[modern gold news] reporter with the volunteers into the elderly living alone to her feet with her homely sent dumplings
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   The topic of life, not everyone has the courage to talk about, but there are so many people, they dare to face the death, with love to support the dignity of life.
   There is a Beidou heart life care service in Haishu, and what they do is such a big love affair. Team leader Liu Yongming told the newspaper reporters, their services are not limited to literally from the hospice, into the community for the elderly to accompany, to accompany the elderly to help the elderly quiet leave, funeral arrangements, to appease the families of emotions, the whole process is like to be treated as family, "we usually do hospice the content is entrusted to do, but to see the elderly living alone, but can be free to advance, and they build feelings." Yesterday, the newspaper reporters follow the team of volunteers into the South Garden District of Haishu District, to visit the old people who live alone live here.
   Newspaper reporter Peng Yuan Jin
   [reporter experience]
   Volunteers come to the door to wash their feet for the old
   And a big box of dumplings
   Yesterday morning 9 o'clock, I came to the south garden area at the entrance of a named "love foot Pedicure professional" storefront, a service point here is the life care agency, Liu Yongming introduced two other volunteers - Li Li and the United States, they are the Pedicure shop staff. On the 6, 16 and 26 days of each month, they are free to wash their feet for older people over the age of 80.
   I put on the volunteer's red vest, and a few people started out to the place where the old man lived. The United States took Lily and soaking bucket and two bottles of water, I took a big box of dumplings in the hands of Liu Yongming. Liu Yongming said, in order to prepare dumplings, he got up and went to bed at 5 o'clock in the morning, and the meat filling was prepared the night before. "We are going to see a 80 year old aunt today. I can recite her ID card number." Careful preparation and familiarity with the visiting objects made me feel warm in my heart.
"I gave you some dumplings, aunty." "Well, you're so polite. I can't finish so much." The old man was wearing a pair of glasses and the kindness of his face.
"If you can't finish it, you can put it in the refrigerator." "Then the next time I go to your house, you don't have to send it." Simple greetings, but like a family, even my first meeting of strangers, also was warmly welcomed into the house by aunts.
   Now go into the heart of the old man
   And then they will trust us
   After the door, Lily and aunt to the United States immediately put a hot foot bath, test temperature, manicure, the whole process is very careful. Liu Yongming's main task is to accompany the old person to chat, you can clearly feel the old man and not the slightest bit uncomfortable, but very happily in the homely.
As a makeshift "rookie" in this team, I can only speak at the edge of the team. Aunts have three children, but they are not around, and usually she is at home. One time the old man felt uncomfortable and had to call his son who lived in the new area of Hangzhou Bay. His son had been back for more than an hour. "Next time this is the case, you must remember to call me, just as I am your own child." Liu Yongming said.
   I found that in the nearly one hour visit, the volunteers and the visitors did not mention the topic of "hospice care". "This kind of topic does not take the initiative of the elderly, we will not mention it, but many elderly people actually understand it. Some people will say" I know what you are doing "when they are in touch with us for a long time. What we have to do now is to go into their heart, and then we really need to be hospice, not to feel abrupt, and to trust us completely. " Liu Yongming said.
Deathbed care of those things
   Helping the deathbed to face the disease correctly

   Reduce fear, anxiety, etc
   "In our team, only a handful of volunteers in the real" hospice "thing, they need to have the courage to face life and death, let alone be strangers to each other strangers, even relatives, death will be afraid, but we do hospice volunteers, have a reverence for life attitude. I have signed a letter of organ donation after death." Liu Yongming said.
   In addition to the strong heart, the volunteers for hospice care also have professional service skills. "For the old man to wear this thing, in Ningbo is very exquisite, you do not understand, you can not do. So I'm going to add the Ningbo funeral and funeral rites to the volunteers' training course. Liu Yongming told Kim newspaper reporters, generally speaking, they were involved in the hospice care until they were informed by the elderly or their families or hospitals. The first thing to know is where the elderly are, where they are, and when they want to intervene. They need to do to help the dying people and their families to face disease problems, reduce the fear, anxiety and other emotions, to provide guidance for the funeral agency even after dying, "we do these services are completely free, apart from a very small part of the project funds, most of the expenses are volunteer donations."
   Also provide psychological counseling for family members
   Help them come out of their grief
   Liu Yongming said, in addition to doing a good job, they also provide psychological counseling for their families to help their families get out of their grief at an early date.
   "Some family members are very sad after losing the old man. They may even be at a loss. Volunteers may be the ones closest to their families after the death of the old man." Liu Yongming said that he would give the families of the dead Gesanchawu micro channel, but do not mention the death of the old thing, just say "well", or send some families interested in the topic, transfer family attention, let the families feel someone cares, slowly walked out from the sadness."
   Liu Yongming said, do the hospice volunteers, is a real "zeroing" to see the cause of dying patients and their families from the strange to the trust, is the highest courtesy of their services, "to live is the best gift of life, death is the most beautiful blessing of life, we now can do more for the elderly something to do, would like to treat our future generations. I now hope that more people will join our team. More people will learn about dying. When they really need it, they will not be in a hurry, and they can help those who need help in time.
The old man died and the daughter could not get back
Volunteers do the things for the dead
   Jin newspaper reporters learned that the Beidou soul life care society has been set up for 3 years, and has sent 36 old people. In Liu Yongming's memory, he was moved by the story of Zhang Xiaojie, an old volunteer in the team.
   A solitary empty neitian didn't go out for a few days. Zhang Xiaojie took the initiative to see him. It turned out that the old man fell down and couldn't move. When his life was at the end of his life, he immediately called an ambulance for the old man, but eventually failed to save the old man's life.
   Zhang Xiaojie contacted the street and found that the old man's only daughter was in the United States and had no family in the country. So, Zhang Xiaojie will be the old things behind full commitment to the elderly, according to the Ningbo customs for the funeral.
   "The old man in America's daughter failed to catch the last stage but sent to his mother, his mother heard that master Zhang remedial work properly, very moved, she cried on the phone," Master Zhang, you are great, I can't go home in a foreign country, do not filial piety, love you pay, I can't express my gratitude to you, I give you kneel down... ".." Liu Yongming said, when the old man's daughter broke down in tears, the greatest use of courtesy to express gratitude to the master zhang.

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