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   business card
   Wang Liping was born in 1963 and joined the party in October 1992. He is a member of the Party committee, chairman of the women's Federation, Secretary of the Party committee of Yue Tong Village, representative of the Thirteenth Party Congress of Zhejiang Province, and a representative of the Party of Ningbo. Has won the national 100 excellent female officials, outstanding Party members in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, "38" red banner pacesetter, three consecutive Ningbo city "38" Ningbo city's Federation, the first "golden goose Award" honor.
   "In recent years, the new village construction will continue, village home-based care services center construction should be put on the agenda, to further strengthen the cultural characteristics of the village, but also cultivate a group of pioneering spirit and practical for young cadres to serve the people." Wang Liping said, usually, she worked very busy, but still don't forget to learn the party's theory and policy, anyway, in the hearts of Party members, serving the people of this string can never relax.
   I am 20 years old members of the party standing. Remember when I joined the party, the old secretary gave me advice, said I'm not active enough, this sentence has been urging, affecting me so far. The nineteen party held on the occasion, I will continue to do our best for the village of tangible things, we also wish Yue Tong village more and more beautiful, the life is getting better and better!
   You can't do it well if you do it with your heart"
   In August of this year, more than 50 villagers from the village of Haishu, the people's village, collected the keys to the new house. These new houses, Wang Liping, the Secretary of the Party committee of Yue Tong Village, have paid countless efforts and efforts to help the villagers build up the land requisition and resource replacement.
From the dilapidated cottage, moved to new residential placement, more than 70 year old villager Bao lady shook Wang Liping's hand, said excitedly: "I never thought such a beautiful living house, really enjoy the blessing ah Ping you......"
   From the village to prepare the completion of these 2 years, Wang Liping also suffered a lot of questions leave no stone unturned. "If you have a house, why bother?"" This is when she just put forward the new village plan, the villagers doubt; "building a house is a man, a woman, build what house?"" This is when the new village was built, outsiders to belittle her; "rural resettlement housing, do not have too much hope, I do not believe what can be made."." This is the gossip in the village when the new village is built......
   In the face of great pressure, Wang Liping did not give her difficulties, work hard. The villagers have doubts, she and village cadres, Party members on behalf of the door to explain the policy, using advanced ideas to change the old concept of the villagers. In the demolition process, the villagers because of old grudges heart simmering breath, became the "nail households", she again to persuade, facts and reason, finally persuaded the other. Today, the villagers live in a new district, met Wang Liping on the road, also repeatedly expressed thanks.
   In the face of rumors, Wang Liping decided to use facts as a return, "new village or not built, to build, I will build the best."." Therefore, in her work, continue to study the development and construction of residential knowledge, from planning to design to construction, step by step from the layman into "know-all". In order to make housing more atmospheric, for she took the Institute, a revised and improved; in order to find the appropriate wall paint, she traveled to the Ningbo area of commercial housing and residential placement; as long as there is time, her bubble at the site, construction supervision, the whole people tan...... In the moment after the birth of Yue children's homeland, once questioned and criticized, all disappeared.
   "Whether Party members or cadres, must have entrepreneurial innovation, pioneering and enterprising consciousness and spirit. Anything, as long as the heart to do, there is no good." This is Wang Liping's experience and experience in the process of building a new village.

   "When the village cadres are temporary, life is a lifetime.""
   Wang Liping started from the village women director, has worked in the village for nearly 30 years. Since she served as party secretary of Yue Tong village since 2006, her vote has exceeded 90%. The villagers gave her evaluation of a lot of work: hard work, hard work, talk atmosphere, set an example and so on, is summed up in a word, "".
Why does she make everyone so supportive? The village retired accountant Ping Fan said the master, life is very hard, others dare not dare to touch her row to hoe, others do not want to do the drudgery of her first arm, her village do have countless.
   The villagers Zhou Yuelin remember, Wang Liping just took office in that time, Yue Tong Cun or jingle "uneven road, the river 'fall', garbage everywhere" broken. Wang Liping started from the environmental remediation, he took a broom, with Party members in the village to clean garbage and dirt, for 16 consecutive days, the village garbage clean up. The villagers looked up to her with a new look of the village. Since then, Wang Liping has developed a habit, as long as on the road, see the paper, plastic bags and other garbage, see a pick up, sometimes from home to the village committee, hands holding a garbage. Secretary of the lead garbage, how can the villagers continue to throw garbage? The village is natural.
   In order to build an ecological channel, build a village cultural auditorium and a cultural center...... Yue Tong village has changed into a clean and beautiful modern new countryside day by day. The villagers said, the village of the small river to every tree and bush, every piece of granite, the cultural village hall building, is the Secretary of the heart ping.
"If the village cadres sit in the office drinking tea, three years, once passed, too.". I'm not the kind of person, since the party gives me this responsibility, and the villagers trust me, I'm going to do something. When the village cadres are temporary, it is a lifetime to be a person." Wang Liping says so.
"This is the responsibility and mission of the village cadres themselves"
   How will village cadres deal with the conflicts of interests? Will you be good for yourself and your family and friends? After the work encountered difficulties, will you stick to it? All eyes were wide open, and Wang Liping didn't disappoint everyone once.
   Wang Liping and her parents and two uncles in the same village, she always said to her family: "if you support my work, do not want me to profit for the family, I hope you all have a head."." The village take a road, after Wang Liping's mother, a 10 square meters of the house by the way, Wang Liping a home should take the lead ", put the old house to push, not a compensation. Take the lead to remove the happy family to take personal credit for illegally built, villagers difficult loans, business owners refused the money a person on behalf of the villagers harbour evil designs, and the relevant units of the negotiations, paving the way for the village bridges very careful in reckoning...... There are many stories like this.
   In May Day holiday in 2009, Wang Liping found a house built outside the illegal staircase, in persuading the rectification invalid, forced removal. Unexpectedly, after the family, the father and son of 3 people actually violent revenge, so that Wang Liping's eye injury, vision dropped from 1.2 to 0.6, had to stay in hospital. She was advised to shut her eyes at the same time. But Wang Liping thinks, since the village cadres, must not be afraid of offending people. After discharge, she held the village Party members, villagers Congress, told you, for the interests of the majority of the villagers, then there is illegal construction, the same demolition in the end. Since then, there has been no illegal construction in Yue children village.
   In recent years, Yue Tong village has been named the National Forest Village, provincial and municipal civilized village, provincial and municipal health village, a model village, the village Party branch for several consecutive years was named the district and town advanced Party branch, Wang Liping I also received many honors, but she always said, this is as a village Party Secretary's responsibility and mission.
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