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   [endeavour temper five years, we gain a sense]
   The revival of a nation requires strong material forces and powerful spiritual forces. Of the party since eighteen, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core to the height of the cultural self-confidence, cultural consciousness and cultural play, the culture construction into the overall layout of "five in one", "culture has profound historical, cultural development will benefit more people. Culture has become the spiritual nourishment of the people's happy life.
"We're going to the International Choral festival"
   "You see," the choir ", which is based on our story, won the National Star Award last year." Facing the reporter, who lives in Zhejiang village, Haishu District, Ningbo, Shen Xiaoyan, who is 67 years old, talks about the Moon Lake Choir and is proud of being a child. From nothing to nothing, from small to large, especially in these 5 years on the professional road singing the "Moon Lake" story, is Ningbo Haishu District mass culture development and prosperity of a vivid microcosm.
   In 2007, Shen Xiaoyan, who had been engaged in foreign trade, retired, and his busy work was replaced by a leisurely life. "Have fun for yourself."!" Young age loves art Shen Xiaoyan found several love singing sisters in the village, everyone around. The chorus, "a year off, in the more than 20 people, enrich the spiritual life, everyone says my" retirement syndrome "swept away".
Later, Shen Xiaoyan's chorus began to become famous and attracted the attention of Yuan Ye, a member of the regional cultural center. "Such a good team of mass culture, we should support and encourage ah."." Yuan Ye took the initiative to find Shen Xiaoyan, hoping to serve as an art coach for them, helping everyone to walk better on the professional road.
   Under the care of the district cultural center, the Moon Lake choir was formally established, and the district culture museum also provided the rehearsal room for them. The average age of 60 year old female, after 5 years of professional guidance, from pop songs to professional bel canto, more and more people can sing, and on behalf of Zhejiang province to the Ministry of culture of "eternal glory" China old Choral Festival, won the silver medal.
   "This is a very promising chorus team." Yan Baolin, a famous conductor and professor of Zhejiang Conservatory of music, spoke highly of the Moon Lake choir. "In October next year, we will also participate in the Busan International Choral festival." To get the feeling, Shen Xiaoyan summed up eight words - "spiritual enrichment, honor full."".

   From the traditional folk music day music club, to the local cultural heritage of the Ningbo opera popular youth society; from the Moon Lake in Zhejiang Province, the only choir, to the national rare old woman Sax orchestra...... A branch of folk art team to take root and bear fruit and famous, is a vivid practice in Ningbo District of Haishu City, the vigorous development of mass culture.
Haishu is a historical and cultural city of Ningbo core area, 5 years, the cumulative investment of tens of millions of cultural special funds and public welfare cultural funding, implemented to support the development of mass culture to boost the normalization, standardization and quality.
   The beginning of this year, in order to enhance the spiritual life of the people feel, Haishu district to carry out a comprehensive "one art" national art popularization project, district cultural center professional cadres every year, made a special trip to visit to understand the cultural needs of the grassroots masses, and then provide the order of service. This year's "people culture class" were arranged in 720 classes, including vocal music, instrumental music, dance, drama, opera, folk art, calligraphy and painting, performing presided over eight categories, through public cultural service supply side reform effective docking both supply and demand, pushing the popularity of national art.
through "sending culture", "building culture", "breeding culture" and "educating culture", Haishu has formed a new pattern of public cultural service with distinctive local characteristics, and won the honorary title of the national advanced cultural district. Over the past 5 years, the region has created more than 300 pieces of fine works of music, literature, music, dance, animation, mass literature and art, and won more than 80 permanent awards in the whole country, province and city. Last year, the dance of the Moon Lake, the prototype of the "moon and lake chorus", won the National Star Award, making Haishu district one of the few places in the country to win the National Award for four consecutive stars.
Send ten thousand seasons Opera
   Spade in hand ten county Party Secretary, wears goggles to plant trees in the yellow sand in children, ward Shouxiang Leiyan octogenarian...... Each movement, each dance, each image, each sentence Daobai, tell all in 60 years occurred in Shanxi Youyu moving land afforestation story.
In August 18th this year, the first Shanxi Art Festival, music and dance epic "sacrifice ambition -- Youyu and its secretary of county Party committee", the first time the Youyu spirit with lively music and dance forms in the stage.
   From the spiritual civilization construction of five project "award," Wenhua Award "and the" plum blossom Award "excellent works, to the Shanxi Province Xinghua Award for outstanding repertoire; from the 12 large art exhibition of high grade, more categories, to organize cultural week and all kinds of art performances from the masses; the" Jin Jin ", the sanitation workers held a special public performances, professional art troupes, art squad into the community, the park near Huimin performances...... 40 days, the first Shanxi Art Festival held a total of 4 plates 29 quality activities, the exhibition works million pieces, more than 3.5 performers and staff to participate in the scene, 600 thousand people involved in the Internet and mobile phone, the mobile terminal, WeChat platform in the number of tens of millions of Internet media, the total hits billions of times, and created a number of "Shanxi cultural activities of the most, more to achieve the" rich people's spiritual and cultural life "purpose.
   If the first Shanxi Art Festival is a colorful cultural feast, so free to send the play to the countryside ten thousand is a year-round, never-ending event.
One day not long ago, Shanxi Fangshan County Ji Cui Xiang Kong Jia Zhuang Cun, 65 year old Wu Haisheng early after dinner to the small village square drive. That day, Shanxi opera sent a delegation to the village to carry out activities to send the play to the countryside, even play 3 days.

