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   Invite 35 friends, like farmers, to slow down life, to experience the happiness of natural growth. In the background of the transformation and upgrading of agriculture, a part of the city's private family pastoral dream, through the adoption of agricultural products is becoming a reality
   Haishu reporter Station Sun Yong Zhang Lisheng reporter He Feng
   The hottest economic hot words are "sharing". Today, agriculture also test the water sharing mode, only a short while ago in the network become fashionable for a time "happy farm", since people see business opportunities from the Internet boom in vegetables, also began to imitate the game mode, through the "land sharing" business a reality version of happy farm - farming.
Agricultural products out of purdah "upstart"
   The adoption of agricultural production costs that consumers in advance, producers of green and organic food for consumers. Farming between producers and consumers to establish a risk sharing, revenue sharing mode of production, realize the city of rural land, direct docking on the dining table.
   With the gradual improvement of people's living standard, more and more people are willing to eat fruits and vegetables that they grow by hand, compared with the traditional supply and marketing mode of agricultural products. Through the land of fruits and vegetables, adoption, each link of busy city people can participate in agricultural production, fruit maturity, can bring the family together, enjoy the holiday leisure farm full of fun.
   In the ancient town of Haishu Xia Cun Yong Fu Guo, fruit and vegetable cooperatives responsible Liu Xiwen as a local grower, now hurry to urban agriculture boom, a new way to get rich on the "adoption" rely on agricultural products.
   In 2003, Liu Xiwen gave up the cause of Taizhou came to the ancient forest ", back facing the farmer," first built steel structure of multi span greenhouse grape, then pitaya, kiwi fruit. The sale of orchard products became a difficult problem when one of the technical problems was tackled. Last year, I found that many city people have "a farmer, he wanted to launch the plot" to solve the problem of fruit market adoption."
   The adoption of fruit trees is how a model? The grape tree as an example, many people choose a tree that has the potential of fruit trees in the vineyard, then hang up the adoption board, usually by the orchard workers responsible for maintenance, to the season of ripe grapes, the grapes of this tree will be the adoption of people. Liu Xiwen said, guests can later lead the base of fruit and vegetable sales, "these customers originally adopted this year, came to the farm vegetables, melons are very interested in, to take some, and bring a lot of new customers."
   The ancient town of grapes, watermelon, Dong Qiao Zhen Heng Jie Zhen Shiqi street green vegetables, and rice...... One of the characteristics of agricultural products in the adoption in the framework of shiny, even some have "purdah be married" native also wiped away the disgraceful, deep in the village, into the family, into the adoption of the valley have been excavated. The quality of agricultural products, through the adoption of customer word-of-mouth, especially the "efficient information Internet plus" is widely spread around.
   With members of the family as a unit, invite 35 friends, like the farmer, let life slow down, experience the happiness of natural growth. A part of the city's private family pastoral dream, through the adoption of agricultural products has become a reality.
"Private engagement" promotes industrial transformation and upgrading
   The public needs to adopt a name, not only in the weekend, be free to walk around, more is to "look at my things grew up in planted more than".
   In Haishu, people only need to spend a sum of money to the Shiqi street cross up food cooperatives adopt acres of land, and then install the APP software on the mobile phone, installed in each project area through the adoption of base HD camera, 24 hours to monitor their own third of an acre, view of rice growth. Local farmers must strictly follow the planting standards signed by both sides in the contract, and distribute green pollution-free or even organic agricultural products directly to consumers' homes after harvest. Therefore, many farmers in order to adapt to the needs of the adoption, getting rid of extensive and inefficient mode, active "turned to modern agriculture".
   Reporter walked into the cross up forage cooperatives room, saw the room wall, filled with the installation of 25 pieces of electronic screen, cooperatives contracted 600 acres of farmland, 70 ditch, 4 food processing workshop scene reflect now screen. The bottom of the screen and on the operating table, arranged in three rows of red and green electronic button, the side also conspicuous place to install two rocker. "One 'wall' reading area, a 'button' controlled irrigation and drainage, and realized the agricultural automation monitor.

