[Ningbo daily] snatch war, "smoke" in advance
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   Not long ago, key enterprises Agency Bureau of Haishu District of Harbin city Heilongjiang area to "grab", Cixi people club bureau with area businesses visited Shanghai and Anhui many colleges and universities in Hefei, and many well-known enterprises in Yinzhou District are jointly flew to Xi'an, to the local university students handed invitations"......

   Whether graduates have entered the university last year graduates, now experience the same small indeed fortunate, many large and medium-sized city is to worry about how to give them gifts"!

   This year, many domestic city talent introduction efforts to continue to overweight: in May 22nd, Wuhan implementation of the "hukou New Deal", students settled in Jiangcheng almost zero threshold, the goal is "5 years left 1 million students"; Xi'an shouted "million students in Xi'an" slogan to attract graduates with a series of decentralization means; in July 19th, Chengdu the young bachelor with a diploma in August 28th, Jiangsu directly; to attract creative talent, commitment to exempt from personal income tax, the actual income is equal to the salary pre tax income"......

   It seems that the "big gift bags" prepared everywhere are full of sincerity: to give money, to the house, to the account. "Snatch war" is becoming more and more fierce, afraid you do not come!

   In addition to the series of "routine actions", the two official posts issued by provincial and municipal governments at the same time last week were "one stone arouses thousands of waves". In order to "snatch people", the civil service examination in 2018 was more than 3 months ahead of time.

   For the examination process in advance, two provincial and municipal organization department and the Department of human social security and the relevant person in charge of the answer is clear: this arrangement is to lead the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) organization kaolugongzuo, fully embodies the "grab talent" concept!

   In recent years, the civil service examination in Zhejiang province is scheduled for April, and many of the country's provinces "synchronous", this test is also a lot of people called the "civil service exam". Although the "exam" and "common entrance exam" is different: the independence of the provinces to formulate recruitment procedures and examination arrangements, issued recruitment notice, independent independent examination organization, examination policy, recruitment conditions are different, but it is the same as ordinary exam examination on the same day.

   Reporters learned that before, due to the different time of civil service examination in some provinces, part of the examinees would take advantage of this "time difference" to cross provincial examinations frequently. Some people even pass examinations in several provinces, and then choose one of their most satisfactory posts. This situation makes the recruitment unit awkward: according to the regulations, after examination, the situation that candidates do not go to work can not be added, or equal to wasting a quota. To this end, since 2009, several provinces have arranged a written examination of the civil service examination on the same day. This "exam" by the provinces themselves decided to attend or not, every year there will be adding new provinces, there are provinces from the March general registration, written examination held in April. From 2015 onwards, Zhejiang also took part in the exam".

   This year, in the context of all localities recruiting and recruiting people, as an important way to introduce talents, the recruitment of civil servants is also affected by the great environment. On the news briefing held by the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the provincial people's Association office and the provincial Civil Service Bureau, the responsible person clearly put forward that the civil service examination should also "grab talent".

   The reporter learned that, in addition to ahead of time, our province's civil service exam in 2018, also adopted a comprehensive and professional college should be wide "principle, put forward County Township two organs to minimize the major limitations of job recruiting, improve the professional position is not limited to the proportion, in order to attract more talents go to the grassroots. At the same time, for applicants with bachelor degree or above, our province has not set up household registration restrictions, which is also an important weight for attracting candidates from other provinces to compete and improve the competitiveness of "robbing talents".

   At the same time, reporters noted that in order to get more talents to pass the exam, the civil service examination in 2018 increased the registration service. In the past, 3 days after the entry of civil service examination, only the positions with less than 1:8 registration were posted. In 2018, in addition to continuing to publish this figure, it will publish more than 1:80 positions. Data will be updated automatically 1 times every 30 minutes, so as to guide applicants to enter the exam rationally, and prevent the recruitment of individual applicants.

   The school "qiajian", the enterprise went to the end of the year from the year

   Put / around the government frequency at the same time, as the enterprise is not idle".

