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District leaders conduct researches on urban renewal and future community construction in the Wan'an Community

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On January 24, Ye Zhili, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Haishu District Committee and District Mayor of the Haishu District, went to the Wan'an Community in the Nanmen Subdistrict to conduct researches on future community construction and so on. Deputy District Mayor Yu Penghong and others participated in the event. 


In the morning, Ye Zhili and a team of experts, including Li Dihua, Vice Dean and Associate Professor of the College of Architecture and Landscape of Peking University, visited the Community Party and Mass Service Center, the Red Neighborhood Conference Hall, the Bell Forest, the Neighborhood Canteen, the Future Study (Lehuo "Old Friend" Cafe), and the Community Happy Neighborhood Base for field visits and exchanges. 

At the symposium, the Nanmen Subdistrict introduced the overall work situation of the Wan'an Community, and the Wan'an Community reported on the future community construction situation. The urban renewal design units reported on the community renewal plan, and Chen Dai, Secretary of the Party Branch and Principal of the Ningbo Experimental Primary School, Zheng Feixing, a resident of the Cultural Home and a volunteer at Lehuo "Old Friend" Cafe, and representatives from the "Le Wei Cake" store, including Ding Junni, made speeches for exchanges. Professor Li Dihua gave suggestions on behalf of the expert team, and the main leaders of the Nanmen Subdistrict responded. 


Ye Zhili expressed her gratitude to the expert team for their continuous consultation and monitoring of the Wan'an community. She pointed out that since the implementation of the project, the government, the public, experts and other political, civil, and academic parties have assisted and jointly promoted. In accordance with the concept of "everyone is a community happiness planner", they have fully considered the people and asked for their needs. Through in-depth practice and continuous innovation, urban renewal projects and future community construction have achieved good results. 

Ye Zhili emphasized that for the next step, the Nanmen Subdistrict and the Wan'an Community should focus on connecting public welfare, benefiting the people, and commercial spaces, promoting coordinated development, enhancing their ability to self-generation, promoting sustainable operation and maintenance of projects, continuously exploring new paths for future community construction under urban renewal, and continuously meeting the needs of the people for a better life. 

In the afternoon on that day, the Wan'an Community also held a seminar on resident participation in governance for future community (urban renewal) construction, inviting experts and scholars to have face-to-face exchanges with the residents.