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   A person's leaving, moved a city.
   A few days ago, Ningbo City Hospital of TCM diagnosis and treatment center 102 consulting room, desk pulse interrogation tools and thick TCM books lying quietly in the room, there is no past busy. A white coat with a work permit is still hanging on the wall quietly. The hospital is in charge of Wang Jianhong, and he has no chance to cover it.
   In November 2nd, the heart filled with the patient's good doctor, hurried away. Wang Jianhong's life will never stop at the age of 34.
   On the morning of November 4th, nearly a hundred patients with spontaneous catch a few tens of kilometers of mountain road, came to the side streets in the town of Haishu District of Ningbo City,    Da Lei Cun, off the good doctor; and fight alongside colleagues, relatives and friends came to help each other, crying for a final farewell; more thousands of patients, in the WeChat circle of friends, many times forward for information, good doctor Wang Jianhong......
   Clenched handset
   It's his never letting go of patients
   In the early morning of November 2nd, Wang Jianhong finished his 8 day long vacation with his family and took the car back from Shanghai to Ningbo. The car, everyone because travel Lawton sleep, Wang Jianhong looked at the phone, constantly reply to information, remind the patient second days to seek his return visit. A few hours ago, the return plane landed at Pudong airport. When Wang Jianhong opened his cell phone, there were more than 2500 unread WeChat messages waiting for him to respond. Basically, they were patient messages.
   Wife Deng Yongli said, the travel abroad, Wang Jianhong is rare once with his family vacation, but became the last long holiday, "off the car, we found that he had stopped breathing."."
34 years of life due to sudden myocardial infarction and sudden stop. Until the heart stops beating, Wang Jianhong still holds his cell phone, just like his usual abandon to the patient.
   There are 2603 patients in Wang Jianhong's WeChat buddies. Rest time, he will communicate with patients on WeChat, answer patient questions, carefully send the doctor's advice information, understand the feelings of patients after taking medicine.
   Deng Yongli recalls, Wang Jianhong's mobile phone 24 hours off, often at night are asleep, mobile phone rang, he will get up quickly, answer patients; to serve more patients, Wang Jianhong also built a number of WeChat group, actively promote the Chinese medicine treatment and health knowledge. "Even with his daughter out to play, he also kept holding mobile phones and patients interaction, as if the family did not go with him." Deng Yongli didn't complain much about it. But Wang Jianhong said, this can increase the patient's grasp of the disease, but also closer the distance between doctors and patients.
   "In November 2nd, Wang doctor just got off the plane and asked my daughter about the high fever in the group. She also told her to drink kudzu root soup. I didn't think he died a few hours later." Ms. Gu was the last person to answer Wang Jianhong.
   At 2:24 in the morning, Deng Yongli fought back her grief and sent her last message in her husband's WeChat circle: "Dr. Wang died because of illness, and all medical activities were cancelled."."
Addictive work
   It was his passion for losing his job

   16 years ago, grew up in the village doctors under the influence of the mother wanted a doctor Wang Jianhong, finally took the dream out of the village, went to Hubei University of TCM, admitted to    Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology until the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine clinical postgraduates. After graduation, Wang Jianhong in the District of Haishu jishigang health center to participate in the work, in March last year by the Ningbo municipal hospital as the introduction of talent, as a Chinese general practitioner.
   People familiar with Wang Jianhong say that his love of work is almost to the point of "obsession".
   In Deng Yongli's eyes, the husband's life is always around the work, the brain is turning, is how the development of traditional Chinese medicine, how to develop the Department, how to do better. He threw his whole body and soul into his beloved TCM career!" Deng Yongli said.
   Su Kejiang is an old classmate of Wang Jianhong, and also an old colleague at the health center of Haishu medical center. He recalls that two people often had a lot of academic problems at the dinner table. When chatting with colleagues, Wang Jianhong will also shift the topic to work unconsciously.
   Doctor Wang Jianhong, always adhere to the traditional Chinese medicine treatment means, and try to maximize the reach of conventional Chinese medicine. From a green hand of the young man to become doctors, Wang Jianhong with only a little more than 7 years.
   Let Deng Yongli heartache is, every time she advised Wang Jianhong "stop a stop", take care of the body, Wang Jianjiang always replied: "I do more, patients can be less pain."!"
Intimate service
   It's his duty to be patient
   In Wang Jianhong's home, piled up with a variety of proprietary Chinese medicines, which are purchased by Wang Jianhong at his own expense. Friends asked him why he did that, Wang Jianhong said, if the patient at dead of night to help him, can't find a place to buy medicine, you can direct his house to take emergency medicine.
   I do not know since when, Wang Jianhong started at their own expense to come to visit children in dispensing prepare a pack of Stevia, and asked the parents of patients in Chinese medicine to remember that children drink not too bitter medicine, parents can also worry a lot. This intimate little move touched a lot of people. "Dr. Wang is really a careful, patient and caring doctor." Citizen Zhang Jingjing is obsessed with Wang Jianhong's good.
   Every time back home, as long as someone in the village to see the doctor, Wang Jianhong said, often use the break time for everyone to diagnosis; when you are free this weekend, he will go into the community, the country, for the masses to impart knowledge of health care.
   Wang Jianhong's greatest wish is to cure more patients. Some time ago, he contacted a number of friends together to sort out a large number of case data, ready to develop a software to improve the efficiency of doctor diagnosis and treatment. The student choked back and said, "he was absent for 3 days before he finalized the final plan."."
In Wang Jianhong's brief life at the age of 34, he used a sense of action, uphold the life-saving faith, adhere to the benevolence oath.

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