"Ningbo daily" "Yong" building long empty sprint "ten million"
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   Zhang Yan, Huang Yueguang and Zhu Xien
   Chen Jian Liu Jianxiong Ge Yingying / photo
   In November 8th, the passenger throughput of Ningbo Lishe International Airport exceeded 8 million passengers per year. Up to December 16th, just 38 days later, the Ningbo airport once again refreshed its history, and the passenger throughput reached 9 million.
   The nineteen major reports of the party fully affirmed the brilliant achievements of the transportation industry in the past five years, and pointed out that "the rapid development of infrastructure construction such as high speed rail, highways, bridges, ports and airports". The report also made clear the need to build "transportation power", which is a comprehensive summary of Ningbo Lishe International Airport's work in recent years, and also a clarion call for the future development of Ningbo airport in the new era. In the "civil province" on the road, Ningbo airport are written with their healthy development, but also depicts a blueprint for future development. Since the beginning of this year, the annual passenger throughput of airports has broken through two "million gates" to achieve a great leap forward in transportation and production, laying a solid foundation for the next ten million large airports next year.
   15:30 on December 16th, Zhejiang Dragon Airlines GJ8739 flight carrying 158 Chinese passengers took off from Ningbo Lishe International Airport, marking the Ningbo airport passenger throughput exceeded 9 million passengers; in November 30th, Ningbo airport cargo throughput of 110 thousand tons, a record high since the Ningbo civil aviation navigation. The first 11 months of this year, Ningbo airport group completed a total passenger throughput of 8 million 601 thousand passengers, cargo throughput of 114 thousand tons, the realization of the flight landing 67 thousand and 100 sorties, respectively, an increase of 20%, 14.6% and 15.1%. The three major production indicators continued to maintain rapid growth on the basis of high speed growth last year, and the growth rate of two consecutive years ranked the top of the three largest airports in Zhejiang province.
   Over the years, the Ningbo Airport Group has always put the safety work in the first place, and continues to carry out the construction of "safe civil aviation". In the face of the normalization of overcapacity, the group adopts the method of flat peak filling and valley filling, and arranges the flight time scientifically to maximize the security potential. Since 2016, the construction and operational effectiveness evaluation of the civil aviation security audit and the civil aviation safety management system (SMS) has been passed. Since the beginning of this year, the airport has been focusing on the construction of the five major safety systems, and constantly consolidating the basic work of safety. At the same time of safe operation and high-quality service, all transport and production indexes have also been innovating. Airport passenger throughput has exceeded 7 million people in 2016, and this year, it has spanned over two "million staircases" -- jumped 8 million times and over 9 million times. As the passenger and freight throughput is increasing year by year, Ningbo Lishe International Airport is moving forward towards the tens of millions of large airports.
Optimization of passenger route network Ningbo Tianyi fly world
   From spring to summer peak passenger flow, and to the National Day Golden Week holiday this year, security, access to the Ningbo airport, single day passenger passenger monthly record is constantly refreshed, the traditional off-season does not exist, "the new situation is not short off-season" is increasingly apparent. According to the data provided by Ningbo airport market department, in November this year, the airport completed 807 thousand and 400 passenger traffic volume, an increase of 25.1% over the same period, and the growth rate of passenger traffic in a single month has reached a new high this year.
   At peak hours, Ningbo airport can see 1 aircraft landing every 3 minutes, and the number of outbound passengers accounts for about 1/7 of the total passenger throughput, which ranks the top among the major airports in the country.
   Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia and other outbound routes are one of the key points of Ningbo airport. Before, Ningbo people traveled abroad to travel to Hangzhou or Shanghai. Now, Ningbo airport has opened more than 20 international routes, outbound travel is becoming more and more convenient, and the price is more and more affordable.
   As a base airline in Ningbo, Eastern Airlines has opened 25 regular flights from Ningbo to Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Seeing the effect of the route resources and passenger flow brought by the base airline, Ningbo airport gradually optimized the structure of the airline network, striving to introduce more overnight capacity or new base airlines, and constantly release the potential of protection through "peak shaving and valley filling".
   With the rapid pace of the development of the air market in Ningbo in recent years, it has also attracted more attention from the airlines. In May this year, the national well-known low cost airlines - spring and Autumn Airlines entered Ningbo, which has been opened to 12 routes, such as Lanzhou, Zhuhai and Puji. In September, Changlong airlines, the only local airline in Zhejiang, set up a base in Ningbo, opened routes such as Jining, Huaian, Weihai and Qianjiang, and expanded the airline network for Ningbo airport.
Coupled with the original Zhejiang branch of China Eastern Airlines, Ningbo has now formed a base company layout with the complementary advantages of "traditional airlines + low-cost airlines + local airlines", laying a solid foundation for the further development of Ningbo aviation market.