   "From the summer vacation began to worry about a new round of school recruit!" Wang Lebin, the deputy director of human resources at sel - Fu Electronics Co., told the reporter. "Since the beginning of school in September, we ran a circle of colleges and universities!" According to the reporter's understanding, the campus recruitment craze usually started in November, but nowadays, when a school starts, there are enthusiastic businesses crowded into the campus, demanding campus propaganda.

   "We also know that the effect of school enrollment in September is not necessarily good. At that time, most of the students' minds were not yet determined. The contract would be more hesitant, but even for a mixed face, they must go!" Ningbo Zhongjun senchi auto parts Limited by Share Ltd HR Manager Lin Shihuan said.

   A school enterprise docking meeting held in the last week, I saw a car, Ninghai Shuanglin personnel responsible person, Wang Zhiyu, deputy director of the Changchun University employment guidance center from afar even called "old acquaintances". Wang Zhiyu said, although the distance is distant, but several companies including Ningbo Shuanglin auto, Changchun to several universities to get people to the rhythm "is from the beginning of the year continued until the end of the year".

   For the first time to take a better job, the season is also the time of the human resources department of many enterprises in our city. All enterprises are going to school to scramble for the golden period, and try to avoid "crash" with other famous enterprises. A city of Electronic Science and technology of the company's human resources manager Zhao Cheng told reporters that he had preached at a Xi'an University, 8G U disk capacity company to come to participate in the presentation for the students at hand; next to a business conference venue, with the new IPAD to draw gifts to attract students. Reporters also learned that when a well-known listed company in our city publicized campus, besides giving students publicity and recruitment materials, they also offered "practical intentions" such as data lines, rechargeable treasure and other practical gifts.

   A human resource expert told the reporter,

   In order to obtain the "after 95" favor, also in the recruitment copywriting for poor effort of many enterprises in our city: many companies are no longer used "take-off, highway, the sun rises" and other vague material to emphasize the "dream" and "future" in describing the prospects of companies at the same time, focus on the students "see: see enterprises can give material conditions and benefits, how the enterprise office environment? Can the spoon shake three when the master of the canteen is served? Is the future old "white rich beauty" or "Uncle Brown"?

   Lively swing school recruit at the same time, many enterprises also "tentacles" forward to graduation for several years of young people. On Thursday, I held a meeting before the employment practice of school enterprise docking, throughout the city community sector released a total of more than 700 participants places, these places at once be solicitous of the personnel manager "seckill". Because "registration is not reported in the district", two personnel managers in Zhejiang Yu Lu space Fruit Co., Ltd., with the recruitment requirements of forty or fifty people, "airborne" to the conference site. "At least one circle of school teachers' WeChat will be swept back, and you can join the school in the future!" Ms. Wang, the hiring manager of Jintian copper industry, said, "6 boards of the company need four or five interns. We have reached more than 30 schools to cooperate with schools and enterprises, and welcome them to send internships and employment to students." However, even so, Ms. Wang is still anxious, "still lack of talent, especially high-end technical personnel."

   In the conference site, just 20 minutes, the enthusiasm of enterprises in Ningbo robbed all deputy director of the Changchun University Employment Guidance Center Wang Zhiyu brings, also let Wang Zhiyu a message: "in addition to the graduates, we also welcome the university students from the internship!" Rao Jianbo, deputy director of the employment guidance department of Wuhan Institute of Shipbuilding Technology, told reporters that "we used to publicize a single family business to recommend students. Now we just wait for businesses to come home."

   Policy support warm heart service, Ningbo "a lot of"

   In order to attract all kinds of talents, especially young college students to come to the same dream, Ningbo steps towards very early. The settlement policy, the purchase subsidy and the employment subsidy are also "a lot of people".

   Reporters learned that the housing subsidy policy for graduates in our city was first introduced in 2014, according to the provisions of the policy, the purchase of ordinary housing in Ningbo employment within 10 years of graduation of college graduates and senior technical schools and senior technician college graduates occupation qualification certificate, can enjoy housing subsidies, the purchase of 90 square meter and below the ordinary housing, housing subsidies, housing 1% of the total; purchase more than 90 square meters, 140 square meters of housing subsidies, housing prices for 0.75% of the total. Two years later, Ningbo again worked hard to stipulate that the basic talents in the first 10 years after graduation had purchased the house for the first time. The purchase subsidy standard increased from 1% of the total purchase amount to 2%. This subsidy policy for college graduates is considered to be "the largest and most extensive in history" by many graduates. It is understood that only from 2015 to the end of August this year issued new talent, the city housing subsidies for 31657 college graduates awarded a total of $720 million.

