[Ningbo daily] photovoltaic illuminating the beautiful scenery of Ningbo
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   The factory roof, distributed photovoltaic power generation equipment will convert solar energy into electricity, manufacturing for Ningbo's textile and clothing industry impetus; reservoir water, a row of photovoltaic panels neatly arranged, under the fish, constitute a "power and fish" wonderful picture; residential roofs, 16 photovoltaic tile replacement the brick and cement, to make a "sunshine residential" lit bright lights, bring tangible benefits for urban and rural residents.
   Today's Ningbo, "photovoltaic" is everywhere. In countries promote the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry, clean energy, clean, safe and efficient construction of low-carbon energy system under the background of the photovoltaic industry, no noise, no pollutant emissions to usher in a new round of development opportunities in Ningbo, enterprises, residential photovoltaic power generation with "illuminate" the beautiful scenery of Ningbo.
Look back on the "sunshine industry" into thousands of families
   For Ningbo people living in the east coast and feeling the smoke and rain in the south of the Yangtze River, the "photovoltaic" seems very far away. In Xinjiang, Gansu and other places, large-scale centralized photovoltaic power stations enjoy "long hours of high intensity sunshine", which is the earliest and most applied area of photovoltaic power generation. However, the centralized PV power plant construction costs and transportation costs, the local industrial base is relatively weak, the demand for electricity is less, resulting in substantial waste of resources, driven by the idea of change at all levels of government and photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises, the attention to the economy is relatively developed, Jiangsu Zhejiang area, transferred to each of the roof of a building.
Zhou Songnian is one of the entrepreneurs who first joined the photovoltaic industry in Ningbo. Five years ago, he was looking for an export-oriented enterprise with intent to install photovoltaic power in Beilun, trying to expand the domestic market. More than ten years ago, the emergence of photovoltaic power industrialization in Ningbo appeared. A number of manufacturing enterprises and foreign trade enterprises sold spare parts of photovoltaic equipment to the world, and the export proportion was over 90%. In 2012, the European and American countries responded to the anti-dumping 'campaign', causing a large number of foreign trade enterprises to decline, but the huge domestic photovoltaic market came to the surface. Zhou Songnian said that after that, the State Council released the "eight countries of photovoltaic", which put forward specific requirements for the healthy development of photovoltaic industry, and once again set off the "photovoltaic heat" of Ningbo.
   In December 2015, located in the Hangzhou Bay area of Shanghai Volkswagen park appeared in a number of other novel "photovoltaic roof shed", not only power, and shelter. In early 2016, the largest "fishery light complementary" photovoltaic power generation project was officially put into operation in Zhouxiang reservoir and Changhe reservoir in Cixi, and opened a new mode of "fishery electricity integration". In May of the same year, "Ningbo family roof photovoltaic project implementation plan" formally issued, for the Ningbo photovoltaic industry to knock a "heavy hammer". The plan put forward that before 2020, the city built 90 thousand family rooftop photovoltaic installations and a total installed capacity of 360 thousand kilowatts, and shifted the focus of the new stage to the roof photovoltaic field.
   Today, the "sunshine industry", with the core of distributed photovoltaic power stations, is in the field of commercial and civil fields. According to the state network Ningbo power supply company statistics, by the end of 2017, the city's cumulative distribution of photovoltaic projects in the city of 7737 households, the total capacity of 714134 kilowatts. "Fishing light complementary" project, the annual generating capacity of 220 million kilowatts, the annual income of more than 13 million yuan to drive the fishery; Shanghai Volkswagen Park "photovoltaic shed" is to achieve production and energy-saving "wings", the annual electricity savings of 1 million 540 thousand yuan, saving 7300 tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions 18800 tons.
   At the same time, nearly 5000 households in the city have become the first beneficiaries of the civil photovoltaic project, with a total capacity of 36 thousand and 800 kilowatts. According to the implementation plan of Ningbo family rooftop photovoltaic project, before 2020, the large commercial residential quarter and affordable housing district of the city will focus on the installation of rooftop photovoltaic devices.
Explore the photovoltaic town to set up the Huimin benchmarks
   In 2014, Ningbo light year solar energy technology development Co., Ltd. built the first distributed photovoltaic power station for the knitted leading enterprise Shenzhou weaving, and launched the first step to explore the local application of photovoltaic technology. A year later, light another way, try to live in a rural area of distributed photovoltaic power generation, will gradually build Ningbo into Haishu District Long Guan Xiang first photovoltaic town".
