Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries
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List of Foreign Investment Industries  
First, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery  
1. The transformation of low-yield farmland  
2. Woody edible oil, spices, and the cultivation and development of industrial raw materials, production  
3. Vegetables (including edible fungus and melon), dry and fresh fruit, tea cultivation techniques and products pollution-free serial development and production  
4. Sugar, fruit trees, forage crops such as new technology development, production  
5. Flower and nursery production base construction, operation  
6. Rubber, sisal, coffee cultivation  
7. Planting, breeding (limited to joint ventures)  
8. Crop fields and comprehensive utilization of resources in the development and production of organic fertilizer  
9. Trees (bamboo) and breeding, new varieties of polyploid trees and cultivate new varieties of genetically modified trees  
10. Aquatic breeding and (excluding precious quality varieties peculiar to China)  
11. Combating desertification and soil erosion such as planting trees and grass ecological environment construction, operation  
12. Aquaculture, cage culture, aquaculture, ecological farming of marine species  
Second, the mining industry  
1. Coalbed methane exploration, development and use of gas (joint ventures only)  
2. Oil, natural gas exploration, development (joint ventures only)  
3. Low permeability reservoirs (fields) (joint ventures only)  
4. Enhanced oil recovery and the related development and application of new technologies (limited to joint ventures)  
5. Geophysical prospecting, drilling, well logging and downhole operation, such as petroleum exploration and development of new technology development and application of (limited cooperation)  
6. Oil shale, oil sands, heavy oil, excess oil, unconventional oil exploration and development (limited to cooperation)  
7. Iron ore, manganese ore exploration, mining and mineral processing  
8. Improve the utilization of mine tailings and application of new technology development and mining of the integrated application of ecological restoration technology  
9. Seabed combustible ice exploration, development (limited to cooperation)  
A manufacturing  
(A) Dressing  
1. Bio-feed, straw feed, aquatic feed development, production  
2. Aquatic products processing, seashell products cleansing and processing, seaweed functional food development  
3. Vegetables, dry and fresh fruit, storage and processing of livestock products  
(B) the food industry  
1. Babies, old food and functional food development, production  
2. Forest food development, production and processing  
3. Natural food additives, food ingredients (limited to joint ventures)  
(C) beverage manufacturing  
1. Fruit and vegetable drinks, protein drinks, tea drinks, coffee drinks, beverage plant development, production  
(D) of the tobacco industry  
1. Second, cellulose acetate and processing (joint ventures only)  
2. Papermaking Tobacco Sheet Production (joint ventures only)  
3. Processing filter rods (limited to joint ventures)  
(E) Textiles  
1. Using high-tech industry with a special textile production  
2. High-grade fabric fabric weaving, dyeing and finishing  
3. Meet the ecological, resource utilization and environmental requirements of the special natural fiber (including the addition to animal fiber other than wool, hemp fiber, bamboo fiber, mulberry silk, colored cotton, etc.) processing  
4. Using computer integrated manufacturing system for garment production  
5. High-grade carpets, embroidery and drawn work products  
(6) Leather, fur, feathers (down) and its products  
1. Leather and fur cleaning technologies for processing  
2. After finishing the new technology of leather processing  
3. High-grade leather (sofa leather, car seat leather) processing  
(7) wood processing and wood, bamboo, rattan, palm and grass products  
1. Forest three remaining objects, "second, small and firewood" wood and bamboo utilization of new technologies, new product development and production  
(8) Paper and Paper Products  
1. By a single integration of forest and paper production lines and annual output of 300,000 tons over the scale of chemical wood pulp and a single production line and annual output of 100,000 tons over the scale of chemical mechanical wood pulp and the simultaneous construction of high-grade paper and paperboard production (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)  
