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   business card
   Haishu District Star Street New Star District electricity supplier Party committee was founded in 2013, based on Ningbo electric mall Haishu garden 3.9 square kilometers of mixed type electricity supplier Industrial Park, under the branch 7, electricity supplier enterprise party members more than 200. The party adhere to the leading Party building, promoting business management, service business enterprise, to create "social power" and "good faith" business "business benefits" and "cultural power" as the goal, to promote the work of Party building and promoting mutual benefit and industrial development, to forge a brand Haishu blue ocean gongfan "business building work.
   At present, the district Party committee website has been assigned to the area of more than 200 enterprises, WeChat public number push district activities, weekly work plan and other information, real-time interaction with Party members; the development of the Internet "music class", with video and electronic journals and other forms of online learning, promote the Party members to interact through the Youth Party micro-blog carried out; online organization life, propaganda, education and training and demonstration and guidance, has released more than 2000 kinds of information, online activities 50 times, more than 20 thousand people gathered "fans".
   To serve the party in the new field, we should not only firm our ideals and beliefs, but also dare to take on it and fight with passion. We want to be a good party political environment of the "Navigator", as the economic and social development of the "escort", when the masses of Party members play the role of "pilot", with a spirited style, meet the outstanding achievements of the party's nineteen.
   Use the Internet thinking, youth elements into the work
   Reporter walked into the Spring Street Star district party service center, see is simple and stylish interior decoration, colorful chairs and sofas and everywhere potted green plants, here, serious party construction also brought out a lively fashion.
   Party member Ding just to the service center to submit ideological reports, she is six months ago to the business district in an electricity business enterprise work, at present, as the enterprise party construction liaison officer. "My company is not big, there is no special personnel department responsible for organizing the transfer of relations and other work, therefore, just entered the post, I am also very worried about their own organizational relations, no place to settle. But soon, the visiting party work instructor found me, with the help of the instructor, the successful transfer of organizational relations." Ding said that in recent months, she participated in the activities of Party members, felt the warmth and care of the party organization.
Ding said, he opened the mobile phone to reporters, the party organization and party youth group of WeChat micro-blog, "in addition to the line outside the party, we can also through the network and new media, the latest policy and information of the party, expand exchanges." Reporters saw, WeChat platform, the latest topic of discussion, "in honor of the party members whether to humility", in a short period of time brush hundreds of message comments.
   Star Business District Party committee secretary Ran Jiaping told reporters, a few years ago, within the business enterprise boss, employees are 80, now, more than 90, "the power of the new generation of vigorous development, Party building work is to use the Internet thinking, innovative online and offline party activity carrier, seize the youth oriented, the youth organization elements into life."
   Specifically, the line, the electricity supplier will party party organization of regional enterprise into a unified management, organization of Party staff all over the business enterprise, business launch party liangmingshenfen, to strengthen party building in the field of electricity providers guide; line, create a "network of two micro group" virtual activity platform, to carry out the creative life of the party organization.

