On the holding of the Tenth Ningbo enterprises with foreign investment notification Games
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On the holding of the Tenth Ningbo enterprises with foreign investment notification Games 

The foreign-invested enterprises: 

Since 2001, in all relevant departments and the general foreign-invested enterprises with the support and active, the city has successfully hosted the ninth foreign-invested enterprises Games. Games through the organization of foreign-invested enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises to promote the exchanges between the enhanced cohesion of the enterprise, and promoted the activities of foreign-invested enterprises and enterprises fitness culture. The study, the decision will be held on June -7 tenth foreign-invested enterprises Games. Hereby notify the following: 

First, hold the time and place 

Dates: June 5, 2010 -7 months 


(A) of the opening ceremony: Ningbo Sports Center 

(B) the individual events: Ningbo City, the stadium (gymnasium) 

Second, the main content 

(A) of the opening (see the opening ceremony of the program) 

(B) events 

Tug of war, table tennis, badminton, basketball, football 7-a, Go, Chess 

Note: 1, tug of war: Mixed group (7 men and 5 women) 

2, table tennis: men, women, mixed groups (mixed groups 3 men and 2 women, men and women’s singles unlimited) 

3, badminton: men, women, men’s doubles, women’s doubles 

Badminton competition is divided into age. Singles and doubles, each with two stages, namely, youth groups and middle-aged group. 40 years of age for youth group; 40 years of age and over for the middle age group, each enterprise, youth group can be the newspaper men’s 3, 3 singles, doubles a group, women’s doubles group 1. 

4, basketball: 

Divided into two phases, the first for the preliminaries, 11 counties (cities) and districts and three MCs have three venues in three regional competitions, Cixi, Yuyao is a zone, Xiangshan, Fenghua, Ninghai for area, high-tech parks, development zones, bonded, Yinzhou District, a district and other areas, according to the principle of setting the nearest venue. The second stage is the final of the contest depicting the top four finalists (tentative, depending on the application circumstances, such as the Elephant, Fenghua, Ninghai relatively few of teams to participate, take the top two, Yinzhou, development zones and other areas of the application team few more, take the top six), the final venue is located in Ningbo city. 

5, football: group. 

6, Go, Chess (individual competition, unlimited) 

7, foreign-invested enterprises of all sports after the end of the project, will be held in Ningbo Foreign Investment Enterprises Association badminton team and Jiaxing Foreign-Funded Enterprises friendly badminton team (3 men and 3 women 1 mixed doubles). Ningbo Foreign Investment Enterprises Association team by the foreign-invested enterprises Youth Games badminton men’s and women’s singles before the three components (date to be announced). 

8, specific procedures and application forms can be downloaded. 

(C) closing (to be announced) 

3, Registration 

(A) foreign-funded enterprises and foreign investment in Ningbo in Ningbo Office team as a unit; 

(B) the project requirements for application to general rules and individual rules prevail (to January 1, 2010 subject to the Social Security Zheng Hao or valid foreign document); 

(C) of the sports teams to report the specific time and place of notice. 

(D) Registration Phone: 87315792 Fax: 87687298 Address: 190 Bridge Road, Ningbo, Ling (Foreign Trade Building, Room 1404) 

Contact: Don Fisher by telephone: 8,731,579,213,884,443,630 

Website: www.nbaefi.cn E-mail: ZHULL@nbfet.gov.cn 

Fourth, other 

(A) the enterprises on the basis of voluntary organizations active participants, and to comply with the requirements to qualify, the corporate officers of non-prohibited entry; 

(B) of the participating sports teams should seriously implement the "Regulations on sports competition" in the relevant requirements of sports teams, and strictly comply with tournament regulations (see Annex 4); 

(C) of the enterprises or the voluntary sponsorship of the tournament title games this year (see Annex 5). 

Annex: 1, list of members of the Organizational Committee 

2, foreign-invested enterprises Games opening ceremony program 

3, the tenth foreign-invested enterprises Games Entry Form 

4, foreign-invested enterprises tenth provisions Games Games 

5 units of enterprises with foreign investment promotion receipt Games 

2 O 1 O on April 10 


Cc: Ningbo Foreign Trade Bureau, the Municipal Sports Bureau, the county (city), District Sports Bureau, Foreign Trade and Economic Council, the development zone, bonded by the Council, High Park, East Lake Resort Economic Development Bureau, Social Affairs Authority, the Daxie Development Zone Economic Development Bureau, the Culture and Education of Health 


Annex 1: 


Ningbo Foreign Investment Enterprises Tenth Games 

List of members of the Organizational Committee 


Honorary Director: 

Golden Syrian Ningbo Sports Bureau 

Yu Danhua Ningbo Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau 


Chen Zuda Deputy Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Sports 

Li Jianhua, Ningbo City, Assistant Secretary for Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau 

Deputy Director: 

Cai Zuo market Ningbo Municipal Sports Bureau Director 

Qian Shi-Xiong, Ningbo Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau of the Commissioner 

Lin Yunfei Ningbo City, director of community sports guide 

Hsiang Yuan in Ningbo City Cup General Manager of Sports Development 


Moscia Friends of the Ningbo Foreign Investment Enterprises Association of the Secretary-General 

