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   Haishu station reporter Zhang Lisheng continued Dazhi
During the second collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping stressed that the national big data strategy should be implemented to speed up the construction of Digital China. General secretary Xi Jinping presided over the study pointed out that the construction of modern economic system cannot do without the development of big data and application, we should adhere to the supply side structural reform as the main line, to speed up the development of the digital economy, and promote the real economy and the digital economy integration and development, to promote the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, depth of integration with the real economy.
   The speech of the general secretary has provided an important opportunity for the development of digital economy, including digital commerce. Haishu District Park Guide The early bird catches, broaden the investment horizon, the introduction of a batch of "supplier + property of the emerging technology enterprises, and strive to build the first digital business district.
Yesterday morning, Ningbo (International) e-commerce Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as Haishu Park) list of enterprises appeared on the two "new faces" - Jingdong's supply chain management, intelligent and SAIC's car sharing rental companies around the world to enjoy the car, they will be the electricity supplier in Haishu Park Based on the development of Ningbo and the East China market.
   Hundreds of "e-commerce +" enterprises are entering
   What is digital business? The answer of search engine is like this: using Internet, Internet of things, wireless communication and other communication technology and data analysis methods, business channels, marketing and operation processes are digitalized, Internet and intelligent.
   Nowadays, Internet of things accelerates into life. Big data and cloud computing become important basis for enterprises to analyze demand and customize products. The trend of digitalization of electric business is inevitable. In the Ningbo (International) e-commerce industry park management center responsible person looks, two main Internet of things and intelligent supply chain enterprises choose Haishu is no accident.
   "From 2014 to 2017, Haishu electricity supplier park on the road to rapid development of running years tax revenue soared from 82 million yuan to 5 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 100% breakthrough. Today, the park has gathered more than 3000 kinds of enterprises, registered capital of more than 15 billion yuan, the core area tax revenue of 4300 yuan per square meter, enough to attract the well-known enterprises in the field of electricity supplier, nesting. Ningbo (International) e-commerce industrial park management center relevant responsible person said, after entering in 2017, the park accelerated the cage for a bird, will focus on the emerging science and technology enterprises, to extend the industrial chain, from the traditional electricity supplier industrial agglomeration area into the first business district.
   After jumping out of the old framework of traditional e-commerce, the resources of high quality enterprises in the first tier cities quickly gather in Haishu. Intelligent Home Furnishing brand figure civet Shenzhen Hirota group under Articles 500 million yuan investment settled, had participated in the construction of the first domestic unattended parking lot in Shanghai hi Boke into Yongcheng, providing intelligence to the streets, parking and parking lot owners personal solutions.
   In a short period of time, the transformation of Haishu electric business park has been effective. After the formal signing, the global car sharing plans within three years Ningbo put more than 6000 car sharing car, provide more convenient models and 10 seconds to complete the car rental experience, Shanghai, Zhejiang two brands had full coverage; and many state leaders "dialogue" Shenzhen Rui Manchester robot gradually into various public places in Ningbo, plan the scene to the hall, hotels, schools, museums and other extension. In addition, Zhejiang thousand Fang technology has placed sensors for overweight vehicles on the freeway. The local fruit information in Ningbo has been devoted to the education of young children, and has built the prototype of science and technology classroom in the upcoming education complex cheese park.
   In 2017, Haishu park has been the introduction of more than 100 furniture producing electricity supplier + property of the emerging technology enterprises, and these enterprises are mainly settled in the city only a "public record space" approved standard names "Internet plus" engine base and industrial agglomeration area.
   To create space for the pulse, the blood circulation of wisdom. This year, the industrial level of Haishu electric park has been accelerated. It has gathered 16 listed companies and three new board businesses, leading the industry development in intelligent transportation, smart education, smart home and other fields.

