"Ningbo daily" "Zhejiang made" opens a new era of high quality development
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   Newspaper reporter Yu Yongjun
   Yong Zhixuan, a correspondent
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   For the first time, the nineteen major reports of the party put forward the "construction of a modern economic system". The report pointed out that China's economy has been a rapid growth stage to high quality is in the stage of development, change the mode of development, optimize the economic structure, transform the growth momentum of the research period, the construction of modern economic system is the urgent requirement of strategic objectives across the mark and the development of our country. In the future, how to speed up the construction of a modern economic system in Ningbo with the guidance of the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping? Today, the launch of the new concept of "new era -- focusing on the economy modernization" column, invited me to the relevant departments of the city and open area manager to talk about the learning experience of nineteen carry out the vivid practice of the modernized economic system reports the grass-roots construction, further consensus, more efficient, higher quality, more balanced, more to promote the sustainable construction of modern economic system, open a new realm of city construction capital ".
   "Made in Zhejiang" is becoming a "pronoun" of high quality.
   A power - saving stapler, named "0466", has recently been certified by "made in Zhejiang". According to the company's product standard department store manager, the stapler's service life industry standard is 20 thousand times, and this stapler has reached more than 50 thousand times.
   In March 31st, in the 2017 annual conference of "Zhejiang manufacturing" brand construction held in Yiwu, the "Zhejiang manufacturing" certification enterprise "benchmarking Germany" quality comparison activities were held. From the analysis of the total pressure efficiency, noise and normal odor reduction, FOTILE's oil sucking machine is better than the "German made" product.
To create the brand of "made in Zhejiang" is to create the product in Germany. By promoting product standards, quality and brand, we will lead the Ningbo manufacturing industry to the middle and high end, and take the soaring wings for the construction of "quality Ningbo". Xu Guangxian, the director of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, said.
   And "Zhejiang made" brand premium effect, so that more and more Yong enterprises tasted the sweet. "The" Zhejiang made "a number of major technical and quality indicators are far higher than the international level, which makes us in the international bid to increase the right to speak." Yuan Xiaping, general manager of Ningbo East China Sea Group Co., Ltd., presided over the standard of "volume type water meter" and "Zhejiang made" group standard, said proudly.
Set up a stick
Leading manufacturing to the middle and high end

   From the beginning of 2014, our province took the lead in starting the "Zhejiang made" regional brand construction project of "standard + certification" in the whole country.
   Since then, the 4 words "made in Zhejiang" have become a brand logo and can no longer be used. Its core connotation is "Zhejiang's quality creation" and "Zhejiang creation". If the manufacturing enterprise wants to join the "manufacturing in Zhejiang", it must conform to the "Zhejiang made" standard and pass the certification.
"" made in Zhejiang "is the standard benchmark standard, standard leader, advanced standards, the certification is not less than by well-known international certification company certification, in addition to excellent quality and independent innovation, and social responsibility and industrial cooperation, the four factors in the evaluation of enterprise is indispensable." Yuan Xiaping told reporters.
   Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau "made in Zhejiang" office director Zhang Li explained, "made in Zhejiang" is Zhejiang manufacturing enterprises public brand and regional brands, represents not only the high quality products of Zhejiang, including Zhejiang, Zhejiang, Zhejiang, the credibility of image culture, the strength of Zhejiang. Therefore, enterprises use the "Zhejiang made" logo, must through strict certification, to confirm that products and enterprises to achieve excellent quality level. Once certified, the benefit of the company is also very obvious. It can enjoy financing support, preferential listing in the listed reserve businesses, preferential procurement under the same conditions, and other policy support.
   Dafeng is the first enterprise to make "double certification" in Zhejiang. So far, the company contracted facilities engineering G20 Hangzhou summit, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Shanghai World Expo Performing Arts Center, the world Internet Conference Wuzhen Exhibition Center and other large cultural venues, footprints all over Russia and India, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Sri Lanka and other "The Belt and Road along the country.
   "Before that, stage machinery has been monopolized by foreign enterprises, and we have finally broken this monopoly by learning and independently developing advanced enterprises such as Japan and Germany." Chen Lili, deputy general manager of Dafeng industry, said that Dafeng will produce more than 3% of sales as R & D costs every year. "It is the most important tool for the development of Dafeng's hopping development."
   A batch of "Zhejiang made" certified enterprises, such as Donghai and Dafeng, have set up the benchmarks for the large manufacturing enterprises in our city. In the back of the enterprises, in the continuous pursuit of transformation and upgrading, leading the Ningbo manufacturing industry to the high-end.
Active exploration
   Opening up "quality and excellent Ningbo" accelerated running