   "For the purchase of our adoption service member, we will open 5 different angles for the monitoring window, can real-time view of their adoption of crop production in the mobile phone, to achieve full transparent operation." Yang Peibo, the head of cooperatives, said that since the application of the system, it has not only promoted the popularity of cooperatives, but also increased many incomes. The annual grain supply is in short supply.
   "Farming" the selling point is not only agricultural products, but also with tourism, pension, cultural industries and the depth of integration, the city residents as the target market, to experience, interactive projects as a selling point, the characteristics of agricultural products, tourist attractions, customs integration B & B package, and then packaged to sell. In order to help modern urbanites understand agriculture and experience the demand for sightseeing in agro gardens, it can solve the problem of slow marketing of farmers and farmers who have plagued farmers for a long time, increasing farmers' income and promoting healthy and orderly development of agricultural production. In the first three quarters of this year, farm households in Haishu had received 1 million 940 thousand tourists and realized business income of 86 million 910 thousand yuan, an increase of nearly 20% compared with the same period last year, driving around 101 million 660 thousand yuan of sales of agricultural and sideline products.
   In the past, farm products came from the field to the table through cooperatives, brokers, and then entered the wholesale market, and finally entered the vegetable market or large supermarkets in the city. But "farming" is the city's farmers and consumers have direct contact with each other, the public and farmers signed a contract, the whole industry chain from the past "production and marketing" has become a "marketing for the production, the risk of poor sales of agricultural products is greatly reduced. At the same time, the middle link was eliminated, and the profits of the farmers were also greatly improved. This is not only to bring the rural passenger flow, information flow and capital flow, but also solve the core problem of a decentralized management to increase income, more important is the farming mode to promote the one or two and three industries depth of integration.
   "Under the pressure of consumption demand, farmers must take the initiative to improve the safety standards of agricultural products and treat the land and crops in an environmentally friendly way. Only by guaranteeing the quality of agricultural products can they get the best price in the market." Haishu District Forestry Water Conservancy Bureau deputy director Huang Wei believes that with the rising demand, will form a good guiding role for the production of agricultural products, from the pursuit of quantity to both quality and quantity of change, is conducive to promoting the standardization of agricultural production, improve the quality and safety of agricultural products.
Although the tuyere is good, it still needs to pay attention to "flight safety"
   Farming is a new agricultural value-added development mode, make simple farming operations to a magnificent turn, and vigorously promote the development of rural and national tours, leisure travel, global tourism policy highly fit. However, there are successes and losers. They are also in the mouth of the wind, but for many reasons, they have failed. The rise in the adoption of agricultural Chinese but short five or six years, it is still in the immature period of farming, its survival and development has many problems.
   Haishu Yinjiang town Dongxing village, the province's first ecological farm is located here. For farming, this pig has to catch a drink "head, but with the advent of slobber" many practical problems, finally put down the outlet on the meat". Farm owner Qiu Jianming told reporters that this year he has completely given up farming. Give up the reason is that the cost is too big, 00 tourists do, need special arrangements for staff reception, which requires the enterprise, team oriented operation, but the actual consumption is often less than a day reception staff wages. Citizens who have been playing only for a moment can not be long customers. It's hard to afford to do it for a long time. "Some farm farming after the launch, watch more, less rent. Some have just started a red and red fire, a long time to slow down. The main reason is that the rent: high cost, additional cost more, farther away from the city, too busy to take care of."
   It is understood that the adoption of agriculture, basically located in the city suburbs and underdeveloped rural areas, although at the beginning of the development of a certain investment in infrastructure construction, but with the project put into operation, the basic facilities imperfect problems increasingly prominent.