(9) Petroleum Processing and Coking  
1. Needle coke, coal tar processing  
(10) Chemical Materials and Chemical Products  
1. An annual output of 800,000 tons and over-scale ethylene production (China’s relative majority of shares)  
2. Downstream products of ethylene and ethylene derivatives processing by-products C4-C9 products (except synthetic rubber butadiene-generated) of the utilization  
3. An annual output of 200,000 tons and above the production of PVC resin (ethylene)  
4. Sodium calcium hypochlorite, PVC and silicone products deep processing  
5. Benzene, toluene, xylene, ethylene glycol, and other basic organic chemical raw materials and its derivatives  
6. Synthesis of supporting raw materials: bisphenol A production of hydrogen peroxide production of propylene oxide propylene  
7. Synthetic fiber raw materials: precision terephthalic acid, caprolactam, nylon 66 salt, melt-spun polyurethane resin  
8. Synthetic Rubber: solution styrene butadiene rubber (not including thermoplastic styrene-butadiene rubber), butyl rubber, isoamyl rubber, polyurethane rubber, acrylic rubber, epichlorohydrin rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber, nitrile rubber, and fluorine rubber, silicone rubber and other special rubber production  
9. Engineering plastics and plastic alloys: polyphenylene oxide (PPO), engineering plastics and nylon 12, nylon 11, polyimide, polysulfone, poly aromatic esters (PAR), liquid crystal polymers and other products  
10. Fine Chemicals: catalyst, additive, additives, new products, new technology, dye (pigment), the commercialization of process technology, electronics, paper with high-tech chemical products, food additives, feed additives, leather chemicals (NN dimethyl base except formamide), oil additives, surfactants, water treatment agent, adhesives, inorganic fiber, inorganic nano material production, deep processing of pigment coating treatment  
11. Low hysteresis of carbon black production  
12. Environmentally friendly printing inks, environmentally friendly aromatic oil production  
13. Natural spices, synthetic spices and single ion spices  
14. High-performance coatings, water-based automotive paints and related water-based resin  
15. HCFC production alternatives  
16. Organic fluorine series of chemical products (CFCs or HCFCs hydrogen, except tetrafluoroethylene)  
17. From the phosphorus chemical industry, aluminum smelting production recovery of fluorine resources  
18. Large-scale coal chemical industrial products (China Holdings)  
19. Forestry chemical products and technology, new product development and production  
20. With the ionic membrane caustic soda, inorganic membranes, functional membrane production  
21. Environmental protection with inorganic, organic and biologic development and production  
22. New fertilizer development and production: bio-fertilizer, high concentration of potassium fertilizer, compound fertilizer, controlled release fertilizer, compound microbial inoculant, Compound microbial fertilizer, straw and waste composting agents, microbial agents special features  
23. Efficient, safe pesticides and new varieties of high-performance new pesticide formulation, development and production  
24. Bio-pesticides and biological control product development and production: microbial insecticide, microbial fungicide, agricultural antibiotic, insect pheromone, natural enemies, microbial herbicide  
25. Emissions, waste, waste utilization and treatment and disposal  
26. Organic polymer materials: shell coating of silicone modified ships, aircraft skin paint, rare earth cerium sulphide red dye, lead-free packaging materials, color plasma display-specific series of lithography pulp, small diameter and large specific surface area fiber, high-precision fuel filter paper, lithium ion batteries, plastic processing multi-compound additives, citric acid glycerol ester, fluorine fludioxonil cyazofamid  
(11) Pharmaceutical Industry  
1. A new drug or active ingredients of drug compounds, the production (including bulk drugs and formulations)  
2. Amino acids: serine, tryptophan, histidine, methionine and other production feed  
3. New anti-cancer drugs, new drugs and new cardiovascular drugs nervous system production  
4. A new, efficient and economical contraceptive medicines and devices  
5. Using biological engineering technology, new drug production  
6. Heterocyclic fluoride containing fluorine of high physiological activity of the production of pharmaceuticals and intermediates  
