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   Help. In these old people's eyes, Li Haigen is like his "good son"".
   "Without him, my foot is not good so fast"
   Li Haigen came to Sai Wan Xiao Yuan community, visit the old man living alone in Building 1 Chen Apo. "Chen Apo, you are the holidays?" Li Haigen just finished, Chen Apo happily pulled him into the door, turned around the fruit, must he try.
   "Early in the morning to talk about the neighbors said today Haigen will come to see me, did not expect to come." More than 70 year old Chen Apo told reporters that she has only one daughter, now living in Shanghai, rarely go home.
   "He more than Pro son, not the" good son, "my foot is not so fast." The cheerful Chen Apo grabbed Li Haigen's hand and said that the old people in the community had already got into the habit of looking for Li Haigen. Although Li Haigen home from the district a half hour, but as long as the old man calls, even in the middle of the night, Li Haigen will be rushed to the community treatment.
At the end of December last year, Chen Apo went out to buy food, was knocked down by a car battery. The perpetrators sent Chen Apo to the hospital, no excuse for taking money out of the house. Because of the normal walking, Chen Apo also did not report, simply bandaged in the hospital and then went home. Who knows second days, Chen Apo foot pain badly, unable to stand, and quickly called Li Haigen.
   After Li Haigen arrived at the old man's home, he quickly took a taxi to send the old man to the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. After the film was diagnosed, the old man's left ankle bone was cracked and needed hospitalization. Hearing that he was going to be hospitalized, Li Haigen asked the hospital to arrange a caregiver. In the elderly hospitalized for half a month, Li Haigen every day after work will come to the hospital to visit, help to care for the elderly, afraid of the elderly alone.
Half a month after discharge, Chen lady walking inconvenience, also need to take care of life. Li Haigen managed to find the person in charge of an old apartment in Zhenhai, let Chen Apo to rest for a month, until the foot injury took her home.
   "Let the old man go out of the house and integrate into the community.""

   More than 2 o'clock in the afternoon, Li Haigen went to the more than 80 year old widowed Yang Apo home, see old holiday burned what food, whether you need what you do.
   Without Li Haigen's care, I would still be lonely." About two years ago moved to the plot of the past, Yang Apo told reporters. Two years ago, Yang Apo moved here from the Apartamentos Del Sol, and at first he couldn't get used to it. She didn't want to communicate with her neighbors, and she didn't want to go downstairs and meet people, and shut herself up all day until Li Haigen came home.
   "The door for the first time, Yang Apo let me eat cold-shoulder treatment." Li Haigen said, the old man is very sensitive, neither want to communicate with people, also do not want to be disturbed. He asked a few questions about the old man, and the old man refused to speak too much. Since then, in order to open the old man's heart, he had nothing to visit often, chat with the elderly. See the old man's water pipe leaks or the switch is broken, but also offered to help repair. In this way, step by step to close the distance with the elderly.
   Since then, Li Haigen and Yang Apo made with living in a corridor of Chen Apo mentioned the matter, hope cheerful lady Chen can often go to string door, help Yang lady early into the community life. Since then, as long as the community organization activities, Li Haigen specially invited Yang Apo to participate. After one year's efforts, Yang Apo has become an active member of community activities.
   "The old district is not a character, especially the elderly living alone and spiritual life, pleasure is more conducive to their physical and mental health. "Li Haigen said.
   532 households difficult to be resolved by him one by one
   In the view of Hirosawa community party branch deputy secretary Zhang Lihui, the 53 year old Li Haigen especially, although usually not much, but each man has what kind of character, he already    understand.
   Sai Wan Xiao Yuan Xiao Qu, Haishu district is the first launch of the public rental housing, the existing 532 households in low-income, elderly people living alone or elderly, more difficult groups. Four years ago, after Li Haigen came to the house of community, many difficult 532 households have been resolved.
   "Hundreds of elderly family information is in his heart, mobile phone for 24 hours for the elderly open.". "Zhang Lihui said, when the rain or typhoon weather, Li Haigen on the community as a home, told the old people have something, despite looking for him. Li Haigen was a good home maintenance, utilities maintenance elderly people have been contracted to call him. Four years, Li Haigen has received several thanks to his banner.
   "There is a special advertisement to impress people, to knock the elderly express every door. Li Haigen said, everyone must be old, only one wish, that is, through their own efforts, let the old people have happy old life without worries.
   Reporter Kong Lingwen / photo
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