   Insiders pointed out that many people love farming, organic farming, mainly because of health and safety of food. At this stage, however, there are still some farms that do not fully guarantee the quality of their agricultural products. At the same time, many farms in the quality of service, the staff management is not standardized, no health certificate, affecting the safety of tourists. Tourists not good and lack of farming knowledge and professional guidance for planting. In addition, one major drawback of waste phenomenon is adopt agriculture. On the one hand, tourists have no time to take care of the vegetable fields. No young light tourists have only "three minute heat" for growing vegetables. On the other hand, the waste of vegetable land is serious. The local vegetable fruits and melon fruits are not picked when they are ripe, and the operators can not send the vegetables to the door one by one. The result is that the fruit is exhausted and unplucking.

   What is the prospect of sharing agriculture? Look at what the big guy in the country says
   "This is the sum of modern agricultural economic activities that use the Internet and other modern information technology to integrate agricultural resources and meet the diversified needs." At the second China Electronic Commerce Summit on agricultural products held in May this year, Zhang Xinhong, director of the information research department of the National Information Center, described the sharing of agriculture.
   In his view, the conditions for the development of this industry have been mature, and we can say that a new outbreak is coming. Technically, the growing maturity of network, data, smart phone, mobile payment and modern logistics technology can fully support the development of shared agriculture. On the basis of culture, many people have begun to move from the city to the countryside. Capital has not cooled the heat of sharing the economy. In addition, the national strategy clearly regards the shared economy as a key point.
   Chen Xiwen, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the National People's Political Consultative Conference and the economic committee, said that the development of new rural industries and new formats should broaden our horizons and work hard to meet the new demands of the market. The shared farm has opened up the rural supply side and the urban demand side, reshaped the urban and rural links, and indirectly reduced the gap between the urban and rural areas. However, sharing a farm is more complex than sharing a single car.
   Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences Rice Research Institute researcher Huang Qing said, because the land is scattered, like bicycles, umbrellas and other industrial products concentrated as easily, so this form of shared farm develops slowly, step by step to implement, thus forming a pattern.
   In addition to the consumer terminal docking, resource sharing of agricultural production areas are in need of their mining, such as some agricultural machinery not every farmer has the strength and the need to purchase, lease can be shared in the busy season, our country at present in the form of agricultural cooperatives to provide this service.
(Sun Yong)
   Beneficial exploration of agricultural transformation and upgrading
   Through the land, fruit trees and other adoption, can participate in the process of agricultural pruning, fertilization, watering and other daily work, but also for the entire video monitoring and management on their own one-third of an acre of land through the APP mobile phone client for 24 hours, when the fruit is ripe can bring family and 35 friends, enjoy full of fun holiday leisure agriculture. The adoption of agriculture, to meet the "city farmer" white-collar "farmers" demand at the same time, also to resolve the long-standing problem of poor sales of agricultural products and farmers, to increase farmers' income, promote the healthy and orderly development of agricultural production.
   How should agriculture be transformed and upgraded? The emergence and development of farming is undoubtedly a useful exploration. The rapid development of industrialization and the excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides have increased agricultural production, but also led to the increasing severity of land pollution. Different from the traditional mode of agricultural production, "Internet plus farming" as a producer of farmers to the "farmers" change, they get out the land rent, the wage income of salary, and as the "investor" of the modern city not only to experience farming happiness, and eat the green vegetables. More importantly, farming mode to bring rural passenger flow, information flow and capital flow, promote the integration of the one or two and three industry depth.
   From the public to meet the outstanding personality, from the quantity to ensure the quality of priority, from the pursuit of brand to highlight the taste, today through the exploration of agricultural transformation upgrade of the road, is the domestic industrial consumer goods in the past twenty or thirty years through the upgrading of the road.
As a new mode of development of value-added agricultural farming, although there are still some problems, but it is with the establishment of the party's nineteen "put forward the healthy development of institutional mechanisms and policy system of urban and rural integration, accelerate agricultural and rural modernization" fit, the development prospect is anticipated. (Li Guomin)



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