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Haishu's major commercial districts dress up in New Year's outfits in various styles

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The Spring Festival holiday was around the corner. In recent days, major popular commercial districts in Haishu have been wearing new outfits, creating a festival atmosphere for the Chinese New Year.


In recent times, the Tianyi Square, located in the central urban area of Ningbo, has continuously carried out a variety of activities and launched unique new stores. It has not only exerted a lot of effort in the installation of New Year facilities, but also showcased a new posture in commercial formats, bringing new experiences to citizens and tourists in the city.


The reporters saw on site that the large landscape of "carp over the goal can be transformed into a dragon" installation located at Gate 1 of the square and the new "Spring" garden party at Gate 2 were exquisitely designed and uniquely shaped, bringing a unique atmosphere to winter. At the same time, the Huawei Intelligent Life Center, which has just been put into trial operation in the early stage, as Ningbo's first full house life experience center, also simultaneously launched new and super full range of products, bringing citizens an immersive experience of technological charm and new scenes of intelligent life aesthetics.


In addition, during the Spring Festival holiday, the Tianyi Square also joined hands with the time-honored brand "Gang Ya Gou" to launch the urban heart-warming plan, building the first "Rice Dumpling House" and "Long Long Ah Gou" limited device in Ningbo, and citizens and tourists were able to enjoy rice dumplings of Gang Ya Gou free of charge onsite.


In the Heyi Avenue, the beauty of the Year of the Dragon with different shapes has been launched, bringing the festival atmosphere of the Chinese New Year to a full. Whether it is the large light flowers under the corridor or the elegant New Year's Eve flowers at the entrances of the shopping malls, the Chinese style and red elements complement each other, vividly showing the joy and harmony of the Year of the Dragon. With a dream of prosperity, we create a unique sense of New Year ceremony on the Heyi Avenue, and open a satisfying Year of the Dragon with the mass public.


In the historical blocks along the Drum Tower and the Chenghuang Temple, the highly creative design and decoration of "dragon" elements have also been quietly "updated" these days. The "Little Light Dragon" IP Exhibition was launched along the Drum Tower, and large air model devices were set up along the city tower and the Drum Tower blocks. Inspired by the dragon totem, the Chenghuang Temple prepared the China-Chic Chinese Loong IP Exhibition 2024 themed "Lucky Dragon Flying" in the Chenghuang Temple, which met with citizens and tourists during the Spring Festival holiday.


In the Moon Lake Garden, colorful fish lanterns can be seen everywhere, carrying the beautiful meaning of "surplus" every year; at the main entrance of the backdrop, the decoration themed "carp over the goal can be transformed into a dragon" consists of 14 layers of colorful lights, forming a large fish. Against the backdrop of the red "Dragon Gate", it is simple but modern, containing traditional elements, and sending warm and vibrant New Year blessings to citizens and friends.


Entering the Shanjing Outlet Plaza, we could find the pink and festive "auspicious clouds" and "eye-catching" arched dragon gate, as well as PEACEBIRD teaming up with Leo & Steph to launch the KID CUP giant doll image installation inspired by the new season's down dressing, which not only convey a fashionable attitude and trendy artistic charm, but also bring a strong festival atmosphere, which is quite eye-catching. During the Spring Festival holiday, the Shanjing Outlet also launched a series of promotional activities, during which citizens can participate in purchasing.