7. Genetically engineered vaccine (AIDS vaccine, hepatitis C vaccine, contraceptive vaccine, etc.)  
8. Biological vaccine production  
9. BCG and polio vaccine production  
10. Marine drug development and production  
11. Pharmaceutical Preparations: The slow release, controlled release, targeting, transdermal absorption of new technologies such as new formulations, new products  
12. New development and production of pharmaceutical excipients  
13. Bio-medical materials and products (human bodies and specimens, and specimens of human organs and tissues except processing) production  
14. Veterinary antibiotic production of bulk drugs (including antibiotics and chemical synthesis)  
15. Veterinary antibiotic, anthelmintic, insecticide, anti-coccidiosis medicines and new formulations of new products development and production  
16. New diagnostic reagents  
(12) Chemical fiber manufacturing  
1. Differential chemical fiber and Kevlar, carbon fiber, high strength and high modulus polyethylene, polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) and other high-tech chemical fiber production  
2. New Solvent cellulose fiber and other environment-friendly chemical production  
3. Fiber and non-fiber polyester with a new production: polyethylene terephthalate (PTT), polyethylene glycol Kwai acid (PEN), polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)  
4. Use of renewable resources, biomass engineering technology to produce new fiber materials: PLA fiber PLA, bio-PDO fiber polyol method  
5. Single daily output capacity of 100 tons or more polyamide  
6. Radial tire production with Aramid fiber and cord  
(13) Plastic Products  
1. Mulching films of new technologies and new products (photolysis film, multifunctional film and raw materials, etc.) Development and production of  
2. Scrap plastic digestion and re-use  
3. Plastic packaging new technologies and new products (high barrier, multi-function film and raw materials) the development and production  
(14) non-metallic mineral products industry  
1. A new energy-saving, environmental protection, development and production of building materials: high strength multi-wall material, high-grade environment-friendly decoration materials, high-quality waterproof sealing materials, efficient insulation materials  
2. Plastic in, to plastic and wood, energy efficient production of chemical building materials  
3. An annual output of 10 million square meters and more elastic, plastic modified bitumen waterproofing membrane good, wide (2 meters) high-quality EPDM waterproofing membranes and related materials, durability of PVC vol material, TPO membrane production  
4. Shielding electromagnetic wave glass, micro glass substrate, through the infra-red lead-free glass, electronic grade proliferation of large-sized quartz glass tube, super second generation and three generations of micro-channel plate, optical fiber and glass panel and the image inverter light-cone production  
5. An annual output of 50,000 tons or more of glass fiber (drawing in tank furnace process line) and glass reinforced plastic products  
6. Continuous glass fiber strand mats, fiberglass surface felt, micro glass fiber cloth and thin felt production  
7. Medical image bundles and laser fiber production  
8. An annual output of 1 million and above, production of sanitary porcelain  
9. Standardization refine of ceramic materials, ceramic materials with high-grade production of decorative  
10. Cement kiln, top grade (e) glass, ceramics, glass fibers, porous carbon brick kiln with high-grade refractory materials such as  
11. Automobile catalytic cracking unit with a ceramic substrate, aluminum nitride (AIN) ceramic substrate, porous ceramics  
12. Inorganic non-metallic materials and products: artificial crystal, carbon / carbon composite materials, special ceramics, special sealing materials, high speed oil seal materials, special kinds of cementation materials, special latex material, acoustic rubber, room temperature thermal conductivity of 0.025W / mK and below insulation materials  
13. High-tech composite materials: continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite materials and prepreg, temperature> 300 ℃ with a resin-based composite material molding processes supporting materials, resin-based composite blade, resin-based composite high sports, special performance glass tube (pressure> 1.2MPa), special function compound materials and products, deep water and diving composite products, medical and rehabilitation products with composite materials, carbon / carbon composite materials and brake pads, high performance ceramic matrix composite materials and products, metal matrix composite materials and products, metal layered composite materials and products, pressure ≥ 320MPa high pressure composite hose, large passenger aircraft tire  