   Li Ao Cun to become "the first experimental plots of photovoltaic town". Since the end of 2015 to the end of 2016, the national grid grid officially completed, the village enterprises, joint investment of about 6000000 yuan, two in villas, high-rise and village photovoltaic tile and PV modules installed on the building, so that the village of 536 residents enjoy the convenience and preferential treatment of photovoltaic power generation.
   In a distance, there is no significant difference between the PV tiles on the roofs of the dwellings and the ordinary tiles, and the subtle differences can be found after careful observation. "Construction period, we installed 16 photovoltaic tiles in the new house roof, surrounded by a circle of outer layer does not have power function, but can be closely attached with photovoltaic tile special tiles, the warranty period is 10 years, the actual use period more than 25 years, only one or two can be cleaned every year. To ensure the stable operation of photovoltaic tiles." Wang Weiliang, the solar year's solar project manager, said.

   16 small tiles, let Li Ao Cun hull. 5 years ago, Li Ao village is a collective income of only 3000 yuan of poverty
   The village has now become a sample of the rural development of nearly 1 million yuan in the annual collective income. Among them, photovoltaic power generation projects bring annual revenue of over 600 thousand yuan, and save 200 tons of standard coal annually, 498 tons of CO2 emission, 15 tons of sulfur dioxide and 136 tons of carbon dust. "Photovoltaic power generation with the construction of the new village, let the villagers live in a brand new 'sunshine house', enjoy 50 degrees of electricity every month subsidies, living conditions greatly improved." About the development planning of Li Ao village, village director Chen Dongjie smug, "in the future, we will make full use of Li Ao Cun superior natural environment, the photovoltaic power generation benefits into basic farmland construction and encourage Village private pension, promote the development of tourism. At the same time, the banner of the 'photovoltaic town' is held high, and the Photovoltaic Exhibition base is set up to popularize the knowledge of photovoltaic and the concept of environmental protection.
   To Li Ao village as a template, other villages have long Guan Xiang test of photovoltaic power generation. At present, there are 331 villagers in the village of Da Lu, which has been developing the project of photovoltaic village. A part of townhouses will enter and install photovoltaic tiles. There are 328 villagers in Longxi new village have started the transformation of old houses, and installed photovoltaic tiles and photovoltaic panels on the roofs and surrounding areas.
   From the commercial to the civilian, from the city to the countryside, the photovoltaic industry is no longer "high on the top", but the real benefit and the livelihood of the people. From 2018 to 2020, our city will build 72 thousand family rooftop photovoltaic devices in the existing and new residential buildings in the countryside. In the built-up districts and counties (cities), the existing and new residential buildings will be built into 18 thousand households.
The pulse energy storage technology of traction industry in the future
   Recently, Tanaka, general manager of Ningbo Zhongfu Fu Qi energy technology Co., Ltd., and his team visited various villages and communities of photovoltaic power generation, hoping to bring the photovoltaic energy storage technology developed by them to the market.
   "Photovoltaic power generation instead of thermal power generation is the inevitable trend of the development of the power industry." But the photovoltaic power is still facing a lot of development obstacles, the biggest problem is stability. Tanaka and reporters showed a group of figures. At present, the effective lighting time in Ningbo is 1000 hours to 1050 hours. Because the precipitation in different monsoon climate zones is quite different, it will affect the stability of photovoltaic generation. Li Ao Cun photovoltaic tile above month single family as an example, generating capacity of a single day sunny day is about 33 kilowatts, generating capacity of a single day rain or fog and haze days are plunged to 3 kwh, it is difficult to guarantee the basic demand for electricity.
Tanaka, who was born in Ningbo Material Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, saw business opportunities. He hopes to develop, promote efficient and stable energy storage equipment, help photovoltaic power enhance stability and achieve intelligence. It is understood that Tanaka and his team plan to set up energy storage stations in villages or communities. A 500 kwh energy storage equipment covers an area of 15 square meters, which is equivalent to 20 containers, which can stack up to six levels. "For users, the stability of electricity is crucial." The emergence and popularization of high quality energy storage equipment will effectively make up the short board of photovoltaic power generation, and maximize the advantages of clean and durable photovoltaic power generation. Tian and said.
   In December 27th last year, scholars from Holland and Germany released research findings, and predicted that 139 countries in the world could achieve 100% renewable energy supply by solar energy, wind power, hydropower and geothermal energy in 2050. Among them, the proportion of photovoltaic power will reach 69%, and the energy storage battery will cover 31% of the electricity demand and provide jobs for tens of millions of workers.