   These are only a miniature of the high speed development of Ningbo civil aviation. Data show that five years ago, Ningbo airport passenger throughput of 5 million 267 thousand people, five years later this number has risen to 7 million 792 thousand people, an increase of 48.1%. "Every two years to achieve the three level jump at a speed of one million, this year is to achieve the two" million ladder "great leap forward. This is a portrayal of the growth of Ningbo airport's traffic volume this year.
   Ningbo Airport Logistics Development Group General Manager Zheng Zhiyin shows a network diagram to reporters, showing the Ningbo airport for 33 years "fruitful" -- 95 domestic and international routes to 78 cities at home and abroad city, 45 airlines operate here, domestic routes the coverage of the capital city, city specifically designated in the state plan and the popular tourist city, which is part of the route to Japan and Southeast Asia has become the province routes. At the present time, nearly 1800 flights are carried out every week at the peak of the airport, and the coverage of the airline is expanding.
   Expand the import of goods for cross-border cargo aircraft
   On September 16, 2017 at 2:20 in the morning, Ningbo airport welcomed a special guest - a Qantas flight QE7543 flight, this is the first Ningbo airport cargo from australia. The aircraft, carrying 21.68 tons of infant health care products, and other Australian products, arrived in Ningbo from Sydney for 8.5 hours.
   This year, Boston's lobster, Holland's milk, New Zealand steak... Have the goods from all over the world entry at the Ningbo airport every day, while Ningbo's electronic products, textiles and clothing, but also by cargo flights to other places, Ningbo airport cargo throughput rising.
   While making "bright passenger transport", Ningbo airport adheres to the development strategy of "strong freight" and air cargo featuring "cross-border goods" featuring "world merchandise", becoming the highlight of Ningbo airport's freight service.
   Since the 2014 opening of the province's first of all cargo routes, Ningbo Airport Airport: 2015 cross-border electricity providers fast opening of cross-border e-commerce general import mode, airport cross-border electronic business platform on-line operation, the highest single day clearance volume over million votes; in 2016 the airport positive response "The Belt and Road" initiative, has the introduction of friends and road through air and the Yangtze River Express Airlines, China cargo airlines and other cargo carriers, opened in Ningbo to Dhaka, Osaka and Amsterdam all cargo international routes, to further expand the international freight market. At present, the high density of Yangtze River Express Ningbo Osaka route to keep 5 classes per week, is China's first cross-border direct line; China Cargo Airlines Ningbo to Amsterdam route is the province's first and currently only intercontinental scheduled all cargo airline cargo capacity; regular flights from Ningbo to Dhaka through friends and road routes up to 102.9 tons in Ningbo, the local enterprise products output has a very important significance.
   Zhejiang Province as the first International Sanitary Airport, Ningbo airport has been successfully approved the import of chilled water products, imported fruit edible aquatic animal and imported three countries designated ports qualification, the United States and Japan and other places of fresh aquatic products, fruits are shipped across the immigration from Ningbo. At the same time, Ningbo local Fenghua peach, Cixi bayberry, and all kinds of electronic products, textile and clothing and other flights to the world.
   The whole cargo aircraft is only used to carry the goods, but not passengers. The type of aircraft and the proportion of the routes are the important indicators to measure the competitiveness of the airport freight. Last year, in the Ningbo airport cargo volume ratio, Amsterdam route accounted for 27.96%, Shenzhen accounted for 20.15%, accounting for 13.18% of Dhaka, Ningbo airport package goods in international business in Hong Kong and Macao accounted for more than 60%, and the use of international popular large cargo aircraft operation.
   At present, the number of regular cargo aircraft in Ningbo airport has reached 8, covering the main logistics and distribution centers in Shenzhen and Tianjin. The freight throughput of Ningbo airport has increased by 11.8% annually in five years, and it broke through 100 thousand tons for the first time last year.
Safe operation for thirty-three loads is full of empty port
   Since the flight for 33 years, Ningbo airport has always been dominated by the "safety first, prevention, comprehensive management" approach, starting from the construction safety management system, implement the main responsibility for security, international standard construction, build grassroots solid strength, enhance the safety management level, and a high sense of political responsibility and sense of mission the successful completion of the nineteen, the national and provincial Party NPC and CPPCC "and other major events security work, won high recognition of the departments at all levels.
   While doing a good job in safety work, Ningbo airport takes the concept of true love and takes passengers' needs as the starting point, actively innovating management ideas, constantly improving infrastructure and service quality, and persisting in improving hardware facilities and soft power.
   A civil aviation uniform, a red ribbon, often have visitors approached, the waiter will sunshine smile, forward 45 degrees bow. At Ningbo airport, the sunshine service team has already become a beautiful scenery.
   This year is the tenth year of the "sun service" brand at Ningbo airport, where service has become a culture. 10 years, sunshine service team of more than 400 active old, weak, sick, disabled, pregnant, and other special passenger flight delay service, return the lost goods worth a total of $about 20000000, received 62 passengers, thanks to the pennant letter more than 4000, has won the "national heroine civilized post", the national traffic the construction of the system of "pioneer workers" model youth civilization "and the honorary title.

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