   Big data application first step
   Before the large scale introduction of emerging technology enterprises, Haishu has for the local garment enterprises to explore business digital, guide enterprises to take the initiative to develop the official website and mobile client, collect user data, based on the positioning consumer consumption habits and ability to design products, develop marketing plan, has made remarkable achievements in the sales side. This year, "double eleven", Taiping bird and Bo Yang rushed to the top ten list of Tmall single category sales. The intelligent factory of Dan Yun has already taken the initiative. It plans to achieve the mobile terminal subscription and personalized customization within 5 years, relying on big data to streamline the shopping process and optimize user experience.
   After the adjustment of the administrative division, the industrial enterprises and high-tech enterprises in Haishu have ushered in the leap of quantity and quality, which lays the foundation for the construction of the digital commerce in the manufacturing end. Today, Haishu is pushing the layout of narrow-band Internet of things, using 5G technology and new technology of Internet of things to enhance information infrastructure level, supporting Haishu electric park to introduce a number of "leading enterprises", pulling out intelligent transportation, smart home, intelligent education and other industrial clusters.
   How to integrate into the tide of economic development of electric business? Figure viverrine executives said that sales of the product is only the initial target consumer groups to master the use of big data trends, providing the overall solution, is the ultimate goal of enterprises engaged in digital business. Since entering the park for more than half a year, figure in a compatible system Home Furnishing civet intelligent intelligent control terminal market, and cooperate with a large Real Estate Company, plans to install a comprehensive intelligent Home Furnishing system in the new real estate, which can meet the needs of the user and the regulation of property demand, but also open up advertising to attract merchants settled, open up new profit channels.
   First, the collection of data, and then expand the market business model, has been in the Haishu e-commerce garden "everywhere". Entered the Ningbo market, focus on the development of intelligent parking system hi parked off no hurry to promote products, but to cooperate with Ningbo local streets, providing relief traffic, peak diversion, parking service recommendations; hand technology classroom technology and domestic outstanding teachers resource information party consciously slow down program in the public the layout of the school science classroom a long time, hope that through the data collection and analysis, provide a scientific basis for 2 to 7 years old children's education, ultimately drive the teaching materials and teaching aids and other peripheral products sales; just in the park is also determined by sharp man robot point arrancar, user data in-depth investigation of various industry segments the. "The first step in Ningbo is to use the Internet technology to understand the market." Rui man robot general manager, Jiao Rui, said that even the robot walking at the forefront of technology has entered the period of demand deciding supply. Only by deeply docking user needs and cutting user pain points, can we provide references for upstream research and development and manufacturing.
   At the same time, these companies are collaborating and infiltrating each other, depicting the outline of a smart city.  Sharing cars is closely related to intelligent transportation and intelligent parking. The development of educational robots and home robots has been placed on the agenda, and the tentacles of digital business have been explored into every corner of life.
First try and explore the "Haishu model"
   Driven by the digital wave, the function and value of e-commerce are changing quietly. In November of this year, Jingdong Group signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Commerce on promoting the development of digital commerce. It will form a joint effort of government and enterprises in data sharing, precision poverty alleviation, anti-counterfeiting tracing, supply chain innovation and application, so as to promote the upgrading and upgrading of e-commerce.
   In Ningbo, the "electricity market for the market" has entered the fourth year, the development of e-commerce industry has been developing rapidly. The day before, Ningbo 5 enterprises appear on the Internet Conference, Ningbo style show. At the same time, the construction of the intelligent city is in the ascendant, and the integration of the manufacturing end and the sales side is quickened.
To this end, the province has the first "network city", the national pilot smart city construction area, Chinese city informatization 50 honors such as Haishu, the first step of the exploration of digital business pace, in the introduction of new technology enterprises, adjust the structure and development level of the park, at the same time, increase the solid economic electricity supplier "chassis", construction "big business" pattern of diversification.
   3.9 square kilometers of land, dominated by the government and social support as a supplement, including a number of public record space, Yinrun garden, beautiful source building, Chinese (Ningbo) park, cross-border carrier resources in this gathering, stitching a complete industrial chain business data. After the adjustment of administrative divisions, private business park park, business park in Hong Kong University, west area also put up a bridge of cooperation with the Haishu business park, to provide more space for the emerging technology enterprises to expand their business, collect data, mining the rural blue ocean market.
   Now, the more than 3000 enterprises in the park almost cover the whole industry chain of e-commerce. In peacebird, Bo Yang based, Liebo, Carolina textile, Han clothing and other well-known garment enterprises have settled in the garment industry, deepening the traditional advantages of intensive cultivation of digital business the first piece of experimental field. By "The Belt and Road" initiative "Dongfeng" park also try to build online Silk Road, attracting the first magnetic material trade, cross-border electricity supplier billion Max cross-border export chain service platform integrated service platform of Silk Road accessibility settled Ning Xing and non supply, facing the global market driven data analysis the engine.

   "The development of digital commerce is an important measure to carry out the nineteen spirit of the party and to promote the security and improvement of the people's livelihood. With the development of new patterns of digital economy, such as online shopping, mobile payment and sharing economy, big data will play a great role in ensuring and improving people's livelihood. Ningbo (International) e-commerce industrial park management center relevant responsible person said, Haishu park will actively promote the "Internet plus" made Internet plus "medical education" Internet plus "" Internet plus culture ", relying on the Internet to create Aquamarine Park Town, carrier cultivating Internet industry transformation and upgrading of the booster and the city the wisdom of economic development.

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