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   "The most beautiful sunset is red."". By the end of 2016, 10 million 306 thousand and 200 people aged 60 years and older in Zhejiang Province, accounting for 20.96% of the total population. With the speed and scale never before, aging has brought further challenges to social support for the aged.
   The nineteen report of the party put forward, actively respond to the aging of the population, build pension, filial piety, respect for the elderly policy system and social environment, promote the combination of medical care, accelerate aging undertakings and industrial development.
   The construction of healthy China can not be separated from the realization of happy old age. In Ningbo District of Haishu, a "anti loneliness service alliance" built by the public welfare organizations, love volunteers and the elderly family members, is landing in more than 20 communities, which is a new model of local pension exploration.
Haishu District Civil Affairs Bureau deputy director Wu Heli believes that the establishment of anti loneliness service alliance, can give older people more spiritual care, so that the elderly at home to enjoy the "precision" pension services.
It's no longer lonely to be together
   In October 29th, Wang Aidi, a more than 60 year old old man from the South Street Community in the South Gate of Haishu District, walked out of the house with his prepared dishes and went to the old sister Zhu Guoyan's house. It is not a simple house, this is the Langguan community to become anti lonely pilot community service alliance, a new mode of providing innovation to promote the "team clusters": to encourage living with a community of the elderly, elderly people living alone in knots cluster cooperation, using the advantages of spacious houses, on the street square chatted life take care of each other.
   Zhu Guoyan's home is very lively, the living room, they open the chatterbox, chatted in the kitchen and small household affairs; 2 elderly people are prepared by turns.
At 11:30, five dishes and soup have been placed on the table. "When it comes to being a home, welcome everyone to come together and chat and talk."." A look at the home, Zhu Guoyan very happy.
After the meal, the average age of this group of 65 year old aunt, in the living room on a catwalk dance. "Some people play cards together to chat, learn dancing, and alone through time compared to the time of day will soon be over." Zhu Guoyan said.
   There are more than 8000 elderly residents over 60 years old, including 482 people over 80 years old, and more than 300 elderly people living alone in more than 2000 communities. "Community pension resources become more and more tense, each volunteer should serve at least 5 elderly living alone."." Langguan community party secretary Ruan Weifang introduced in recent years through government investment, integration of resources, community volunteers into the channel, the old-age home environment gradually improved, but due to a serious shortage of manpower ratio, the quality of services for the elderly have not improved significantly. In October 21st, Langguan community anti loneliness alliance, the number of volunteers has more than 60 people, the dance team captain Wang Aidi is the first batch of members.
   Zhu Guoyan's wife died early, the children are not around, is a empty nest elderly living alone. Wang Aidi found that there were a lot of old people like Zhu Guoyan living on the team. "How can they not feel lonely when they are dancing outside?"" Wang Aidi proposed to "find partners" for old people living alone, encourage players to help each other, voluntary combination, support each other. The results, in favor of the players hands, so they formed a relatively fixed "circle of friends", "Baotuan" support, "Dahuo" pension. I'm going to gather around your house today, go to her home tomorrow, and go sightseeing with you on the weekend. "So you come and I go, the old people are like a family, and they don't feel lonely."." Wang Aidi smiled and said, "our WeChat group can be lively."
   Wu Heli said, in the process of the construction of social old-age service system, for the disabled (dementia) elderly care services for elderly people living alone, the anti alone service, especially the latter, is the difficulty of pension services. "Anti loneliness after the alliance between the members of each other to provide resources, have the same needs, elderly people are familiar with each other by a mutual aid group, not only reduces the area of social pension service resources shortage, the neighbourhood is improved, the elderly can enhance communication, reduce loneliness." Ruan Weifang said, pension or home based. Only home and often, the elderly can live.

   Warm bell, love company
   Seeing the weekend is coming, the 80 year old yuan uncle home tidy up a daughter to say free this week with a grandson come home. On the tea table in front of him stood a fruit and a box of candy bought last month.
   At 3 p.m. in November 1st, the doorbell of Uncle yuan's house rang. He put down his broom, stood up, walked through the living room, pressed the button, opened the door, and did not see the figure, he shouted to the downstairs: "Xiao Zhang, Nong came."!" "Let me see. What do you do now?"" Two people walked into the room, sat down on the sofa and chatted.