   Party building to promote business district governance, service providers bigger and stronger
   Last year, a business engaged in electric car rental business in the business circle encountered many problems in the process of operation, development is facing difficulties. Business district Party committee was informed of the matter attaches great importance to the convening of the "escort electricity supplier" party building service alliance opened a forum.
   "Escort service supplier party alliance is one of the most established business party service platform, its horizontal joint area park management center, District Federation of industry and commerce, the District Council by letter and electricity supplier is closely related to the development of functional departments, covering more than 60 vertical electricity supplier industry chain upstream and downstream enterprise party organization and 13 home district resident agencies party organization, legal, financial and other 8 service teams, to provide policy and financial support, promotion, marketing and other one-stop service for enterprises.
   At the forum, the leaders of the relevant government departments and the experts of the electricity supplier research office all expressed their views in the face of the difficulties faced by the head of the enterprise. Due to many problems involved is not a single government can accept solution, finally, by the district management office led the overall planning, a series of problems will be packed. Nowadays, most of the measures have been implemented. "Electric vehicle rental industry is a new field, many problems are legal gaps, if there is no Party Committee Liaison help, we may spend more time, there is no way to find solutions to the problem."." After the meeting, the head of the enterprise Mr. Jiang said so.
   Xinxing District, there are more than 600 enterprises, more than 20 thousand employees, business service center within the party, also opened a special maxspace, business salon, business forum and other areas, to provide the integration of resources and communication platform for business enterprise.
   Mr. Yang is the first settled space "the creation", he said, the company initially, and only one of his staff, no business venues in the district Party committee's help, he got the policy support, bank financing and other services, after more than a year of operation, the staff increased to more than 10 people, the company has also become a cross-border e-commerce service providers from the individual business transformation.
   "I and Xie is responsible for the two different enterprises, make electricity supplier in the salon, exchange found like-minded, decided to operate a new founded wine business platform." Mr. Wu said, the Party Committee regularly held e-commerce salon and electricity supplier forum, to the business owners exchange each other, stimulate the opportunity to spark ideas, and now, they formed a new company has been listed on the gem of the Ningbo stock exchange.
   Wang Chun Street Party committee secretary Yu Penghong told reporters that in recent years, in order to promote the street party lead district governance innovation, especially the service economy and service business street business enterprise, in the implementation of the "grid building" model district Party committee, Party members as long to let the backbone grid, property staff, employees and community residents as a member of the grid dynamic, collect, solve all needs and problems.

   Create party members volunteer brand, expanding service scope
   Chen Wenjiang is the person in charge of a training school in the business circle, and also a member of the party. In a volunteer organization in business party, he and due to brain development is not normal, life can not take care of the 14 year old boy of Ge Jie, regularly went to visit, not only fully funded Grimmjow treatment, also try to help children look for doctors.
   His training school provides free summer English training for little migratory birds every year. This summer vacation, more than 20 small migratory birds not only got free English lessons, but also followed Chen Wenjiang to visit the museum. When he learned that the Fenghua area of a primary school English teacher only left dozens of students in no way English class, Chen Jiang came to the rescue, he called for the training of school English teachers "teach uphill, obligation for the children to school, until the school to find a new English teacher to check.
   Chen Wenjiang, just a microcosm of Party membership volunteers in Xinxing business circle. In the service center of the display wall, many members have left to participate in public figure: spontaneous organizations issued car trash, use cleans the public bike rental; organize charity activities, for the 14 year old girl bone cancer fundraising; elderly condolences to bring life supplies for the elderly; to the mountainous areas of Ninghai poverty alleviation in pairs; active claim "micro aspiration" to the service center for the disabled love......
   Fenghua Xikou Dong Ao primary school library activities for the preparation of love ran Jia Ping impressed. "Starting from Haishu, driving 2 hours, to reach the altitude of more than 800 meters high mountain. There is no library in the East Ao primary school on the top of the hill, and there are no other books besides the textbooks." Ran Jiaping said, after visiting and understanding of the situation, the business district Party Committee immediately launched party members, enterprise employees, community residents for the mountain primary school to love, in just 2 hours, raised more than 6000 books. When Party members volunteer to donate the love money donated by these books and enterprises to the school, the children are surrounded, "their smiles make us feel the responsibility of ourselves."."
   Ran Jiaping said that in recent years, the electricity supplier party is committed to creating "go together with love party volunteer service brand, the establishment of youth volunteer service station, XianFeng Railway Station party, business oriented enterprise workers, community people, disabled, elderly, student launched 9 normal volunteer service projects, expanding the scope of services, has played an exemplary youth party take the lead role.
   According to incomplete statistics, bring love counterparts of Party members and volunteer service teams have been organized to carry out student love and service, civilized persuasion, visit condolences, voluntary labor and other volunteer activities 100 times, the participants reached tens of thousands of people.
   Reporter Wang Siqin correspondent Mao Yibo Wen / photo

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