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   "The box of all personnel, to the next box from urine."
   "The person in charge comes with me, have" fire safety check certificate "? Still have" entertainment business license ", show."
   Late on the night of November 8th 9:30 am, the newspaper reporters followed the Haishu Public Security Bureau Public Security, fire protection, anti drug brigade and Haishu district culture law enforcement brigade, KTV came to an ancient town of the raids, and another group of police, and the police to do their own jurisdictions focused on inventory.
   Reporter correspondent Zhong Tao Hangjin newspaper reporter Zhu Linda / photo
   The inspection involves public security, fire protection, culture and so on
   At around 8:45, with the Public Security Deputy brigade commander Wang Yong's order, the police from the Haishu Public Security Bureau then separately starting a group to the ancient forest,    Takahashi, another group to duantang Jiangxia.
   "What is the content of this inventory?" Kim newspaper reporter asked.
   "Entertainment management has always been an important work in public security management, and it is also the key place to check whether the basic work is solid and to prevent and stop the occurrence of major cases. This year, our bureau adhere to the "top grid control" concept, places of entertainment to thorough investigation of strict control, especially for individual undocumented, frequent cases, lack of self-management consciousness places severe consolidation."
   Wang Jingguan introduced, mainly including the inventory of public security, fire and cultural aspects of the inspection, in particular to whether the place card management, hardware facilities, whether through personnel training is in place, fire facilities and equipment are in accordance with the provisions for years, and there is no related knife gun, pornography and other acts.
No entertainment business license on the spot, Feng Ting
   Half an hour after driving, a pedestrian arrived at the target entertainment place, through the pre row, the KTV consumer here mixed, once shut off, heard the authorities to check the wind, and then temporarily shut down; after a while, once again opened up. In recent years, the police have paid more attention to the situation of drinking, rioting, fighting and so on.
KTV is located on the third floor, before a public dance hall, now has been shut down, the KTV has 28 boxes, gold Daily reporter went to the corridor, a strong smell of smoke will nostrils.
Compared with the common style KTV, poor sanitation here, several door box is also bad, come to the consumer are mostly migrant workers living in the vicinity.
When the police officer requested the KTV responsible person to provide the corresponding license, the other party can only provide "fire safety inspection certificate", can not get "entertainment business license".
   "You do not pass the entertainment business license, you can not operate without permission, you know? Belongs to unlicensed operation, we have to ban on the spot." To inform the responsible person, the police and fire personnel came to the waiter, the consumption of personnel conducted a urine test sample, the scene did not find someone a positive urine test.
"In addition to tonight attachment shut away, the next step we will carry out the corresponding administrative punishment of the responsible person or legal person." Wang Jingguan said.
The security guards are not equipped enough, and they are also punished by administrative penalty
   Late 10:20, a line of inspectors arrived at Gaoqiao Town, an entertainment place, from the door seems to regulate a lot of, the front desk to the customer posted the relevant notice: "the site strictly according to 02:00 in the morning to end the business rules, prefer not to do business."."
   Mr. Xu, the head of the administration, provided the police with the corresponding license, saying: "our business is very weak, opened 5 years, a total of 23 boxes, of which 3 were broken, today opened a total of 10, but we are very good, you want certificates, there are all."
"What's your area?""
"More than 1400 square meters."."
   "It needs a security guard for 200 square meters, and you should have 7 security guards."
"Uh huh."."
"Well, how many do you have? Only 2."......"
   No, there are 3. He's also a security guard, but he doesn't wear a security uniform." Mr. Xu pointed to a man beside him. In the meantime, 20 years of relevant personnel have received a urine test box and found no abnormalities.
   Wang police briefed reporters, compared to the former KTV, where the certificate is complete, just in October because of the fire problem was punished by the administration, it seems to have not been fully improved.
   "One fire did not pass, and secondly, security equipment is not enough, part of the box doors and windows, lighting and other does not meet the requirements, as well as the clarity of monitoring is not enough, so the house will be punished by the administration."
140 police officers were dispatched and 46 places were checked
   At the same time, another group of police in a section of the street KTV also found a high-rise building stacked gas bottles, part of the box wallpaper without fire treatment, fire grade is not standard, evacuation channel, safety export debris, part of the fire door damage and other issues.
   In addition, Jin newspaper reporter learned that this time dispatched more than 140 police forces, the entertainment area of the jurisdiction of a comprehensive inspection, to achieve full coverage of the whole area of entertainment saturation check. The action lasted for almost 4 hours and ended just before 1 a.m..
   In the inventory action, a total of 46 entertainment venues were inspected, 530 employees were registered with the information of the verification sites, 181 people were employed in the spot check spot and 1 samples were consumed by the consumers, and the drug addicts were found. A total of 21 units of public security and fire hazards were punished, including the attachment of the places where the license was not uniform, the on-site ban, and the non standard KTV for 1 months, 10 thousand yuan of administrative penalty and the corresponding rectification and warning penalties.
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