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   In the aging accelerated sharply today, pension problem has become the focus of attention. Pension, is not only the protection of life, spiritual care is equally important, then, to resolve the old people who inner loneliness?
   In late October, a community public welfare organization, the "anti loneliness volunteer service alliance was established in Haishu, 20 community become the first pilot community. Recently, the reporter visited a number of communities, and see what they good experience.
   Jin news reporter Peng Yuanwen / photo
   Come together in pairs, reading books and newspapers
   10 morning, Garden Village 2 floor of a family, two white haired old man is in the best of spirits about the newspaper news. A 91 year old owner Chen Hongdao Claus, another is his neighbor, Huang Jinming, 74 year old party, two people in two years.
   "Master Huang is very good, to chat with me every day, read together, read newspapers, talk about national affairs, I a person no one speaks, I feel better now. Master Huang also helped me to buy food, and dispensing with the newspaper, just like my own home."
   Such a harmonious neighborhood interaction started by Chen Lao exclusion, "I still move, why should a stranger at the door?" Community door staff found after the visit, Chen Lao is very like reading, so find the same corridor have the same hobby with master Huang, was the two hit it off.
   Coincidentally, in Li Nga District, more than 60 year old Ji Hong also with the more than 80 year old retired civil servant Cao Manqing old node of. Half a month ago, Cao Manqing asked the community to find a social worker to help cut the nails, Ji Hong volunteered to go.
   "Because we met in the house, she saw me say" Oh it's you, you are a professional nail? " I said no, but at home for her nails, she would have I said we feel shy, small are old sisters, all right, then you can find me something."
   The nails, from feet to cut after more than an hour, to warm the heart of Cao Manqing, after the two each plus the WeChat. Two people often contact WeChat, Cao Manqing will let Ji Hong help to buy things, forwarding articles and Ji Hong share, Ji Hong will remind Cao Manqing to keep warm, will be the first time to Cao Manqing's friends punctuate praise.
   "Every time I go to buy something for her, to talk about an hour, she let me 'will chat again every time to go."." Ji hong.
Please come out
   Comfort the old man went out alone lost grief
   Relative to the widows, Empty Nester, loss of independence for the elderly are more likely to close themselves, they label themselves, will isolate itself from the crowd.
   New paradigm in the community, a total of 12 households lost family alone, 19 at the age of sixty or seventy years old old man had caught the child losing pain, 5 years ago, a man named "Wen Xin Yuan" their team will Similarly afflicted people pity each other. together.
   "Wen Xin Yuan" team sponsor Lang master also comes from the loss of single family, the first door to appease the family alone lost social workers often rejected, and Lang master to take their own encounter with emotion that will be the loss of independence of these family members a household please come out from home.
   "We have a hatred of aunt team, was originally a very active person, have lost her husband and son, began to close oneself, she raised a lot of dogs to accompany him, but not willing to share with others, our social work again and again come to communicate, to allow her to dispel the fear of the idea, the first time to participate in team activities. She is out of pocket $2000 to fund activities."
   The team members regularly to the surrounding countryside picnic, eat and talk to each other, between the members, gradually opened the door. Not only that, the love and the loss of independence for the elderly and the return of social thought, they will go home for dumplings, performances, also in the Laba Festival to do Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits community elderly and cleaners.
   Reporters learned that the new code of community a total of 60 people over the age of 1516. There are 11 old Hui community volunteer team, 12 elderly sports teams. The community provides "menu style" optional activities, let the old man in the butt, let them feel out of the "little house" into "everyone" fun.
The community still visited the old people's record of "micro aspiration" and realize it, "some old people did not even twenty or thirty years left around Ningbo, what do not know, we have arranged 70 years old to see the eastern part of town, look at the cultural square, many people praise Ningbo now so good." The new code of community party secretary Wang Jianyue said.

   Diversified services
   Do let go a nodding acquaintance with "salon
   With the improvement of living conditions, many elderly people moved into a lift tower, but the neighborhood exchanges more and more light, even live door neighbor had not said a word, to ask or embarrassed, how to do?
   Li Nga community party secretary Wu Xiaochun came up with a good way: not regularly held old salon, invite about 20 each of the elderly and social workers to join. Different from other community activities for the elderly, Sharon asked every present old man to do self introduction, including name, home building, what interest, as a result, originally only a nodding acquaintance with the neighborhood soon conversational, greeting can name, live near you can call on to go shopping, but also may find like-minded talk to old friends.
   Some old people do not like to participate in collective activities, although lively, but no one knows, through Sharon way, let the old people know each other, form a free group together, participate in activities, the elderly will not conflict." Wu Xiaochun said, in addition to Sharon, they also let social workers sit down to the old people gathered downstairs, participate in the old man's discussion, on the one hand collect old people information, on the other hand also mixed face mature, win trust, and then to door-to-door service is more convenient.
   Use the "listening" to resolve the depression of the elderly
   The 60 year old Gu Tingfen Wenchang community home care service station volunteers, every day more than 4 in the morning she got up to the station "100 porridge square" breakfast, breakfast in addition to the work, she also served as a member of the task to the work content is by telephone, door and reception three listen to the needs of the elderly.
   In the service station, the reporter saw, since the establishment of the team in November 2015, each phone has written records, forms stacked up to visual inspection has more than ten centimeters thick, telephone number has been ranked 1212, that is to say, has dialed 1212 times.
   "There is no place to pour out words in mind, it is easy to get to the east to the West. We take the initiative to care for elderly or empty nesters, mainly to ask them how their bodies, how their children care, listen to what they want to the community, to accompany them to speak, but also let them feel that there are people thinking about them."
In addition to calling, social workers also come to listen, "we can provide some help, as far as possible to help them, accompanied by a doctor, take money and so on.". We are all old, and we want to be gentle when we are old."
Future outlook
   From 20 communities to the whole of Haishu
   Reporters learned that, at present, Haishu District of the elderly over 60 years old, 156 thousand, household registration population accounted for 25.9%, more than 80 years old and over 24 thousand of the elderly. Among them, there are about 12 thousand elderly people living alone, this figure since 2011, with an average annual rate of 1.6 percentage points increasing. Loneliness is an unavoidable problem for them.
   Haishu District Civil Affairs Bureau deputy director Wu Heli told reporters, Haishu District in the "anti loneliness" had a good foundation, and the establishment of the anti loneliness service alliance, allowing the elderly to enjoy more precise "pension service".
   "Originally may be limited to a club or community or individual, and now there is an alliance, to the community and the elderly to more carrier resources support, alliance pairs covering a wide range, cross community, district level guidance more support."."
   The next step, Haishu will focus on the promotion of "anti loneliness service alliance, promotion from the 20 pilot community present throughout the Haishu area, to form the elderly individuals, families, volunteers and social organizations and enterprises of the alliance, a group of resource alliance rules of the Convention and the formation process. Strive to open up the boundaries between individuals, organizations, and even communities, and form a regional alliance."

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