14. Precision high-performance ceramics and functional ceramic raw materials: silicon carbide (SiC) ultrafine powders (purity> 99%, average particle size of 99%, average particle size of 99.9%, average particle size <0.5μm), low temperature oxide sintering Zirconia (ZrO2) powder (sintering temperature, 99%, average particle size of 98.5%), white carbon black (99% particle size, particle size 1000 × 1000mm, horizontal error <1mm, altitude error <0.5mm), ultra broadband seismometer (φ <5cm, frequency band 0.01-50Hz, equivalent ground velocity noise <10-9m / s), a collection of seismic data processing system, integrated downhole seismic and precursory observation systems, precision vibrator systems, engineering acceleration measurement system, high precision GPS receiver (precision 1mm +1 ppm), INSAR image receiving and processing system, INSAR image receiving and processing systems, precision 90% of the reverse osmosis desalination with energy recovery, efficiency> 85% of high-pressure pump for reverse osmosis desalination , seawater desalination reverse osmosis membrane (desalination rate of> 99.7%), more than 20,000 tons Nissan temperature multi-effect distillation desalination plant, marine ecosystem monitoring buoys, profiling floats, one-time use of the conductivity, temperature and depth of the measuring instruments (XCTD ), on-site water quality measurement instruments, intelligent marine water quality monitoring with chemical sensors (3 to 6 consecutive months), electromagnetic current meter, acoustic Doppler current profiler (from content-type, direct reading, and marine-type), conductivity rate, temperature and depth profiler, acoustic release unit response, offshore deep-sea tidal measurement system (laying submarine)  
(23) Other manufacturing industries  
1. Product development and utilization of clean coal technology and equipment manufacturing (coal gasification, coal liquefaction, water-coal, industrial coal)  
2. Coal washing and coal (including gypsum), coal gangue comprehensive utilization, etc.  
3. The production of biodegradable materials  
Power, Gas and Water Production and Supply  
1. Using integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC), 30 kilowatts and above circulating fluidized bed, one hundred thousand kilowatts or more pressurized circulating fluidized bed (PFBC) power plant construction clean combustion technology, business  
2. Backpressure-based cogeneration power plant construction, operation  
3. Power-based station’s construction, operation  
4. Nuclear power plant construction and operation (China Holdings)  
5. New energy power station (including solar energy, wind energy, magnetic energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy, wave energy, biomass, etc.) construction management  
6. Water use (direct use of seawater, seawater desalination), industrial recycling of industrial waste water treatment  
7. Urban water supply plant construction, operation  
5, transport, storage and post  
1. Railway trunk road network in the construction and operation (China Holdings)  
2. Feeder railways, local railways and bridges, tunnels, ferries and station facilities, construction and operation (joint ventures only)  
3. High-speed rail, passenger rail line, an integrated intercity railway infrastructure maintenance (China Holdings)  
4. Highways, independent bridges and tunnels construction, operation  
5. Freight transportation companies  
6. Port of public dock facilities construction, operation  
7. Civil airport construction, operations (the Chinese relative majority of shares)  
8. Air transportation companies (Chinese)  
9. Agriculture, forestry and fishery Airlines (joint ventures only)  
10. Liner and tramp maritime transportation business (the Chinese holding)  
11. International Container multimodal transport operations  
12. Oil (gas) pipelines, oil (gas) library construction, operation  
13. Coal pipeline transportation facilities, construction, operation  
14. Transport business-related storage facilities, operating  
Wholesale and retail trade  
1. General merchandise distribution  
2. Modern Logistics  
7, Leasing and Business Services  
1. Accounting and auditing (limited to cooperation, partnership)  
2. International economic, technological, environmental information service  
3. To engage in systems to undertake service outsourcing application management and maintenance, information technology support management, banking back-office services, financial settlement, human resource services, software development, call centers, data processing, information technology and business process outsourcing services  
8, scientific research, technical services and geological prospecting  
1. Biological engineering and biomedical engineering technology, biomass energy development technology  
2. Isotopes, radiation and laser technology  
3. Ocean and ocean energy development technology, comprehensive utilization of resources of marine chemical technology, related product development and deep processing technology, pharmaceutical and biochemical products, development of marine technology  
