[Ningbo evening news] Haishu set up anti loneliness service alliance pilot 20 communities
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   With the community gradually aging, the spirit of the elderly loneliness problems gradually emerge, how to break?
   Neighbors, met with empty nest or elderly people, pay attention to a regular eye, warm or knocking at the door; I help you to buy food, you help me to look after the house, park together, chat together to recover from fatigue......
   Yesterday, reporters from Haishu District anti loneliness service special action work meeting was informed that the plan today in 20 communities set up anti loneliness service alliance, carry out the "warm" bell "cluster together" mutual service activities. In the pilot period, anti lonely service action or will be fully promoted in Haishu.
   A is a neighbor and a friend
   Community "Baotuan pension" has reference
   Every morning after dinner, a familiar knock knocks at the door. Aunt Cheng Lizhen always delighted to open the door, she knew she lived downstairs aunt Ye Yulan to find her to chat. "Know I live alone, every day ye aunt will come to my family string door, chat, and every year will invite me to participate in their family dinner, is really closer than relatives."!" Cheng aunt said.
   Cheng Lizhen and Ye Yulan, who live in 30 houses of Liu Ting Village, are retired colleagues from Nanjing Higher Vocational college. They were good colleagues in the unit, and later agreed to buy a house together Liu Ting Village, became a neighbor.
   Cheng Lizhen is a special old man. She lives alone and has no children. So aunt Ye has always paid close attention to her daily life. "After all, a person's life is not easy, and her relatives are far away in Shanghai and other places, if there is anything, but also temporarily unable to catch up.". So I would visit her every day, talk to her, talk to her. Older, need to take care of people, we are both old colleagues, but also the old neighbors, mutual support, mutual help is also appropriate." Aunt ye said with a smile.
   Sister Li and Fu Xiadi live in willow West Village, the same corridor, upstairs and downstairs has been more than ten years. Sister Li is more than 80 years old. Although she is old, her heart is not very good, her ears are not very good, but she is used to living alone. Even though she lived alone, she lived in peace, because her sister was well lived up and down the corridor.
Fu aunt both go upstairs or downstairs would go to knock on the door to see Lee mother, she is at home, there is no need for help. Live on the third floor of Chen Saijin is not only a "small duct corridor", but also their sisters, the corridor door is broken or electronic mail car break, she found after every time to find someone to fix.
B fan aunt spent 3 years

   Open the door to the widowed neighbor
   In scientz community, family member has been their visit to help volunteers iconic brand. In the past more than 10 years, 113 volunteers have been developed from the original volunteers to the present 200 volunteers, who have been paired with more than 300 solitary and empty nesters.
For the children and the elderly community, living alone at the end of September, the anti union scientz community alone, formally launched daily door care service. In addition to daily home call routine greetings, every holiday season, volunteers and social workers together to send warmth for the elderly, and encourage the elderly to actively participate in community activities, out of the house.
   Yuan aunt who lives in West Bay Road, since his wife died, has been immersed in grief can not extricate themselves, every day at home do not go out, looking at his wife's photos daze, neighbors and her speech also ignored. Although his son lived with Yuan aunt, but because he often travel, perennial outside, Yuan aunt living alone old man.
Yuan aunt's situation, the left and right neighbors look in the eye, anxious in the heart. Please help the community specially family volunteer team fan aunt a week for 2-3 home visits, to talk with her, to help clean up the home health.
   Fan aunt is also a member of the gold scissors team, every month will help aunt yuan haircut. Give him the aunt on overclothes, aunt fan side barber, saying something new around. Although yuan aunt began to be relatively closed, silent and refused to speak, but in optimistic fan aunt view, she did not refuse neighbors home to sit down, has been a good start. Sometimes go to the door, aunt fan will carry the fresh fruit, or buy food with a small cabbage, a fish to send aunt yuan.
More than 3 years down, Yuan aunt gradually opened up her heart, no longer closed themselves in a small world, occasionally downstairs to walk, the spirit of the people looks a lot of sunshine.
   Loneliness of lonely old people is the difficult point of providing for the aged
   "At present, in the process of constructing social pension service system, there are two problems that are both important and difficult. One is for the disabled elderly care service (3), the other is a service for the elderly living alone against loneliness. The former pays more attention to the former, while the latter ignores it." Cui Dehai, President of Haishu star Care Association said.
According to statistics, at present, the elderly living alone in Haishu District accounted for 7.8% of the total population of the whole region, but also accounted for 4.3% of the total number of households in the region, about 12 thousand people (households). Through tracking survey shows that since 2011, the elderly living alone in the region with an average annual rate of 1.6 percentage points in increments. In the elderly living alone, more than 85% of widowed elderly, widowed elderly accounted for 12.3% of the total population of the region. According to the survey, most of the elderly living alone suffer from loneliness. Among them, the widowed old man should bear the pain of losing one's spouse and suffer from loneliness.
In fact, the loneliness of the elderly living alone has attracted the attention of the relevant departments. Haishu District, the first in the country set up for the city's widowed elderly anti loneliness services Ningbo silver age single club, at the end of September 2017, the club has 1026 registered members. Many communities have run their own single club for the elderly, especially for the elderly, especially the elderly living alone to provide spiritual care, anti loneliness services.
   Cui Dehai said that the loneliness prevention service for the elderly living alone has a good foundation in Haishu district. For example, for many years in the community to carry out "fraternity visitors" and "love accompanied" services, and a variety of "help group" service, etc., due to years of exploration and persistence, has formed a good atmosphere. "We decided to launch a special action against loneliness, hoping to explore a new way of caring for the elderly who live alone."

   Haishu 20 community pilot "sweet bell" + "group together""
   Reporter noted that, according to embodiments of the anti alone service special action, Haishu intends to start a pilot in 20 communities, each community formed by anti lonely service alliance, and carry out the "warm tones" and "company clusters" two professional service activities.
   "Warm tone" in service activities, the main goal is for those frail disabled or because of personality and other reasons, rarely go out in a self closed state of the elderly people living alone, to mobilize the masses especially the elderly volunteers and neighborhood, and elderly people participate in their children and friends by telephone, sound, the door bell, knock on the door and strengthening interactive sound stimulation effect, let people feel the care and dignity.
   Cui Dehai said, "go cluster" of mutual service activities, it refers to the use of the elderly housing spacious, guide the cluster cooperation in knots. In real life, this "group together" mutual aid service has already existed objectively. "Go cluster" of mutual service, has important practical significance, it can not only effectively play the role of old people and prevent loneliness, voluntary together banquet, travel, chat, something we have to talk to each other, help, make your life full of fun, is an excellent way to a sound interaction stimulus. Reporter Teng Hua

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