   Although "made in China" all over the world, but for historical reasons, "made in China" is still a synonym of "low end" and "low quality". If this concept is not reversed, it will not only damage the international image of China, but will also combat the Chinese confidence in the national industry.
   As early as in 2006, Xi Jinping, the then Secretary of the Zhejiang provincial Party committee, proposed to build an advanced manufacturing base in Zhejiang. Zhejiang's manufacturing industry opened a new journey to speed up its own brand building.
   Since the launch of the regional public brand construction of "Zhejiang made" product in 2014, the manufacturing industry of our province has been upgrading and upgrading to the "domestic first-class and international advanced" target. As a big manufacturing city, Ningbo has launched a series of constructive explorations in Zhejiang manufacturing, cultivation, certification and certification, and formed a relatively complete brand building system.
   Strengthen the top floor design. The municipal government issued "on the" made in Zhejiang "brand implementation opinions", formulated the "made in Zhejiang" standards and enhance brand cultivation (2016 - 2018) to promote the plan for three years, and the "Zhejiang" brand building "into Chinese manufacturing Ningbo 2025 action implementation outline". At the same time, the "Zhejiang made" brand products are also used as local famous products to be included in the priority list of government investment projects.
   Actively carry out "Zhejiang made" brand cultivation pilot. At present, Cixi, Yuyao, Ninghai, Jiangbei and other counties (cities) have been listed as the provincial "Zhejiang manufacturing" brand cultivation pilot county. According to He Xili, the deputy director of Cixi municipal market supervision bureau, Cixi focused on the three leading industries of smart appliances, high-end mechanical components, automobiles and key components, and screened a number of leading backbone enterprises to take part in the standard revision of Zhejiang manufacturing.
   The latest news from the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, Ningbo currently has 191 enterprises, 278 products selected word mark "made in Zhejiang", focusing on cultivating brand echelon, quantity in the forefront of the province; the development of quality standard "made in Zhejiang" 58 standards, has released 40; "Zhejiang manufacturing" certificate 25 zhang.
Refine on
   Catch up with "made in Germany" on the road
   In the display hall of the FOTILE group, a handmade high end dishwasher is particularly attractive. According to He Donghui, vice president of FOTILE group, because the finished products of the flume are guaranteed to be 45 degrees, the craftsmen should strive for cutting every time. This hand grinding high end dishwasher, each master can only finish about 5 sets a day, their names will be engraved on the product.
   As the first batch of "Zhejiang made" certification pilot enterprises, FOTILE group has been representing China for the international standard of the kitchen power industry for 7 consecutive years. In the past 3 years, FOTILE has been involved in the revision of 39 industries, national standards and international standards.
   There are 4 points in the core of modern economic system, one of which is the continuous improvement of the quality of products and services, and truly meet the needs of people for a better life. Xu Zhaoyuan, a researcher at the Ministry of industry and economic development of the State Council Development Research Center, believes that the Ningbo enterprises represented by FOTILE play an exemplary role in the construction of China's modern economic system.
   In the past few years, in the process of promoting the "Zhejiang made" brand construction, the city has strengthened its achievements and increased the coverage of the industry. At present, in the "Zhejiang manufacturing" key enterprises, government quality award winners, famous enterprises, China producing 2025 singles titles and champions and other leading enterprises accounted for nearly 80%; products of high-tech and high value-added products, to break the technological monopoly barriers and cultivate products beneficial to the people's livelihood enterprises accounted for more than 40%.
   The Eastern cable began to enter the submarine cable field in 2006. It took only 2 years to break the monopoly of western developed countries. At present, the company has accumulated to provide submarine cable of about 2000 km, the products are exported to many "The Belt and Road along the country, of which 220 thousand volt and 320 thousand volt cable standard flexible DC submarine cable standard has achieved the" made in Zhejiang "certification. "The core technical performance data of these two certification standards are superior to the national standards, such as the increase of the insulation eccentricity from 8% to 5% of the national standard." Zhou Zewei, the chief engineer of the Eastern cable, said.
   "Made in Zhejiang" has opened a new era of high quality development, which is "made in Germany" "made in Germany" and "made in Japan".
   Not long ago, in the bidding of the Belgian PIDPA Water Service Company, which was attended by the international top class metering companies, the DH measurement (Europe) Limited by Share Ltd of the East China Sea defeated 7 competitors with a high score. Yuan Xiaping, general manager of Donghai group, excitedly said that the product and technology standard of the East China Sea has reached the world class level through continuous benchmarking, reaching the standard and raising the bid.
   It is not just the Donghai group. Through building the brand of "Zhejiang made" brand, a large number of Ningbo enterprises have gained more and more international recognition with a more confident attitude towards the world stage.
   In the new era, a quality change led by "made in Zhejiang" has come quietly.

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