4. Marine monitoring technologies (ocean waves, meteorology, environmental monitoring), submarine detection and ocean resource exploration and evaluation techniques  
5. Utilization of concentration after the salt from seawater desalination, extracting potassium, bromine, magnesium, lithium and its deep processing of high added value chemical resources in seawater utilization technology  
6. Saving energy development technology  
7. Resource recycling and comprehensive utilization, production emissions technology development and application reuse  
8. Environmental pollution control and monitoring technology  
9. Chemical fiber production energy consumption, waste treatment technologies  
10. Anti-desertification and desert improvement  
11. Livestock balance of integrated management  
12. Civil Satellite Application Technology  
13. Research and Development Center  
14. High-tech, new product development and business incubation centers  
9, Water, Environment and Public Facilities  
1. Integrated Water Project construction and operation (China Holdings)  
2. The city closed the road construction, operation  
3. City subway, light rail and other rail transit construction and operation (China Holdings)  
4. Sewage, garbage disposal plants, hazardous waste treatment and disposal (incineration, landfill), and environmental pollution control facilities, construction, operation  
10, education  
1. Higher education institutions (joint ventures only)  
11, health, social security and social welfare  
1. The elderly, disabled and children services  
12, Culture, Sports and Entertainment  
1. Performances Undertakings (China Holdings)  
2. Sports facilities management, fitness, sports training and competition performance and intermediary services  
List of Restricted Foreign Investment Industries  
First, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery  
1. Crop breeding and seed (China Holdings)  
2. The logs of precious varieties of trees (limited to joint ventures)  
3. Cotton (seed cotton) processing  
Second, the mining industry  
1. Special and rare kinds of coal mining (China Holdings)  
2. Barite exploration, mining (limited to joint ventures)  
3. Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum group) exploration and mining  
4. Diamond and other precious metal mineral exploration, mining  
5. Phosphate mining, ore dressing  
6. Magnesium and boron-magnesium iron ore mining  
7. Celestite mining  
8. Ocean manganese nodules, sand mining (China Holdings)  
A manufacturing  
(A) Dressing  
1. Soybean, rapeseed edible oil processing (China Holdings), Corn Processing  
2. Bio-liquid fuel (fuel ethanol, biodiesel) production (China Holdings)  
(B) of the beverage industry  
1. Wine, famous wine production (China Holdings)  
2. Carbonated beverage  
(C) of the tobacco industry  
1. Roasting tobacco processing  
(D) Printing and Record Medium Reproduction  
1. Publications Printing (China holding, except printing of package decoration)  
(E) Petroleum Processing and Coking  
1. Annual output of 800 tons and the following refinery construction, operation  
(6) chemical materials and chemical products  
1. Caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), potash (potassium hydroxide) production  
2. Sensitive materials  
3. Benzidine production  
4. The production of precursor chemicals (ephedrine, 3,4 - phenyl -2 subunit dioxane - acetone, acetic acid, 1 - phenyl -2 - acetone, piperonal, safrole, isosafrole, acetic acid anhydride)  
5. HCFCs HCFCs or hydrogen, PTFE, aluminum fluoride, hydrofluoric acid production  
6. Butadiene rubber, emulsion styrene butadiene rubber, thermoplastic styrene-butadiene rubber production  
7. Methane chloride (except for a methyl chloride), calcium carbide production of PVC  
8. Sulfuric acid titanium dioxide, open hearth method of production of potassium permanganate  
9. Boron magnesium, iron ores  
10. Barium salt, strontium salt production  
(7) Pharmaceutical Industry  
1. Chloramphenicol, penicillin G, lincomycin, gentamicin, dihydrostreptomycin, amikacin, tetracycline hydrochloride, oxytetracycline, Midecamycin, leucomycin, Central C norfloxacin, norfloxacin, ofloxacin production  
2. Dipyrone, paracetamol, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, multivitamin preparations and oral calcium  
3. National EPI vaccines (except BCG and polio vaccine), vaccine type and anti-toxin, toxoid type (DPT, measles, epidemic encephalitis B, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis vaccine) which included  
4. Narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs for a raw material drug production (China Holdings)  
5. Blood products  
6. Non-auto-disposable syringes, infusion sets, blood bags production  
(8) Chemical fiber manufacturing  
1. Conventional chip spinning production of chemical fiber spinning  
2. Viscose staple fiber production  
