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Visiting Grassroots Units to welcome the Spring Festival | The Spring Festival Tea Party held for the happiness of talents in Haishu

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In the afternoon of January 30, the Haishu District Talents' Spring Festival Tea Party was held at the Ningbo Talents' Home. More than 30 talents from various industries gathered here to convey the joy of welcoming the Chinese New Year through communication and congratulations.


In the crowd, the reporters saw national talents, including vice president of the Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute, chairman of the Ningbo Advanced Lightweight Technology Co., Ltd., and deputy chief engineer of the Ningbo Jinji Strong Magnetic Material Co., Ltd.; local talents such as manager of the Hemao Family Farm and the Uploader of the "Moon and Half Star People Coming"; experts and scholars in the fields of healthcare, culture, and social work, etc.. Although they are from different industries and identities, in the current trend of cross-border cooperation, these talents in Haishu engaged in sufficient exchanges and expressed their expectations for future development.

"This kind of tea party is relaxing and comfortable, with free communication, which is very meaningful for us to understand Haishu and promote the brand." He Xiancheng, Deputy Manager of the Youngor Clothing Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said that in just two hours, he met partners in fields such as science and technology, medical care and health, and daily life, which opened up new ideas for him to carry out technological iteration.


Building cultural exchange bridges and turn "PhDs" into "bosses"; at critical moments for enterprises, the government takes timely action; pay attention to oral health and prioritize preventive care... Everyone spared no effort in using "like" skills to recommend their own companies, while also acknowledging Haishu's vital and inclusive business environment.

At this year's tea party, Haishu talents also received a talent work yearbook and a New Year thank-you letter from the Haishu District, as well as customized talent notebooks, refrigerator stickers with logos, keychains, and other unique cultural and creative pieces of work. Onsite, there were also couplets and auspicious characters written by members of the Haishu District Calligraphers' Association, and customized heartwarming Chinese New Year gifts.


It is reported that over the past year, the Haishu District gathered nearly 13,000 talents of various types, introduced 28,000 new college students, making the growth rate of talent increment rank the first in the city. The application for national level talents has increased by 1.3 times year-on-year, and breakthroughs in introducing and cultivating talents in the cultural and social work fields were made as well.

Talents have become the "catalyst" for Haishu to deliver outstanding results. The relevant person in charge of the Talent Office of CPC Haishu District Committee introduced that the ecosystem to invite talents to stay in Haishu continues to be optimized, and talents can be freely displayed on this hot land. The Haishu District will further expand talent introduction channels, improve talent cultivation mechanisms, build a strong talent utilization platform, optimize the talent environment, and popularize the "Haishu · Creating Beautiful Quality" brand.