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Parking spaces along urban roads in Haishu free of during the Spring Festival holiday!

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On January 25, it's learnt from the Haishu District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau that during the Spring Festival holiday, on-street parking spaces within the district will be free for the mass public to park! 


It is reported that as the Chinese New Year approaches, in order to create a warm and peaceful festive atmosphere, a convenient and comfortable parking environment will be provided for citizens to travel. Starting from 17:30 on February 8, 2024, and ending at 8:00 on February 18, 2024, free on-street parking service will be available. 

The Haishu District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau also kindly reminds that during the free period, civilized and green travel is advocated, and traffic order is consciously followed. It is strictly prohibited to park randomly on main and secondary roads, main intersections, and scenic spots. Vehicles should be parked in a standardized and orderly manner in parking spaces, and parking spaces should not be occupied for a long time to ensure that free parking resources can benefit more tourists and citizens, and jointly maintain a good parking order.