[modern golden newspaper] two generations of women's Army: use wisdom to build fashion
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   In 1991, in Ningbo city children's street, Sun Shuzhen, Sun Shuqin start with two flat machine start business.
   Now, "Dan can rhyme" share in the domestic market accounted for custom sweater has reached 40%, sit tight in the top spot. The most comfortable thing for the director Sun Shuqin is that the "contingent of women's troops" is growing up, and her sister's daughter and her daughter have entered into the company one after another, specializing in design and a painstaking intelligent manufacturing. The inheritance and alternation of the two generation of Ningbo Merchants are quietly carried out in this traditional enterprise, and the collision of passion and thinking has injected new vitality into the stable family business.
   Reporter correspondent Zhang Lisheng newspaper reporter Tong Yun
   Small storefront workshop started
   Shop design before the shop sample
   In 1990s, both Sun Shuzhen and Sun Shuqin sisters, who were working in state-owned enterprises, were faced with the fate of being laid off. After much reflection, they finally made up their minds to go out into the sea.
   After a market survey, they found that it was very popular to tailor and use the flat knitting machine to help people to shake the sweater, and the market potential was great. So, in 1991, in Ningbo city children's street, they use two flat machine start the business. Because of the new style, good material price, from the beginning in the customer has a good reputation. Customers pour in.
   Seeing the market is so good, they have the idea of running the market for the first time. In 1993, sun sisters rented a storefront on the Ming road. The front shop reception customer tailored samples, after the shop exclusive processing, carefully produced small factory finally formed.
   In 1995, Sun Shuqin and his relatives worked together to set up the first franchise store in Hangzhou. After 15 days, customers could get ready-made clothes. This is the opening of the franchise store in Hangzhou, which has started the first step out of the province.
   In 2002, they registered the current trademark "Dan Yun"". "Dan can rhyme" three words, one word from the Sun Shuzhen, Sun Shuqin three siblings in the name, adumbrative career will have qualified successors.
The next generation began to take charge as chief of
Bold attempt to reform
   "My sister's daughter Lu Dandan graduated from Nottingham Trent University School of design, the school has nurtured the British designer Paul Smith, now Dandan is design director lu. Dan Dan's master's degree is finance major at University of Leicester. My daughter Chen Xinyun in the British Imperial reform undergraduate electrical engineering master, also in English, is the CASS financial professional." Sun Shuqin told reporters, daughter after the Spring Festival this year, only when the company's own assistant, returned home after two years in Ningbo bank for two years.
"Let her daughter go to big enterprises to hone and hone, learn the management experience of others.". Back to her home company, she should have started from the workshop, but now it's changing so fast that there's really no time for her to start from the workshop."
   The first post in the company's land Dandan design assistant, in her own words is the charwoman, what are you going to do. Before that, she trained for a year in a big foreign trade company. For the second generation of training, Sun Shuqin said, they are required to start from the grassroots.
   Two years later, because the designer of the company started its own business, Lu Jun was hard on the scalp and took the designer's life. However, before provoking this burden, she first talks with the chairman, mother and general manager aunt: the product line of Dan Yun must be adjusted, the age of the customer group should be pulled down, aiming at the female around 30 years old, otherwise, the job will not be taken.
   "Seizing a 30 year old woman is equivalent to catching the needs of a big family. She buys cashmere sweaters for her parents and buys them for her husband's children. Because our products are relatively simple, we must broaden the age of customers." Lu Dandan told reporters, at the beginning of the family elders are opposed, and then there are some brands for designers change style, but immediately can not continue. Fortunately, the family is still relatively democratic, look at her more insist, elders allow her step by step, the first year to replace 20% of the product.
"I spent almost three or four years combing all the products, and in order to match with the updated products, three years ago, I began to start the image update of all stores, until last year completed the third generation of the image of the shop." Love of the land Dandan charge into the enemy ranks are basically Qinliqinwei, even shop every sofa is to choose the market. In order to reform, we must be in front of ourselves, and we must put our ideas into practice so that we can get the trust of our elders and other people in the company."

   Daughter's first job: sorting out data in the last 30 years
   Chen Xinyun's first task as an assistant is to sort out the company's data for the last 30 years.
   In the streets of the city or towns, lanes and alleys, Dan Yun stores, a customer door, the owner will be warmly received, after a measurement, light keyboard, a detailed data spread to the company, a few days later, customers will be able to get in line with their size and satisfied with the fashionable sweater. Every day, in the Dan Yun Yun more than 300 national direct and join shops, will be staged such a scene. Previously, these data are relatively fragmented, after Chen Xinyun half a year of consolidation, now, as long as you sweep every once can rhyme on sweater label, two-dimensional code will display all the data in the data - workers this dress dress know what to do, what procedure is a problem, an inspection personnel can see very clearly.
   "In the workshop, you need to produce thousands of styles every day, and that's not the same color and size. Prior to relying on experience in management, with these integrated data, there is a fine management foundation." Obviously, Sun Shuqin was satisfied with her daughter's work.
   The construction of intelligent factory is the most important work that Chen Xinyun participates in.
   The production of a cashmere sweater requires 20 procedures, 8 days. After the Spring Festival next year, the new intelligent production line will be put into production, and the time can be shortened to 8 hours. This domestic sweater industry pioneered the intelligent production line, but also Ningbo "made in China 2025" a key project. Sun Shuqin emphasized, this refers to the batch production time, can achieve 1000 pieces of clothing per day, only produce one such speed is not surprising. That is to say, if you order in the morning, I can send it at night, and in second days customers can get cashmere sweaters."
   Sun Shuqin said, Dan Dan who dares to rush, is a pioneering talent, heart rhyme is relatively stable, the two sisters with very tacit understanding.
   Sun Shuqin: a new generation of women to stir up the burden
   There is also a quarrel between a good girl and a strong mother, and there are many times.
   Prior to the interview, Sun Shuqin was meeting with the management of the company to discuss how to refine the process of new customer management. "A lot of things we have done over the past 20 years, has formed the inertia of thinking. Daughter as just entering the line, to see some things will often be raised, how can this be done? For example, she put forward, when receiving new customers, should be distinguished from the old customers, there should be a standard reception process. I let her take the lead in doing it. But the rules she made must also comply with the actual operation, to be recognized, I convened the relevant person in charge to discuss this matter together."
   In Sun Shuqin's view, the daughter has gone through the early adaptation period, understanding period and complaining period. Now, the daughter has been able to see what she needs to improve, and take the initiative to become her own responsibility.
   When mother and daughter have different opinions, who do they mostly listen to?"
   Sun Shuqin blurted out, "of course, I'll have the final say.". After all, she hasn't worked long hours in this company. But I'd love to see her daughter make a lot of advice.  Although I immediately deny her proposal, and think back to her daughter's proposal still has some truth, will be combined with practice to make some improvements."
   When she first started to make elaborate digital management of every piece of clothing, Sun Shuqin felt it was absolutely impossible. Each order is personalized needs, how can be standardized. Think carefully later, every year, Dan Yun rhyme will be out of 500 new styles, even if everyone has different needs, but most of these 500 styles of extension, the version has not changed, you can start with these new styles. Finally, the implementation of the work was given to the daughter.
   I am very pleased that the next generation all have their own ideas, Dan Dan and heart rhyme two pick a part of their each one has his good points, I can load slowly retreated behind the scenes, in the quality of the products on the checks, the other will give young people." Sun Shuqin said, once can rhyme a new generation of women, still let her rest assured.

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