Jin Zhifang Ningbo Foreign Economic Bureau, Foreign Investment Management Office of the Vice-researcher 

Entry of new market Ningbo Sports Bureau, deputy researcher 

Chang Liu Ningbo Municipal Sports Bureau Marketing Division 

Zhu Bo Ningbo City Social Sports Guidance Center Deputy Director 

Zhang Jianping, Ningbo City, chief of social sports competition Guidance Centre 

By Don Snow Sports Development Co., Ltd. Ningbo City Cup 

Shu Xuefeng Sports Development Co., Ltd. Ningbo Gold Cup 

Zhu Lili Ningbo Foreign Investment Enterprises Association 


Annex 2: 

Ningbo Foreign Investment Enterprises Tenth Games opening ceremony program 

Ningbo Foreign Investment Enterprises Tenth Games opening ceremony will be held June 5 at 9:30 at the Sports Center Younger Stadium. 

1, the opening ceremony arrangements: 

(A) of the invited guests attended the opening ceremony: 

1, the Ningbo Municipal Government, Municipality, Municipal Sports Bureau, Foreign Investment Enterprises Association Leadership 

2, foreign leaders 

(B) of the main agenda: 

1, athletes admission 

2, opening statement 

3 message from the 

4, referees and athletes oath 

5, the leadership announced the opening of the Games (gun salute, put fireworks) 

6, performances (3-4 program) 

Second, other issues 

After the opening ceremony will be at the Sports Center Plaza, playing tug of war, under the regulations for specific game plan. 

Note: The business registration, reported receipt of the list of business leaders invited to participate, please indicate the opening ceremony for the content of completed items, and please give a clear reply to the Organizing Committee arrangements. 

Annex 3 (a): 

Ningbo Foreign Investment Enterprises Tenth Games Entry Form 

Unit Name 
 Post Code 
 Telephone / Mobile 
 Whether to participate in 
Football 7-a- 
 Youth Group 
Middle-aged group 
Table tennis 
Tug of War 
Total number of projects 

First, business leaders invited as a guest to attend the opening ceremony and the podium into the seat. (□ □ not participate to participate) 

Second, a program inviting companies to participate in collective self opening style performances. (□ □ not participate to participate) 


1, enterprise self program to be able to fully express corporate culture and team spirit, show the final assessment confirmed by the Organizing Committee will attend the opening ceremony style performances. 

2 style corporate performance to determine the official opening ceremony, in the May early contact directly with the Organizing Committee. 

Contact: Tang, according to 

Website: www.nbaefi.cn E-mail: ZHULL@nbfet.gov.cn  

Note: 1, to participate in each project team leader coach ﹑ ﹑ member list and details please download, print to computer, writing errors to avoid unnecessary trouble to the game. 

2, duly completed, please fax to Ningbo after Lingqiao 190 (Foreign Trade Building, Room 1404), application deadline is May 20. Contact: Don Fisher by telephone: 8,731,579,213,884,443,630 Fax: 87687298 


Units Seal 

Month Day 2010 


Annex 4: 

Tenth foreign-invested enterprises provisions Games Games 


To ensure the smooth progress of the competitions this year, promoting spiritual civilization sports teams, the organizing committee will be in charge of the team before the game according to the discipline of 500 yuan deposit, if no violations are refunded in full after the game. 

Games are as follows: 

First, the total games during the competition rules to comply with competition rules and the individual. 

Second, sports teams scheduled to participate in the competition, if for some reason can not play the required 3 days in advance to inform the organizing committee. Otherwise, processing and confiscation of discipline by Strike margin. 

Third, during the game, to respect the referee, respect each other, if any referee abuse or assault, the other players, or deliberately hurt and beaten opponents, discipline will be forfeited deposit. 

Fourth, participants must be based employees are not allowed to collusion, fraud (such as impersonation). If found or reported verified immediately after the abolition of all race results and rankings, and bond forfeiture discipline. 

Hope the team race at discipline, conscientiously organize competition. If found or reported violations verified tournament discipline, disciplinary committee will be forfeited deposit, full deposit will be forfeited discipline donated to Ningbo Charity Federation. 


Foreign-invested enterprises in Ningbo City Games Organizing Committee 

                          April 2 O 1 O 

Annex 5: 

Tenth unit of enterprises with foreign investment promotion receipt Games 

Unit Name 
 Person in charge 
Air Arch 

4,000 yuan □ 

4,000 yuan □ 
 Site 1 * 3M baffle 

3,000 □ 
 OTC Direct, banners 

2000 dollars □ 
Print Ads 
 Games Introduction, Order Booklet, albums four full insert ads (size A4) 
 3,000 □ 
VCD feature films 
 1, Special Topic 

2, the opening ceremony 
 Titles ad (5 seconds) + credits nominal 
 3,000 □ 
Two space ads (5 seconds) + credits nominal 
 2000 dollars □ 
Credits nominal 
 800 □ 
 Promotional materials (sponsor) 
 Promotional materials (sponsor) 
Investment amount (capital) 

Promotional content and requirements: 

Tel: 87315792 8,730,430,013,884,443,630 Contact: Don Snow by, Zhang Jianping 

Fax: 876,872,988,731,119

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