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   Reporter Chen Min correspondent Zheng Yiwen
   The theme of this year's World Mental Health Day is "dignity and mental health."". The advent of mental health day has led people to once again focus their attention on mental health.
As the pace of life accelerates, there is a dramatic increase in the number of people with psychological problems and illnesses. Survey shows that the number of people suffering from mental disorders has exceeded cardiovascular disease, ranking first in China's disease patients, accounting for about 20%. Among them, depression, anxiety disorders, insomnia ranked three among the top psychological diseases. According to experts, the proportion of people with mental disorders will increase to 25% in the future
   In recent years, psychological problems and disease population increased rapidly, more and more counseling hotline, psychological outpatient hospitals is booming, some psychological doctor and even difficult to find a number of phenomena. Psychological counseling, psychological clinic why so popular? The reporter interviewed this.
There are many people in the psychological clinic
   Tuesday afternoon was the time for the psychological clinic of Runlemin, director of the first hospital of Ningbo. At 2:10 p. m. last Tuesday, when the reporter came to the outpatient room, the door was full of patients.
   "Today, the patient is not much, registered more than 30, more time to see more than 50."." Just then, a young man, he said is to come to visit, come from Xiangshan, there are many inconvenience, request the doctor gave him a number of ruan.
   Recently, due to work pressure, Miss Chen feel depressed and seriously affect family relationships in a friend's recommendation, she went to the Corelle hospital psychological clinic, she in advance online booking a number of experts, on the day of the scheduled time came to the hospital, a waiting room full of awaiting diagnosis who is not shocked, "I always thought that the psychological clinic expert psychological counseling, the doctor takes longer than most doctors, so the patient can receive it rarely, did not expect so many patients."
   Psychological clinic in the end how prosperous? Corelle hospital provides a set of data: in 1986, the city's psychological menzhenliang for 3000 people, and by 2016, a psychological clinic only Corelle hospital had more than 60 thousand passengers, and outpatient with an annual increase of 5000 passengers speed.
   Not only the psychological clinic is popular, but the psychological consultation is equally hot. City Corelle hospital psychological counseling doctor Feng Jingjing told reporters, the city Corelle hospital psychological consultation need to make reservations in advance every Monday, and some psychological counseling doctor consultation has made an appointment to two months later. "Tian Yi psychological counseling hotline" is the first psychological counseling hotline in Ningbo. The hotline has been open since 2002, and has received 27 thousand telephone calls to provide 1782 inquiries. Over the years, the day has grown from a hotline to three, with service hours stretching from 24 hours a day to four hours a day. Service volume is increasing, 10 years ago, the average daily call consultation 2, and now the average daily call consultation more than a dozen.
   Psychological clinic, psychological counseling, why the fire every year? Experts believe that there are two main reasons:
   First, with the rapid development of social economy and the increasing pressure of competition, the prevalence rate of mental disorders is increasing year by year.  According to a recent survey in Zhejiang Province, the prevalence rate of mental disorders in our province was 17.3%. Among those with depression, 100 were four.
   Corelle hospital, chief physician, city mental health association secretary general Yu Haihang told reporters that although the prevalence rate of mental disorders is increasing year by year, but the prevalence rate of patients with severe mental performance is relatively stable, and the social pressure associated with mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder rate was increased.
   Secondly, the mental health consciousness of Ningbo people is stronger. Corelle hospital dean Hu Zhenyu said, she began to sit in the psychological clinic 30 years ago, when the mental health knowledge popularization and propaganda is not enough, most people lack awareness of mental illness in patients with lack of understanding and sympathy, the phenomenon of prejudice and discrimination is more serious, causing some mental illness rehabilitation cannot return to society smoothly. Have a strong stigma. Some patients and their families, even though they have certain mental health knowledge, are most likely to suffer for themselves rather than seek the help of psychiatrists, resulting in delays in treatment. At that time, Dr. Hu had only two or three outpatient patients in the morning. With the Ningbo city mental health promotion project and mental health services, public mental illness stigma recognition rate increased, decreased gradually, now the situation is different, a morning came to the clinic to help the forty or fifty people.

