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   Newspaper reporter Yu Yongjun
   Haishu reporter Station Xu Yufen continued
   Haishu clouds, the wind is hanging yifan.
   The adjustment of administrative divisions of a year, is located in the heart of Sanjiang port of Haishu after a gorgeous butterfly.
   To "two integration" crack development imbalances, "two upgrade" to cope with inadequate development, "East, West, green, high and new" industrial layout, attracting people, logistics, information flow, capital flow influx. The proportion of 123 production is adjusted to 2:38:60, the industrial structure optimization ushered in new opportunities, trade development entered a new era, the new rural economy is booming, and urban and rural education resources are shared......
   The latest statistics show that in the first three quarters of this year, Haishu District realized GDP of 81 billion 930 million yuan, achieving fiscal revenue of 13 billion 740 million yuan, an increase of 11.3%, the completion of fixed asset investment 32 billion 310 million yuan, an increase of 9.8%. In the second industry, the added value of high-tech industry and equipment manufacturing industry exceeded 5 billion yuan, achieving two digit growth compared with the same period of last year.
From "service industry independence" to "complete industrial system""
   In November 11th, the national machine tool industry leading research institutions Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute and Haishu strategic cooperation, the two sides will take academician Tan Jianrong in command of the Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute based on the construction of the national machine quality supervision and inspection center of East China branch center.
   "Ningbo is the first pilot demonstration city of" made in China 2025 "in China. Haishu is carrying out the construction of industrial strong zone around intelligent manufacturing, and the core area of intelligent manufacturing is vividly portrayed." Looking forward to entrepreneurial prospects, academician Tan Jianrong is full of confidence.
   At the beginning of this year, Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute located in Dongqiao town Haishu District, has been the introduction of academicians, national people plan talent, Professor of high-end scientific research talents and intelligence equipment 13, the innovative design of cloud platform, multi robot collaborative manufacturing equipment and parallel robot 3D printing equipment and other key projects made the prototype of the early town. In June, Ningbo star space Machinery Co., Ltd., jointly with the Ningbo branch of China Academy of ordnance science, established a new research institute of central and Eastern Europe to build a high-end manufacturing industry incubator platform for civil and military integration. Huamao military new material and a number of National Key Laboratory of advanced manufacturing projects have been landed. Haishu central area is a high concentration of land made xinzhi.
   A district is the commercial center of Ningbo City, Haishu district by Metro Line 1, line 2 connected to build Tianyi Square, and the avenue, East drum road as the center, radiation Lake Park, South Street and other regional Sheng pan day district". In October last year, Haishu became a pilot city for the transformation and upgrading of commercial entities, and 15 commercial enterprises became pilot enterprises. East Gate Yintai store invested 120 million yuan to build "black science and technology department store", and molded the experience shopping scene. 760 meters long, with 19 straight through the ground entrance of the East drum Road underground commercial street debut.
   In the chapter, the old revolutionary base areas, a total investment of 600 million yuan Zhang Xi village 13 mountains immigrant village construction project on schedule, fast tourism economy driven by the construction of mountain hostel. In the ancient forest rush processing famous "straw town", now to the main textile and garment design, manufacturing industry chain, put on "Zhi Shang Town" signs.

   "New Haishu" innovation should respond to new challenges"
   The administrative division adjustment, to Haishu government departments at all levels of management put forward higher requirements.
   As the "sub center" of Haishu City, the town has gradually changed from the town economy to the city economy, from industrial economy to service economy. In order to adapt to the leapfrog development, in April this year, Shi Gang Zhen, Haishu district administrative service center in the town opened greatlyfacilitates the western area and the masses.
   Restricted by the city expansion and regional location, major industrial district of Haishu project to foster the introduction of relative lag, branch type, the flagship enterprise accounted for a small, central city radiation function is weak. Therefore, the timely expansion of zoning adjustment in the Municipal Science and technology credit risk pool size, the new bank credit Chinese technology risk pool and the Bank of Hangzhou District of Haishu Haishu District Science and technology credit risk pool, the total size of lending amounted to 240 million yuan, and will expand the scope of services to all districts in small and medium sized enterprises.
   After the adjustment of administrative divisions, Haishu introduced the rural "document", to deepen agricultural supply side structural reform as the main line, the high quality of construction strength, rural livable village, Jamie village, village, village cultural activity development goals, let the beautiful scenery "become better" jinshanyinshan".
   Over the past year, Haishu has integrated the urban and rural management resources with the "whole world scenic spot" as the starting point. Chapter, the martyrs cemetery, Qiming primary school, Lembeh Xuan martyrs and other red resources together, to create a "belief in the red line". Long Guan Xiang Dhyana, Xiangyang launched dragon care boutique B & B, sufficient farmhouse tourist to local farmers pockets bulging.
   At the same time, Haishu actively promote the "smart city management" to the town and township coverage, urban refined management extends to the town and township, the overall improvement of the city's comprehensive governance capacity.
   Held in zoning adjustment in the Ninth Party Congress, Haishu has set new targets to become "strategic plan: according to the five vanguard", to promote the city, urban and rural integration integration, to achieve urban economic level improved significantly, significantly improve the quality of city function, to build the leaping development of modernization the demonstration center of the city, to build the well-off society and the construction of high quality domestic first-class district.

   People oriented to promote urban and rural integration
   "Break the urban and rural two yuan structure", the core is people-oriented, the purpose is to benefit the people." The main leaders of Haishu district Party committee said that in the past year,    Haishu has constantly improved the integration mechanism of urban and rural development, and promoted the rational allocation of urban and rural factors and equalization of basic public services.
It is easy for small towns to encounter the "trap" of economic vitality attenuation, weak industrial growth and gradual loss of population. It is urgent to change the traditional extensive development mode. One year, three changes a demolition of five water treatment "with three" and a work in urban and rural areas in Haishu landing. According to "the dragon of the rural construction, demolition of all households own, off-site relocation mode, accelerate the construction of new village, a total demolition of the old 151 thousand square meters, 185 thousand square meters of new construction, benefit farmers 1525.
   A "public toilet revolution" spread in the countryside. Ji Shi Gang Zhen first to start the transformation, plans to use two years to remove the "soil latrine", the newly built and renovated and built more than 200 seats for the construction of rural public toilets, villagers harmless clean toilets, help Jamie village construction.
In August 22nd, the 643 bus line was officially opened from Gaoqiao District, Gaoqiao Town, Haishu district. The next two years, Haishu will invest 20 yuan, to create a beautiful economic corridor "," village, luroda".
   After the adjustment of administrative divisions, Haishu established five educational groups, sharing the resources of urban and rural schools, and participating in urban and rural exchanges. The number of principals and teachers was more than 100 people, and the gap between urban and rural schools gradually narrowed.
   While the quality of urban and rural ecological quality and living quality have been greatly improved, the quality improvement of Haishu central city is unfolding simultaneously. To carry out the comprehensive management of lake water ecosystem, lake dredging 100 thousand cubic meters, to achieve a clear green shore, the Lake District scenery here; 810 hectares of green city, 20 comprehensive park to implement fine classification management; known as "the first street" reputation of the Ningbo Zhongshan Road "window", after comprehensive renovation of a new look.
The nineteen report of the Communist Party of China put forward that the main contradiction in our society has been transformed into the contradiction between people's growing need for good life and unbalanced and inadequate development. The new Haishu should be a great leap forward, a big upgrade and a great development, and the integration is the foundation." Haishu district Party committee chief leaders said that at present, Haishu has made "build a new benchmark for urban and rural integration" as the first priority in the development of the region, continue to further promote regional coordinated development, high-quality construction of domestic first-class strong areas.

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