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   Newspaper reporter He Feng Wang Jue Haishu reporter Station Zhang Lisheng correspondent Wu Jiayi
In late autumn, clear river, autumn leaves and azure, with beautiful ancient town; Yin Jiangqiao, heavy traffic, tourist exchanges, hanging lanterns silhouetted against the festive atmosphere.
The lunar calendar in October ten, it held a fiery mountain temple, the surrounding towns of people into the Yinjiang town Haishu District, big time, listening to the play, look at the parade, delicacy, town boiling. It is due to the mountain temple, to commemorate a person, gradually become rich Yinjiang characteristics of folk cultural activities, has become Yinjiang people's "our holiday", influence spread to the surrounding counties. Yinjiang grand temple has continued for thousands of years, at the time of the river, the moment is still shining.
With the memory again, and so meet the Millennium town, because the temple is more vivid
   In nearly one kilometer long Cheng Lang Lake Road, flags fluttering, crowded. November 25th, Yinjiang "October ten" temple here officially welcoming. Just open the street, the turbulent crowd filled the street with a full moment.
   On both sides of the road, the stall was crowded with stalls. Native products, delicacy drinks, clothing jewelry, a superb collection of beautiful things, everything. Reeky, fragrant delicacy quickly awaken passers-by taste buds, the street peddler evoke many people's memories, simple and elegant craft interpretation of the artisan spirit, the booming of the Dragon Dance contains all the yearning for a better life......
   In the middle of the road, shoulders are shoulder to shoulder. People go to the market look around, searching for the right goods. "The 'October ten' temple fair is the biggest event in Xixiang, which is still more lively than the new year. When I was a child, every 'October ten' was a man in the town. For nearly 60 years, Chen Siguang was born and bred, he is one of the Tashan Yinjiang Temple heritage heritage, has a special affection for the temple. Speaking of the temple of the old memories, memories of him and he will be performing artists, the early years, "my buddies and special love show. Remember the name of Huang master is a Hercules, the car in the street entertainer temple every year to, holding a brick to head a brick knock, immediately broke into two pieces, our hands are beat red. Now the temple fair, rich materials, rich activities, this is my childhood no comparison! Although the form is a bit different, but it is still a small atmosphere, or the same flavor, lively, happy!
   Chen Siguang recalls, Yinjiang temple as the biggest festival in place, Yinjiang people would be proud to invite relatives and friends who come here, is still at home for one night. Nowadays, traffic is more and more convenient. It will not take three days to catch up with temple fairs. But Chen Siguang will also give warm invitation to nearby relatives. "Temple fair is the best opportunity to visit relatives.
   In the past, "October ten" Yin Jiang temple, the local people is the most important of the year, shopping, entertainment, social parties. Developed in the network today, "October ten" temple still Yinjiang heart the sense of ritual festivals, reflect the local customs in time precipitation vitality.
Ms. Wang, from the city, brought her two daughters into the city of Chenglang Tan Road, and she explained to her daughter who was in kindergarten. The paper-cut, bamboo, flour, sugar, sachet making, lantern rolled, woven bamboo leaves, tiger shoes making, the common business, let two children are curious. "In these old skills, I'm just listening to the elders." "The temple fair is a good opportunity for our next generation to look at these old skills and grow," she said. I heard that there was a tour on the second day. Ms. Wang was full of expectations. "Come here early tomorrow and let the children enjoy the charm of the traditional culture here."

   With the historical and traditional reunion reunion, the Millennium town, regional culture.
   Grand "October ten" temple memorial ceremony, carrying it to mountain weir builders, later Tang Dynasty county magistrate Wang Yuan formula formula and ten workers to build dedicated weir deeply remember, reposing people desire peace, pray for good weather. The memorial, drums and firecrackers contend, noisy day, people lined the streets to watch the team went, lively and extraordinary. After thousands of years, people still refer to the ancient ritual in Tashan weir Memorial chase ancient hero, ask this, the expression of the ancestors of the memorial and tribute.
When the culture passes through the time, it has the inheritance. The temple fair is full of folk customs, showing the cultural heritage of the thousand year old town. The splendid theatrical tour, taitouwawa, marquee, dragon dance and other folk performances, the play is the story of the past, the future picture is painted. The school of Ningbo YangZheng village temple Book impassioned, natural play melodious, thousands of years of wind and rain bridges, through the history of amorous meet...... It is the most lively "ten" temple fair in Ningbo, one of the year's Carnival, one year's romance. "Today the material resources are rich, the temple fair is on the mood, the appreciation is the folk custom, feeling is the charm of the traditional culture." Mr. Li, the citizen who took the child to the temple fair, said.
   An event that is transmitted across the years, feelings, is the cultural heritage. In commemoration of the ancestor merit, the continuation of the traditional spirit at the same time, the temple is always the gathering all kinds of traditional cultural symbols of the stage, will be scattered in folk traditional folk culture focused on display together, so many almost lost traditional craftsmanship and heritage to inherit and develop the tradition of art. In recent years, sugar, blacksmith, tailors and other traditional craftsmanship to be presented in the temple. Watch at the same time, people can experience ancient dyeing, paper cutting and other traditional handicrafts.  Display and interaction, people taste, aftertaste traditional rhyme, arouse deep nostalgia.
   In the long river of time, has maintained a strong vitality of the ancient Yinjiang Tashan temple, into the life of people, has become a kind of emotional comfort people, and innovation in the inheritance tradition every year in the history of culture and modern civilization fusion to this ancient town and inject a new vitality and activity. 2015 October "ten" period, Yinjiang town by a millennium quarry "Butterfly" and the international arena climbing stunning debut, hosted the twenty-third Asian Championship last year; "March three" temple, when tea garden green, cherry blossoms, an unusual "seeking tea" dumping of tourists, people in the fame of the Jin Lu tea, feel the beautiful environment it mountain white tea base; this year, "June six", Yinjiang town with lobster as the carrier, launched the beer garden, summer to build the ancient town tourism leisure spot. "While adhering to the cultural background, it gives its new connotation of the times, and in innovation and integration, awakens and continues the history, culture and memory of the ancient town." The relevant person in charge said Yinjiang town.
   The landscape and reunion, reunion and prosperity of the Millennium town, depicting the development of a new blueprint