   College graduates can enjoy the purchase subsidy in Ningbo residence, and people who are listed in the category of high-level talents can enjoy more subsidies. The relevant policy of our city stipulates that the ordinary university graduates who work in Ningbo will enjoy a home subsidy of 150 thousand yuan to buy a house, and also enjoy a 150 thousand yuan purchase allowance. At the same time, according to the reporter, college students come to Ningbo to start a business, meet the relevant conditions, and can enjoy a maximum of 6000 yuan in employment subsidies. For the shortage of jobs have proficiency in a particular line of high skilled talents, the city with the highest 1000 yuan monthly job subsidies, the longest 3 years can enjoy. For talented people who have taken root in Ningbo, they want to get personal promotion in the later period, and also have the opportunity to receive tuition fees. It is understood that in accordance with the requirements of the relevant requirements of the enterprise staff to study (Bo) can obtain a total of 50% of the total tuition fees and the maximum of 50 thousand yuan subsidy.

   In addition to a package of preferential policies, in order to make more students willing to "look at Ningbo", and then "like to Ningbo", the city will also move forward the employment service. This year, our city's human social security department has launched a public service platform for UJob, which provides students with internships. It is understood that the platform has published more than 5000 internship posts online. Login Yongyou bridge (UJob) platform employers are outstanding enterprises by the departments of social audit, the company released the internship positions, provide monthly 1500 yuan to 4000 yuan subsidy for interns internship, and accident insurance business, a full tutorial (Division), part provide accommodation and transportation subsidies. After the expiration of the internship, the intentional intern can also be employed as a formal employee by the choice between the employer and the student.

   Reporter noted that, in order to advance to lock through the practice of outstanding graduates, as many enterprises in our city: Ningbo spared no expense to Haishu infosci English training school for Marketing Specialist / marketing assistant internship internship issued 4000 yuan of subsidies; Ningbo Wenkui holding group limited to 3500 yuan per month to 3999 yuan subsidy for recruitment practice of Laboratory Technician / R & D staff; Ningbo 100 lithium material limited company to recruit information engineer internship subsidy amount is more than $4000. Municipal Employment Service Department of the relevant responsible person told the reporter that they plan by 3 to 5 years of hard work, guide me 10 thousand to 2 thousands of outstanding enterprises and outside the city to carry out in-depth cooperation more than 500 schools, 100 thousand to 150 thousand students internship employment in Ningbo, significantly enhance the quantity and quality of Ningbo employment and entrepreneurship students.

   To "snatch people" and to "keep people"

   As mentioned previously, talents are different from academicians and scholars. Since the beginning of this year, the war of looting by employers has focused more on young people, especially highly educated young people.

   From the local government to single enterprise, you Changba me play, "rob" war turns staged. This reflects the sincerity of both the city and the city, as well as the urgent expectation of the city's economic transformation and upgrading.

   At present, in many cities in China, financial industry, technology industry, information technology, game and entertainment industry occupy an increasingly important position. These industries have high technology content, strong professionalism, and high demand for the comprehensive quality of talents. The competition between the major cities has already stepped into the high dimension competition of the talents from the spelling of industry, investment and preferential policies.

   A reporter in the hands of data can illustrate this problem: until recently, the recruitment of all parts of the country more than 2 city white-collar job index to carry out research, had specifically asked around the talent policy, up to 65% of the respondents said that the city is attracting the most important reason is the "city development potential, there is room to rise".

   In addition to the preferential "robbing people" policy, in the medium and long term, a perfect business environment, more Chaoyang industries and high-quality posts, reasonable talent management and circulation system and high-quality government public services may be the essential elements for talents to "come and live".

   (Zhou Qiong)

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