(9) Rubber Products  
1. Refurbishment of used tires (radial tire), and low performance industrial rubber parts production  
(10) non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry  
1. Tungsten, molybdenum, tin (except tin compounds), antimony (including antimony oxide and antimony sulfide) and other rare metals smelting  
2. Aluminum, copper, lead and zinc smelting  
3. Rare earth smelting, separation (limited to joint ventures)  
(11) fabricated metal products  
1. Container Production  
(12) General Purpose Machinery  
1. All kinds of general-level (P0) bearings and parts (steel ball, cage), rough manufacturing  
2.300 tons the following wheel, crawler crane manufacturing (limited to joint ventures)  
(13) Special Equipment Manufacturing  
1. Middle and low B-type ultrasonic displays  
2. Dacron thread and short fiber equipment  
3.320 horsepower and below, bulldozers, hydraulic excavators 30 tons or below, 6-ton and below wheel loaders, 220 hp and below ground, road rollers, forklifts, 135 tons, and the following non-highway dump dump trucks, Pavement milling and repairing machinery and equipment, garden machinery and equipment, commodity concrete machinery (care pumps, mixers, mixing station, truck) manufacturing  
(14) Transport equipment manufacturing  
1. Ordinary ships (including sub) repair, design and manufacturing (China Holdings)  
(15) communications equipment, computers and other electronic equipment manufacturing  
1. Satellite television ground receiving facilities and key parts  
2. Fiscal cash register manufacturing  
Power, Gas and Water Production and Supply  
1. Tibet, Xinjiang, Hainan and other small power grid within the unit capacity of 300,000 kilowatts and below coal-fired steam power plant, unit capacity of 100,000 kilowatts coal condensing steam extraction and dual-use unit cogeneration power plant construction operating  
2. Power grid construction and operation (China Holdings)  
5, transport, storage and post  
1. Railway freight transportation companies  
2. Railway passenger transportation companies (Chinese)  
3. Road passenger transportation companies  
4. Border automobile transportation companies  
5. Water transportation companies (Chinese)  
6. Photography, exploration, industry and other common carriers (China Holdings)  
7. Telecommunication companies: value-added telecommunications services (the proportion of foreign investment not exceeding 50%), basic telecommunications in mobile voice and data services (foreign investments shall not exceed 49%), basic telecommunications in the domestic and international operations (foreign investments shall not exceed 35 %, no later than December 11, 2007 be allowed to reach 49%)  
Wholesale and retail trade  
1. Direct sales, mail order, Internet sales, franchising, commissioned operation, commercial management, commercial companies  
2. Grain, cotton, vegetable oil, sugar, medicines, tobacco, automobiles, crude oil, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, wholesale, retail and distribution (the establishment of more than 30 stores and sales from multiple suppliers of different types and brands The chain holding by the Chinese side)  
3. Audiovisual products (excluding movies) and distribution (limited to cooperation, China Holdings)  
4. Goods Auction  
5. Ship Agent (China Holdings), tally (joint ventures only)  
6. Finished gasoline station (the same foreign investors to set up more than 30 stores, sales from multiple suppliers of oil products of different types and brands of chain gas stations, controlled by the Chinese side) construction, operation  
7, the financial sector  
1. Banks, financial leasing companies, finance companies, trust investment companies, money brokers  
2. Insurance (life insurance companies the proportion of foreign investment not exceeding 50%)  
3. Securities (restricted to underwriting A shares, B shares and H shares as well as government and corporate bond underwriting and trading, foreign investment no more than 1 / 3), securities investment fund management companies (foreign investments shall not exceed 49%)  
4. Insurance brokers  
5. Futures companies (Chinese)  
8, Real Estate  
1. Land development (joint ventures only)  
2. Luxury hotels, villas, high-grade office buildings and international exhibition centers, business  
3. The real estate secondary market transactions and real estate agents or brokers  
9, Leasing and Business Services  
1. Legal Advice  
2. Market Research (limited to joint ventures)  
3. Credit Ratings Services Survey  
10, scientific research, technical services and geological prospecting  
1. Mapping companies (Chinese)  
2. Import and Export Commodity Inspection, verification and attestation companies  
3. Photographic services (including aerial photography trick photography services, but does not include mapping aerial photography, limited to the joint venture)  
11, Water, Environment and Public Facilities  