   The blueprint for the development of the photovoltaic industry has been spread, and Ningbo, with a strong manufacturing base and excellent new materials and research and development talents, is speeding up. In the future, the national, provincial and municipal three level financial subsidies will be gradually reduced to the "zero subsidy" developed countries in Europe and the United States, guiding enterprises to deepen technological innovation and reduce the cost of photovoltaic power generation. In addition, Ningbo will set up a family roof photovoltaic project investment and financing service platform, and encourage the exploration of the proceeds from the sale of electricity and project assets as pledge loan mechanism and financial leasing mode, and develop financial products and insurance products that are closely related to family roof photovoltaic construction. At present, light solar has partnered with the Zhejiang Bank of China and Thailand, for part of the natural village launched the "PV loan guarantees for the loan to pay for the villagers, photovoltaic power generation equipment installation costs, so that the villagers enjoy zero cost of photovoltaic power generation, for the development of new energy industry and environmental protection consciousness and add fuel to diesel.
   Fund subsidies add power to the development of photovoltaic

   Recently, the Interim Measures for the management of special funds for roof PV subsidies in Ningbo has been completed. According to the plan, before December 31, 2020, in the city of Ningbo within the scope of the project approval and record family rooftop photovoltaic grid connected power generation will reach 90 thousand households (including new and existing projects).
   As mentioned in the method, the subsidy special funds will be subsidized according to the completed projects and subsidies in the year plan of the municipal level, and the amount of power generation that has been built over the past year will be allocated in advance, and the next year will be liquidated. After the completion of the 90 thousand households, the post construction projects no longer enjoy municipal subsidies.
   From 2018 to 2020, all home roofing PV projects in our city will be subsidized by power generation, which is 0.15 yuan per kilowatt hour. Among them, the subsidy time of the new project is 3 years from the day of grid connected power generation, and there is a subsidy of 3 years from the date of the implementation of the project.
   Which projects can enjoy this subsidy? The use of rural residential roof or independent courtyard, new rural centralized housing, urban high (more) layer of residential, apartments, villas, townhouses and    affordable housing residential building roof photovoltaic power generation system to carry out the construction of the project, the village collective organization of urban community public building roof, roof, 20 kW roof to carry out commercial farms the construction of photovoltaic power generation system of the project, and in accordance with the centralized household, village households and other forms of construction and engineering into photovoltaic centralized "well-off agricultural light" complementary "fishing light complementary photovoltaic power station.
   In addition, the collective roofs and rooftop families of public buildings need to be classified. As part of power generation by households is consumptive, calculated according to the actual number of; such as full Internet access, according to a 500 Watt per household; 20 kW commercial farm roof by the residents of photovoltaic roof management mode, by 3 kilowatts per household. In the end, the annual subsidy for single households is not more than 1200 yuan.
(collated by Xu Zhanxin)
To make more effort on publicity
   Roof photovoltaic is a new power source with broad prospects. It directly transforms solar energy into electric energy, does not consume fuel, pollutes the environment, does not produce noise, and does not produce radiation that is harmful to human safety. It is a green clean energy. And the solar energy resources are widely distributed and are inexhaustible and inexhaustible resources. At the same time, because of its own environmental protection and energy saving characteristics and the support of the external state subsidy policy, it is well deserved to become the development trend of the rural and urban areas.
   However, the "seemingly beautiful" rooftop photovoltaic (PV), why are the citizens and villagers who have the conditions to be installed on the whole are so low on the overall level of acceptance? I think, the publicity needs to be more hard, after all, we have a lot of ignorance and doubt about the rooftop photovoltaic.
   For example, security. There is no radiation on the rooftop photovoltaic, and the thunderstorm will not lead to lightning, or whether there is a leakage problem. Although the existing rooftop photovoltaic technology has been very mature, these problems are no longer a problem, but the owners have doubts and need professionals to propagandize with scientific principles. For example, investment returns. Home photovoltaic power plants generally use the mode of self use and surplus electricity to the power grid enterprises. How much money do we need to invest and how long it will take to recover the cost? Will there be any change in the remaining electricity price to the power grid enterprises? How much is the life of the rooftop photovoltaic equipment? Who will do the usual maintenance? This is a matter of concern to everyone. For example, home photovoltaic power plants must be installed in areas where they own property rights or roof property rights. There is no problem for rural residents. Most of the cities are residential quarters. The construction of power plants need to occupy public roofs, and other residents, even owners' committees or community residents' committees agree. Who will coordinate? Is the property company interfering with the overall landscape effect of the community? If these doubts are not solved, it will become an important factor to restrict the construction of household photovoltaic power stations.
   Therefore, at present, we need to increase propaganda and professional solutions to eliminate the doubts of applicants, so that more and more businesses and residents join this "roof revolution".
   (Li Guomin)

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