Zhang Guiying, 62 years old, lived in Chicago community 30 years after retirement, has been enthusiastic about community public affairs. At the end of September this year, for the elderly, scientz community anti coalition set up formally carried out alone, the daily care service door, anti knock team members alone alliance "by the community public welfare organization members. Because of the long-term living in this area, familiar with the residents, coupled with the enthusiasm and initiative, Zhang Guiying became a community anti union "knock alone scientz" team captain.
The main duty of "knocking team" is to know all the old people living alone in the community, knock the door once a day, and confirm the physical condition and the difficulty of each individual living alone day, and record them. Members need to report to the community every day, explaining the situation on the same day, so that community can better understand the living conditions of the elderly living alone.
   In recent years, newspapers and television often see the news that the old man who lived alone died at home and was found only a few days later. This is a case, but it has to be said that this is one of the reasons why we have to set up a special "knocking team"." Scientz community party secretary Chen Shanxia said.
   Scientz of the elderly community more, there are 233 elderly people living alone, there are more than 630 Empty Nester. "The actual number of people more than that, some floating people have not counted."." Chen Shanxia introduced, but even the rental elderly, but also knocking team love object.
   At first, the old man who lived alone was very disgusted with the "knocking on the door". Some of them didn't open the door and didn't let them in. Some said, "you don't want to come back later. What's the matter? I'll find the community myself."." Faced with this situation, Zhang Guiying found that if you want to knock on the door of the elderly, first of all to win the trust of the elderly. So for a period of time, she and a lot of players in the community waiting for the elderly, to see who put things, go up to help carry; see who in the sun in the area, sitting down and chat with him...... Slowly getting familiar with each other, and the sense of trust increases, and it's not that hard to knock the door open.
   The implementation scheme of anti lonely service special action in the District of Haishu, the "warm bell" services mainly for the frail elderly mobility or because of personality and other reasons, rarely go out in a self closed state of the elderly people living alone, to mobilize the masses especially the elderly volunteers and neighborhood, and let alone the elderly relatives involved, through phone calls and the door the bell, knock on the door and strengthen the sound interaction stimulating effect, let people feel the care and dignity.
Security service upgrade
As of now, Haishu district household registration elderly people over the age of 60 up to 156 thousand people, accounting for 24.9% of the total household population, elderly people living alone accounted for 7.8% of the total population, about 12 thousand people (households), is a typical city of aging, pension problem has become an important topic.
   Survey shows that since 2011, the elderly living alone in Haishu district increased by 1.6 percentage points per year, the vast majority of solitary elderly suffer from loneliness. "We set up a" anti loneliness union "and carry out the anti loneliness service special action, hoping to explore a new way of caring for the elderly in the process of caring for the elderly living alone." Haishu District Civil Affairs Bureau deputy director Wu Heli introduced, for lonely elderly anti loneliness services, Haishu district has a good foundation. In early 2008, Haishu took the lead in the country set up for the city's widowed elderly anti loneliness services Ningbo silver age single club, at the end of September, the club has 1026 registered members. Many communities have carried out "fraternity visitors" and "love accompanied" services, and a variety of "help group" services, etc., after years of exploration and adhere to, but also has formed a good atmosphere.
   Wu Heli said, now the material conditions and pension security is getting better, there are a lot of work to do community, hope that through the alliance, to fully tap the potential of pension services, the effective integration of scheduling within the community rich but scattered resources endowment service, the pension service is more accurate, more efficient, enhance community endowment consciousness and the sense of responsibility.
   According to the implementation plan of the special action against loneliness, Yin River community, one of the pilot communities, is trying to build a "strong community". "Many old people used to live in the old alleys, and the neighbors were familiar with them. Now are tall buildings, door one pass, can not walk out of the old man inevitably lonely." Community party secretary Xu Jianying has deep feeling, the community will rely on the members of the alliance, to carry out the "three" service for the elderly living alone, is to cultivate an interest, make a friend, at least a year to participate in an activity; the elderly will send home. "Through a series of activities, constantly enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the elderly, and promote the elderly to go out of the house, into the community as the goal of spiritual endowment construction."

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