[southeast business daily] concavo convex heavy industry: Yucai Youdao forging port city craftsmen
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   Walk into the ancient town of Haishu District of Ningbo Airport Road bump Heavy Industry Co. Ltd., large gantry crane factory compound in the tall one another, more than thirty years standing as if it records the past heavy bump, also carrying a heavy bump in the future.
   As Zhejiang crane leading enterprises, R & D now specialized in the fields of heavy bump of green environmental protection, European crane, ship manufacturing, Ningbo city has become the only company in the same industry issued by the State Administration of quality supervision and inspection of special equipment manufacturing and installation of A-class enterprise license.
A small and medium-sized enterprises with only a hundred employees, how to achieve strong growth contrarian? "Enterprise development, the key depends on talent, and talent, the key is to cultivate."." Said Feng Yafei, vice general manager of bump heavy industry.
A "tracking" career planning helps talent growth
   In the early stage of entrepreneurship, due to the importance of talents in recruitment, the requirements of the degree of education is not high, resulting in the time of the concave and convex heavy industry, engineers have limited titles staff. Facing the shortage of human resources, optimizing the structure of the staff's qualifications has become the first step for the implementation of the talent training program.
   Zhu Liangjun, the current assistant minister of concave and convex heavy industry, is responsible for crane manufacturing necessary welding equipment and the corresponding welding equipment and other facilities management, a total of 16 patent applications, of which 6 invention patents, utility model patents 8. In 30 years ago, Zhu Liangjun is a never graduated from high school Maotouxiaohuo, is a cavity with a love of mechanical manufacturing technology, just walked into a heavy bump.
   It is with this work enthusiasm, Zhu Liangjun let the company saw his infinite possibilities. According to Zhu Liangjun's technical expertise, the company has improved his personal career development plan, and gave him opportunities for further study. At that time, Zhu Liangjun, who was 45 years old, signed up for the advanced course of Mechatronics in East China University of Science and Technology, and he became the first beneficiary of the "tracking" career planning.
   Across the hard threshold of education, professional training of welding technology, Zhejiang "golden collar" high skilled personnel training, International Welding Technician (IWS) training, and Zhu Liangjun's work ability has been comprehensively improved. 4 years ago, Zhu Liangjun was rated exceptional mechanical engineer, and won the Ningbo City craftsman award in 2016.
The personal career planning of employees also affects the development of an enterprise to a great extent." According to Feng Yafei, in recent years, through the "tracking" career planning, 2 new senior engineers, 3 senior economists, nearly 10 engineers, professional complementary, reasonable structure of talent echelon is playing a role.
B "multi platform" cultivation to achieve full upgrading of talent skills
   In 2008, concave and convex heavy industry was identified as the first batch of high-tech enterprises; in 2010, it passed the establishment of provincial engineering center, which marked the beginning of a new journey in the innovation and development of enterprises. The following is the annual development of new products, research and application of new topics. A lot of trial production projects are difficult to succeed without technicians or technicians." Feng Yafei speaks frankly.
   In order to speed up the construction of high skilled personnel, innovate the channel of staff training, and build more effective active ground gas carrier, it has become a new measure taken by Attapulgite in the way of cultivating talents. In 2015, Zhu Liangjun skills Master Studio came into being, a year later, the studio was promoted to Ningbo municipal skills master studio.
"Master Zhu is a strong man in the company. Under his guidance, my welder technology improved very quickly."." This is Wang Haiyu, he is Zhu Liangjun's favourite pupil, is the first studio to cultivate a "crystallization" one. At first, Wang Haiyu is a technical level is line operator, after the division with only way of nurturing and studio progressive skills training, now Wang Haiyu not only won the technician skill level, and has been from the first to monitor employee growth skills.
   In addition to the studio master skills teaching carrier, also for heavy bump technical personnel at different levels of the development of a number of training platform: the formation of Enterprise Research Association, enterprise of high level talents, as encountered in the work Difficult miscellaneous diseases as the research subject, set trimaran solution bottleneck; regular batch sent technical personnel to Europe crane famous brand Beijing is the latest technology research and development base, maintain synchronization technology and global industry giants. It can be said that a big network to improve the level of talent skills is spreading out.
   Up to now, concave and convex heavy industry has 40 kinds of senior skilled workers, accounting for more than 60% of the front-line operators.

   C "infinite period" incentive mechanism to improve talent creativity
   From the heavy machine, based on lightweight large tonnage gantry crane, networking technology model design of bridge crane energy saving technology...... In recent years, heavy bump has launched a variety of new products related to intelligent technology, digital technology, green environmental protection, praised by users and the market blitz. Innovation and change is becoming an important means to gradually improve and promote the upgrading of intelligent lifting equipment technology and to the industrial 4 era.
   Enterprise innovation is talent innovation in the final analysis. In order to better stimulate the creativity of talent and talent level of R & D, bump heavy industry to update speed, knowledge skills increase, high level of innovation talents to implement the "indefinite" type of incentives -- monthly plan hair education, skill level, the title of "indefinite" wage subsidies system.
   Under such an incentive mechanism, Wang Haiyu who has mastered a certain level of skills has begun to study with the help of the company. When he got a diploma, the company immediately issued the corresponding salary subsidies. "Such a real incentive mechanism, to a large extent, encouraged me to continue to learn, improve, continue to move forward." Wang Haiyu said.
To 2017, heavy bump self-developed products has won several key projects, the Ministry of science and technology innovation fund for small and medium enterprises in Ningbo science and technology progress award, Zhejiang province manufacturing quality and other honors; participate in the formulation of 5 national standards and industry standards 4.
   The head of education is fine, and then to do special, with excellent and professional talent team, the development of enterprises will go to the strong, big direction." Bump heavy painstaking cultivation of generations of bump talent, and these people will become an important tool to fight heavy bump.
Reporter Wang Jing
   Correspondent Tang Huiye Zhang Guanxian

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