of the transformation and upgrading
   Transformation and upgrading are the "stress" of the high quality development of the economy. In November 2017, Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute, Department of IOT, zsplat cloud manufacturing engineering services company and the township, Haishu Street Industrial Park and more than 200 small and micro enterprises site "marriage" 9 smart area, to the area above the annual output value of 20 million industrial enterprises free of charge to provide technical renovation and diagnostic services, covering the building blocks for the realization of the 100% intelligent manufacturing consultation and technical transformation of enterprises in Haishu in three years.
   With the guidance of intelligent economy, Haishu has strengthened the structural reform of the supply side and accelerated the construction of a modern economic system. The trade show "wisdom" signs, textile, auto parts enterprises have started to develop "three year plan", the industrial park and the park attract talent, accelerate the upgrade level, Jinhui Town Lake in response to construction of comprehensive insurance innovation demonstration area, to create a new financial development of private equity funds, industry funds and other highland.
   Wang Chun Industrial Park, Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute, and New Materials Research Institute of central and Eastern Europe have become the carrier for Haishu to build platforms and lead transformation. In Haishu, "the most run once" is pushed to the depth, and the examination and approval efficiency is further improved. Domestic and foreign well-known universities and research institutes have repeatedly extended their olive branches to drive the development of Haishu innovation cluster, and build the whole chain incubation system of "create space + Incubator + accelerator + Industrial Park". Last year, Haishu added 1 state-level innovation and entrepreneurship platforms, set up a talent project venture capital fund, attracting talents from home and abroad to make effective docking of talents, projects and capital, and more innovative projects and wisdom sparks.
   The next year, Haishu will adhere to the overall tone while maintaining stability, strengthen monitoring and early warning analysis, to lay a portfolio of steady growth, focus on the adjustment of the stock, incremental optimization, improve the quality and maintain stable and healthy economic development.
   Around "planning high starting point, building high standard, managing high level"
   To become the vanguard of urban and rural areas
   After the adjustment of the administrative division, the problems of the overall development of urban and rural areas in Haishu followed. How to improve the rural environment and promote the Rural Revitalization? How to speed up urban organic renewal and improve the level of urban management to increase the power of urban and rural common prosperity? In 2018, Haishu will focus on deep integration and try to deliver a satisfactory answer.
   The new village construction is the main starting point for the implementation of the Haishu Rural Revitalization Plan, as the core, Haishu will deepen the "five rural construction", promote agricultural supply side structural reform, the promotion of "Internet plus agriculture" and the combination of agriculture and tourism, to create a number of pastoral complex. Yinjiang demonstration town, landscape and the 4 demonstration village created inspection work will be completed, a number of beautiful countryside demonstration typical will rise.
At the same time, Haishu will also strengthen environmental law enforcement, strict implementation of the "long river system, was to improve the water environment of" Da Yu Ding ", let the mountain become ecological leisure tourism industry booming resort, so that every" Haishu "shoulder the responsibility for the protection of green homes, Haishu green economic development, contribution low carbon economy.

   Rural renewal of urban environmental governance, picturesque scenery, work and management mechanism will be carried out simultaneously, the network traffic between urban and rural areas will continue to increase, the old dilapidated buildings and parking space transformation of governance reform in full swing, the "small city" to "big city", urban management to develop global management, so that the center of the city is exquisite, fine, fine so, suburban area neat, clean and orderly. The coordinated development of urban and rural areas, Haishu, Ningbo to build a livable beautiful scenery.
   Around "the new style of the culture, the new style of the humanities, the new civilization of civilization"
   Striving to be the vanguard of cultural leading
Sanjiang vein, gathering Haishu. Haishu landmark building, cultural heritage Tianyi Pavilion, bustling Town God's Temple, the beautiful scenery of the lake scenic area, old folk gathering Nantang street...... They have witnessed and retained the history of the state of the ancient Ming Dynasty, and they provide the impetus for the urban construction and economic development of modern Ningbo.
   Relying on the abundant cultural resources, Haishu will actively inherit the historical context and cultural relics, good activation and utilization, to create a group of "most Ningbo flavor" brand culture. The next few years, Hester library culture, canal culture, civilization in Tianyi Pavilion and lake as the core of the experience and to Yinjiang as the core of the cultural landscape, government culture, red culture experience will accelerate the forming, a number of historical and cultural blocks initiative to carry out organic renewal, Yinjiang temple, and other traditional festivals and the old bridge brand value will become increasingly prominent.
   At the same time, Haishu will continue to explore the government led, social participation mechanism of diversified cultural relics protection investment, strengthen the protection of cultural heritage with live state, continue to deepen the intangible cultural heritage, heritage and the heritage base "three-in-one" protection mode, show "new style of prose" pulse "".
In the future, the magnetic attraction effect of Haishu's cultural industry will become increasingly significant. It will attract more literary and artistic celebrities to participate in the creation of literary and artistic works and cultivation of literary talents, and create a number of excellent literary works featuring Haishu. The outstanding talents will promote the sustainable development of the industry, promote the creation of numerous enterprises and cultural industry parks, and take the road of characteristic development.
   "Cultural needs, need to return to life sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height". Haishu will focus on the global level, deepen the civilization, promote new harmonious civilization, focusing on the construction of "15 minutes," cultural circle "home culture sharing" and "enjoy the new rural culture" and "the classic beauty of art to enjoy, let the high quality of public cultural services to become the norm for.
   Around "service steps, environmental grades, quality of life"
   Striving to be the vanguard of livable.
   Whether the project attract, upgrade, or environmental governance, cultural heritage, is to enhance the level of social and economic development, improve the quality of life of urban and rural residents. Only by paying great attention to social governance, improving the quality of service and creating a harmonious environment, can we build a suitable new Haishu to meet people's yearning for a better life.
   Stability and peace are the basic principles for Haishu to optimize the social environment. Relying on the "peace convoy nineteen" stability maintenance security results, Haishu will continue to adhere to the sooner, early deployment plan, explore the establishment of large data analysis platform, strengthen the social contradictions risk prediction judgments warning and key personnel dynamic, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, against all kinds of illegal behavior.
At the same time, the Party leadership, government responsibility, social governance system of social coordination, public participation, legal protection is becoming more perfect, Haishu social governance will be gradually on socialization, legalization, intelligent and professional way, can quickly reach the nerve endings of the grass-roots governance, social problems and resolve the contradictions in the line.
   In 2018, Haishu will continue to tighten the string of "security", to promote scientific and technological information in depth application of safe construction, improve the social security dynamic prevention and control system, enhance the supervision of production safety, fire safety, food and drug safety and road traffic safety and other areas, striving towards the provincial County (city and district) thirteen consecutive sprint "star peace Jinding" goal of struggling forward.
   The new year 2018 has arrived, Haishu will have a positive attitude, certainly around to become "strategic deployment of five vanguard", to promote the "project tackling year" to upgrade quality and speed "year" and "the style of construction and improve the efficiency of the year" activities, to build a modern demonstration in downtown new steps to sprint, a good high quality the construction of the domestic first-class strong district.

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