   The old Wu had enough drama addiction, thanks to the Shanxi province is carrying out "free to send the play to the countryside ten thousand field activities, this is one of 6 practical livelihood in Shanxi Province in 2017 included in the" government work report ". In April this year, Shanxi Province Cultural Department and finance department specializing in the development of the "Shanxi province" free to send the play to the countryside ten thousand "implementation plan", to encourage all kinds of qualified art troupes to undertake performances. In the first half of the year, 5688 performances were performed in the province, including 2469 performances in poor counties and 6 million visitors.
   In recent years, Shanxi has increased its investment in cultural and people's livelihood. In 2014, Shanxi province government purchasing public service mechanism performance first in the country to explore, formulated the "provincial public purchase performance service implementation plan (Trial)" buy "provincial public performance service implementation rules (Trial)" and other policy documents, then determine the provincial level public performances to buy 10 million yuan of special funds, in 2015 increased to 11 million yuan in 2017, increased to 18 million yuan. Over the past few years, more than 24 thousand performances have been held in the province, with more than 20 million visitors.
   At the same time, Shanxi continued to carry out "deep life, rooted in the people" theme practice activities, organize literary workers to sink down, bent down, and strive to create a muscle, temperature works. Ju "Yu Chenglong", "life as a drama opera song", "Red Sorghum", the musical "spark" attracts more and more attention etc.. The ballet "Fenmo spring and Autumn" a axillaris "has gone through more than 80" The Belt and Road along the related city, leaving the sonorous footsteps of excellent Chinese traditional culture.
The Cultural Palace at the gate"
   "It was 10 years ago when Yundi Li was performing with the Budapest Festival Orchestra at the opening of the Suzhou Center for arts and culture. 10 years later, Yundi Li, in collaboration with the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra, once again performed his famous song Chopin's Piano Concerto No.1 in E minor." When she saw Li Ruxin, she took out her cell phone and showed her photos of Yundi Li when she was performing at the Suzhou cultural and art center.
   Li Ruxin is a "new Suzhounese" Dushu Lake in Suzhou Industrial Park, higher education is engaged in scientific research. Suzhou culture and Art Center grew fastest in these 5 years, is also Li Ruxin from a literary and artistic youth "promotion" to senior literary lovers for 5 years. "A few years ago, in order to see the show, will went to Beijing and Shanghai; now at home can see Lai Shengchuan's drama" dream dream ", a Broadway musical" Aida "and other high quality performance." Li Ruxin told reporters.
   Li Ruxin has a lovely daughter of 5 years old, the amateur cultural life of the family, spent a lot of time in Suzhou culture and art center. Every weekend, she sent her daughter to the training center in the center to study ballet, and she went to the Jinji Lake Art Gallery on the two floor with her lover to visit the exhibition, or to enjoy a play. "Jinji Lake Museum of art focuses on contemporary art, and my lover is particularly interested.". One is the Spanish surrealist painting master Daly's works exhibition, we linger in the art museum, almost forgot to pick up the children after class."
Like Li Ruxin's "hardcore" member, there are nearly 50 thousand in the Suzhou cultural and Art Center theatre. In the past 5 years, the performance and revenue of the Grand Theater have maintained an average annual growth rate of over 15%.
   "After the performance, look at the audience also immersed in expression, that in the past two hours, music, dance, drama or opera gives them wonderful to enjoy, this is our most happy moment." Zhang Liang, general manager of Suzhou Su Art Co., Ltd. told reporters.
   Yin Weidong, chairman of Suzhou cultural and Art Center, believes that the cultural quality of the people is getting higher and higher, and the demand for spiritual culture is no longer merely satisfied with the ordinary mass culture. The party and the government attach great importance to cultural construction, and the Suzhou cultural and Art Center is a great cultural gift to the general public. "Suzhou in recent years to attract a large number of returnees entrepreneurial talents and scientific research workers settled, this is an excellent culture and elegant art is fertile soil for promotion, but also to create a good opportunity for the people's favorite" Cultural Palace "."

   "In the past few years, we have introduced the world famous, famous, regiment, and speeding up the original works of outstanding efforts to launch." Yin Weidong told reporters, Suzhou Ballet for nearly 5 years to maintain an annual produced 1 original dance rhythm, the creation of "Xi Shi" "Tang" and other ballet. The Suzhou Symphony Orchestra, founded in 2016, was set up for the first year and arranged for 55 games. Citizens can listen to little John Strauss's concert version of the bat, and Schubert, Dvorak, Tchaikovsky's masterpiece will also take turns. Chen Xieyang, the music director of the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra, brought more concerts of Beethoven's works in one year. In addition, the ballet and Symphony Orchestra and other literary and artistic groups also frequently walked into factories, communities, schools, every year for the public to bring hundreds of elegant art public welfare activities.
   Suzhou Municipal Committee, publicity minister Sheng Lei said today, "Suzhou paradise", not only refers to the beautiful environment and good ecological environment of the blue, but also refers to the cultural life is extremely rich, spiritual needs are met the spirit of enjoyment, which constitutes the core spirit of the people a happy life.
(reporter Su Yan, Yang Jue, Zeng Yi, correspondent Xu Dazhi)
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