   Yinjiang backed by eight hundred towering peaks, with the "four first town" reputation, by the mountain and the four mountain hinterland communication; Yinjiang Yihe built, the occurrence of contact with the world water. Located in the throat, Yinjiang gradually become a hub for trade in goods around the village, mountain bamboo, flower cake, four seasons clothing, fresh vegetables, salted goods in containers, weaving, cylinder crock of farm equipment and other goods cries can be heard without end, a superb collection of beautiful things, brought the bustling town of People are hurrying to and fro.. The formation and prosperity of the Temple Fair attracted the local people and the merchants of minzhou city to gather, see, and deal with them.
"Yinjiang has always been known as the" city of Zhejiang, eight cities, Ningbo has the bridge 'trade center." It is also one of Cui Zhongding, he said the mountain temple heritage intangible cultural heritage, its heyday, Zhejiang coastal prefectures merchants gathered Yinjiang gold.
   On the four mountain, Sanjiang port outreach. The exchange of goods as communication nodes of mountains and plains, Yinjiang in East Zhejiang economic prosperity has always played an important role in distribution. In the thousands of years of prosperity, and gradually formed a "Yin Jiang City", so far in the Yinjiang farms are still standing beside the archway, is evidence of splendid status Yinjiang ancient trade exchange center.
   In this year's "October ten" temple, Yinjiang town renaissance "Yinjiang city" the thousand years old. "Yin Jiang City" is Yinjiang town Party committee and government to guide agricultural town joint. The complex business platform online trading hub in one, is a practice of Yinjiang town implement the spirit of the party's nineteen big. "Yin Jiang City" butt town in the scope of agricultural and sideline products, tourism products, the shelves has its Shan Yan white tea, Qing Yuan rice and ten brothers bookmark Yinjiang contains elements of the "see also" series of cultural and creative products. "Yinjiang port" launched products will be unified packaging, highlight the brand concept, expand sales channels for Yinjiang specialty products.
With online and offline system more perfect, more tourism services and agricultural and sideline products sales channels will be through the "shop Yinjiang port" in the form of display, and will visit the well-known electronic business platform. Yinjiang town official said, hopes to revive "Yinjiang city", capable of sharing platform resources and other towns, to provide services for the masses of farmers and friends, at the same time to reproduce Yinjiang commercial old glory revive Yinjiang long business culture.
   Yinjiang known as the "Ningbo", Tashan weir built, the river water irrigation drainage four million hectares of fertile farmland, more importantly, from the upper reaches of the river by Zhang Xi Tashan weir drains into the South River, and into Lake and lake day. Fresh water is injected into Ningbo, and the city is rising and prospering. Last year, Yinjiang town to Haishu, the South River Basin in the administrative divisions to unity, this is water and water. In addition, Haishu Yinjiang and the two government culture deep again soon, this is the center and the center of the reunion.
"Yinjiang Temple ancient for thousands of years is not bad, is culture, is the collective memory. "Reunion" is for the sake of better continuity and in order to develop better. Yinjiang town mainly responsible person said, "Yinjiang will make good use of it, the temple mountain weir cultural heritage intangible cultural heritage and natural heritage landscape resources three precious wealth, the early completion of livable Tour" beautiful village, happy home. "."
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   Yinjiang Tashan Temple
   Yinjiang Tashan temple has a long history, from the Northern Song Dynasty Hampyeong four years (1001) Wang Yuan formula for the expansion of its temple temple, has been more than a thousand years of history. It is the mountain temple Tashan weir hero build one of China's four major ancient water conservancy construction project for the memorial, Tang Taihe county magistrate Wang Yuan formula between the formula and build upon his valiant record weir of heroes, and the repair Yan Xing water afficials Xian, and the establishment of the folk ritual activities. Its temple fair is divided into three categories: the March, the June, the six and the October ten. It was included in the list of the intangible cultural heritage of Zhejiang in June 2012.

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