   Depression, anxiety and insomnia ranked three before psychological diseases
   City Corelle hospital had done a statistics, depression, anxiety disorders, sleep disorders (insomnia) ranked first among the three psychological disease rates. Among them, depression accounted for 51%, ranking first; anxiety disorders accounted for 22%, ranked second; sleep disorders accounted for 15%, ranked third.
   In the eyes of outsiders, but happy life, considerate husband handsome son, not only well behaved, and outstanding achievements, to maintain their good work in banks Ali, young and beautiful. But Ali husband has a unspeakable suffering. When Ali still very small, parental relationship is not good, my mother every day a character. Lack of parental care, not only extremely introverted, and there is no sense of security, usually with dependence on her husband. From the beginning of last year, Ali always think unit leaders have a prejudice against her, the work pressure on her head, and suspicious colleagues speak ill of her. Look at Ali spirit right, the husband suggested Ali sick at home. Did not expect the rest at home, become more reluctant to communicate with people, even are not willing to send his son to school every day, Baba sitting at home waiting for her husband to go home. The husband of persuasion, to persuade Ningbo to see Ali hospital psychological clinic.
The reception of Runlemin told reporters, Ali's mental illness and her child's growth environment, like her symptoms, in addition to drug intervention, but also need special care about their loved ones.
Depression is often referred to as an emotional cold. That is to say, it is too common.  College students, migrant workers, white-collar workers, empty nest elderly, people of all ages and groups are faced with the problem of depression. A research report of the United States, obese people than smaller people are more prone to depression; postpartum depression has become one of the main psychological disease in women, 50% to 75% of women may have different degrees of postpartum depression.
   Hands heart sweating, dizziness, palpitation, hate the sound...... In our view, most of the body functions are out of order. As you all know, it is closely related to anxiety.
   The 5 year old was a pretty little girl, but for some time she was surprised that she was worried that she and her family were going to die. Sometimes, when she saw her grandmother taking a nap at noon, she would run over and shake her grandmother. She also worried and asked, "Mom, is grandma dead?"" The average family is worried about the average performance. Psychological experts told reporters, "flat" is a typical anxiety disorder. How can such a small child suffer from anxiety disorders? After carefully understanding that flat from love to watch TV, but every time I see someone killed the television cameras will be scared. Runlemin analysis said, flat, this is frightened.
   From the psychological clinic, in recent years, more and more patients with sleep disorders. On that day, the reporter in Runlemin's psychological clinic for more than 1 hours, Nguyen Dean admissions of 13 patients, half of patients with sleep disorders. According to the WHO survey of 25 thousand primary care patients in 14 countries and 15 districts, 27% found sleep problems.
In addition to these three symptoms, the incidence of obsessive-compulsive disorder is also increasing
   "Doctor, please help me. I will not be able to work and live like this."!" This is a young man from Ninghai, a face of anxiety. He engaged in computer work in Shanghai, usually work carefully, the problem began to appear in a month ago, do every thing, he must be repeated several times, the more important task, he repeated more times, lest they do wrong. As a result, he was unable to finish his task on time, and as time went by, he became agitated as soon as he received the task. No way, he had to leave for home to rest for some time.
   In recent years, statistics show that the prevalence of obsessive-compulsive disorder is rising. Studies have shown that the lifetime prevalence of OCD in the general population is 1% to 2%, and that 2/3 patients are diagnosed before age 25. According to the global disease survey conducted by WHO (WHO), obsessive compulsive disorder has become one of the 20 most serious diseases among the young and middle-aged people aged 15 to 44. In addition, patients often for various reasons, in the beginning of the disease did not timely medical treatment, some afraid of dirty, repeatedly wash hands of patients may be serious symptoms to normal life, just go to the hospital. Doctors warned that to improve the importance of obsessive-compulsive disorder, early detection, early treatment.

   How can I have a healthy mind?
   How should a modern person have a healthy mind? This reporter interviewed the president of Ningbo Corelle hospital and chairman of Ningbo Mental Health Association Hu Zhenyu. Hu Zhenyu reminds    readers, friends, mental health must be hard to obtain, in order to have mental health, we must pay attention to the following points:
First, we should treat ourselves correctly and know ourselves well. To know oneself is sure progress. Low evaluation will lead to lack of confidence, lack of courage and courage in work, low emotion    and low intelligence. Of course, self evaluation is also harmful to physical and mental health.
   Two is the correct treatment of others, good communication. Good interpersonal relationship is very important to mental health, because a person living in the community work, need the support of others, difficulties need to help others, disappointed need other people to understand, to have joy to share experience happiness.
Three is the correct treatment of the environment, can adapt. Survival of the fittest is a universal law of biological evolution. In this sense, those who are able to adapt to the environment are    psychologically healthy.
   Four is correct treatment of honor, not complacent. The achievements in the work, can enjoy the pleasure of life, if xianyisiqian, chop and change, not only do the work well, but also increase the psychological burden, affect mental health. Work (Study) in praise, make contributions will be rewarded, but in the face of honor pleased with oneself, big with pride. "To benefit him," "is the motto of    mental health, to honor a power, can move forward to honor as a burden formation pressure and burden is harmful to health.
Five is correct treatment setbacks, not inferiority. Everyone will face setbacks, setbacks to believe will be solved because of the passage of time, as soon as possible out of the shadow of frustration, eliminate or alleviate the adverse psychological reactions after setbacks, master the strategies and methods of psychological adjustment.

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