1. City gas, heat supply and water drainage network construction, operation (China Holdings)  
12, education  
1. High school educational institutions (limited to joint ventures)  
13, health, social security and social welfare  
1. Medical institutions (joint ventures only)  
14, Culture, Sports and Entertainment  
1. Radio and TV program production projects and film production projects (limited to cooperation)  
2. Cinema construction and operation (China Holdings)  
3. Large-scale theme park construction, operation  
4. Performance agency (China Holdings)  
5. Entertainment business (limited to joint ventures)  
15, the State and our international treaties concluded or acceded to the restrictions of other industries  
List of Prohibited Foreign Investment Industries  
First, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery  
1. My precious rare and unique breeds, planting (including planting, animal husbandry, aquaculture good genes)  
2. Transgenic plant seeds, breeding livestock and poultry, aquatic fry the development, production  
3. China’s jurisdictional waters and inland waters fish catch  
Second, the mining industry  
1. Tungsten, molybdenum, tin, antimony, fluorite exploration and mining  
2. Earth exploration, mining, ore dressing  
3. Radioactive mineral prospecting, mining, ore dressing  
A manufacturing  
(A) of the beverage manufacturing industry  
1. China’s traditional craft of green tea and special tea (tea, black tea, etc.)  
(B) of the Pharmaceutical Industry  
1. Included in the "Regulations on the Protection of wild medicinal resources" and "China Rare and Endangered Plants" of traditional Chinese medicines  
2. Chinese Herbal Medicine steaming, frying, moxibustion, moxibustion calcined technology such as guns and proprietary prescription products confidential  
(C) non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry  
1. Metal Smelting and processing  
(D) Special equipment manufacturing  
1. Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers  
(E) Electrical Machinery and Equipment  
1. Open type (that is, direct discharge mist type) lead-acid batteries, mercury-containing silver oxide button battery, paste-type battery, Ni-Cd battery manufacturing  
(F) industrial and other manufacturing  
1. Ivory carving  
2. Tiger Processing  
3. Bodiless lacquerware  
4. Enamel products production  
5. Xuan paper, ink ingot production  
6. Carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenesis and persistent organic pollutant products  
Power, Gas and Water Production and Supply  
1. Tibet, Xinjiang, Hainan and other small power, the unit capacity of 300,000 kilowatts and below coal-fired steam power plant, unit capacity of 100,000 kilowatts coal condensing steam extraction and dual-use cogeneration power plant construction, operation  
5, transport, storage and post  
1. Air traffic control company  
2. Post  
6, Leasing and Business Services  
1. Social Survey  
7, scientific research, technical services and geological prospecting  
1. Human stem cells, gene diagnosis and treatment of technology development and application  
2. Geodetic surveying, marine surveying and mapping, aerial photography, mapping, boundary surveying and mapping, the map prepared in the preparation of topographical maps, general map prepared by the preparation of navigation electronic map  
8, Water, Environment and Public Facilities  
1. Nature Reserve and Wetland of International Importance, construction, operation  
2. National protection in the country of origin of wild animal and plant resources development  
IX, Education  
1. Compulsory education, military, police, political and party areas such as special education institutions  
10, Culture, Sports and Entertainment  
1. News agencies  
2. Books, newspapers, periodicals, general distribution and import business  
3. Audio and video products and electronic publications, production and import business  
4. At all levels of radio (stations), television (stations), radio and television channels (rate), radio and TV transmission networks (transmission stations, relaying stations, radio and TV satellites, satellite uplink stations, satellite receiving stations, microwave stations, monitoring stations, cable broadcasting and TV transmission networks)  
5. Radio and TV program production and management company  
6. Film production companies, distribution companies, theaters Inc.  
7. News websites, Internet audio-visual program services, Internet access services to business sites, Internet culture operation  
8. Video tape showing  
9. Golf course construction and operation of  
10. Gambling (including gambling class race course)  
11. Pornography  
11, other industries  
1. Endanger the safety and performance of military facilities projects  
12, the State and our international treaties concluded or acceded to the prohibition of other industries  
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