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   Does it not conform to the rules for making the bread of the supermarket which is often purchased? How to deal with the overdue milk, is it to be tagged and put on the shelf? Is the fresh food transported by the cold chain? Business super backstage how to transport, the public only need to download "transparent business super APP", can see video monitoring in real time, food and drug regulators can also check at any time.
   In Zhejiang Province, one of the wisdom of supervision "pilot project, Haishu Market Supervision Bureau in the city to implement the" transparent super "for more than a year, there are 15 large supermarkets to join supervision platform to solve 8 food safety hazards through remote monitoring, the food safety community governance effect of the early. Reporter correspondent Ruan Yejin newspaper reporter Wang Dongxiao
TO citizens
   The operator does not comply with the rules
   Get a "face to heaven" through the lens
   How do you play "transparent business super"?
   The reporter downloaded APP yesterday, the page is displayed at the open after the day, WAL-MART stores Tesco stores, shops Haishu Lianfeng Auchan 15 super, click on the "Tesco day shop" baking operating room, operating room, food cold food operation area 10 video surveillance area.
   Click to enter, seconds can be connected network, real-time monitoring. The master is not wearing disposable gloves, the operator does not conform to the regulations, through the lens to get a "bottom of the day".
   "Although the company also has an internal quality control system, but now the camera access supervision platform, consumers can see, market supervision bureau can see, before the consumer not to go into the background, such as delivery area, destroyed area, operating room, now bask in the scene, no privacy." Zhang Hong, a responsible person in Tesco, told reporters that Tesco was the first group to access the transparent business. The biggest change has been running over the past year, which is the more standardized operation of the staff. "I often tell the staff that all your movements are under the eyelids, and you have to raise the awareness of food safety."
   In addition to check the video monitor, the APP and super discount promotions, sampling check information, the reporter points out the destruction of the latest news shows, "Tesco day shop" destroyed the imported beef, duck meat stuffing, fat side leg and sheep hind in October 31st, including information publicity, the barcode for commodity sales specifications etc..
The reporter looked at the APP background message, many people think this way is very good. "Do not go to see the place, make clear and clear, this rest assured." "If all the merchants can see the monitoring, it's ok..."
   TO supervision
   15 business super access "transparent business super"
   24 hour real-time dynamic monitoring of no dead angle
   Business super video not only can be seen by the public, but regulators look more carefully.

   "The operation is not standardized. We save video records and feedback to the business Superman. We will make rectification within a definite time. If there is any illegal operation, we will initiate the investigation after collecting the evidence at the scene." Yu Haibin, the head of the food circulation department of the Haishu district market supervision bureau, said the trial run for more than a year had not been found to be illegal.
   Haishu district is located in the central city of Ningbo, and there are 43 large merchants over the district after the zoning. How do so many businessmen manage?
   "People come to see the situation is good, people go to the end of what state is not known, the traditional inspection means gradually exposed the blind area of supervision." Yu Haibin said that the Haishu Market Supervision Bureau developed the transparent business super control platform in 2016, trying to integrate the management platform and the basic level food safety supervision. Based on the video surveillance system, we should dynamically supervise the key points of super food safety.
   The system is composed of front-end camera equipment, private network link transmission, thousand li eye platform, mobile phone APP and so on. It integrates remote monitoring, information dissemination and public service.
   "Some problems that are easily seen by the public can not be seen, such as expired food destroyed areas, homemade food processing areas, and purchase areas, etc., through monitoring platform, citizens and law enforcement officers can see at any time." With a monitoring platform, Yu Haibin says, it doesn't mean that our staff don't have to go on a visit. "We know from the monitoring of dynamic and clues, daily visits to inspect the inspection, more targeted."
Bask performance
   Nearly 500 pieces of self-examination information were pushed and sampled.
Blocking 8 food safety holes
   As one of the pilot project in Zhejiang Province, the wisdom of supervision, market supervision bureau of Haishu District in 2016 in the city's first super transparent promotion, after a year of operation, since 2017 the foundation of Haishu District in the original 10 Super application transparent super supervision system, further promotion of the supervision system, the system has been applied to the region's 15 large supermarkets.
   From the operation point of view, the platform integrates five functions of online video, information push, business display, information publicity and public interaction. It implements remote real-time monitoring for 15 supermarkets' key areas and key links of food management.
   As of now, the "super transparent" supervision system push super dynamic operation 61, supervision departments sampling information 11, super self information 446, super food destroyed information 384, total effective installation of public APP4776, received a public feedback message 269, 8 food safety problems are resolved in a timely manner.

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