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Two production bases in Haishu been included in the first batch of high-quality provincial lists

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Recently, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the Zhejiang Province announced the list of the first batch of provincial-level high-quality agricultural production bases in the Zhejiang Province. The Ningbo Wulongtan Tea Industry Co., Ltd. in the Haishu District and the Hengzhang Grain and Grass Professional Cooperative in the Haishu District are on the list.

The selected production bases cover the advantageous industries of Haishu, such as tea and rice. And taking the new "three products and one standard" (green food, organic agricultural products, geographical indications of agricultural products, and qualified agricultural products) as the focus, a standardized production system has been constructed, and the entire process strictly controls "quality". Over the years, they have actively participated in exhibitions and competitions to play a brand effect, demonstrating and driving the common development of surrounding farmers.

Walking into the Ningbo Wulongtan Tea Industry Co., Ltd. located in the Longguan Township, Haishu District, and looking out at the tea field on the mountains, rows of lush tea trees are in full view. Tea farmers are busy implementing green management with lawn mowers, pruning machines, and other agricultural machinery; in the tea factory, workers are working hard to maintain and care for tea production machinery such as withering troughs, indoor spreading machines, shaking machines, fermentation machines, and drying machines. "It is important to take advantage of the winter idle period to maintain tea fields and tea making machinery. If not properly managed, it will affect the quality and yield of tea in the beginning of this spring." According to Yang Jinliang, the person in charge of the Ningbo Wulongtan Tea Industry Co., Ltd., the production base has established a standardized production system and has become a technology-based tea enterprise that integrates scientific research, planting, processing, and operation.

In this 890-mu tea plantation, Yang Jinliang self-made the "Technical Regulations for Green Food Tea Planting", requiring himself and his employees to practice green production technologies, replace chemical fertilizers with organic fertilizers, and promote physical control to reduce pesticide use. The green tea, black tea, floral tea and other products promoted by the production base have obtained QS certification and have won multiple domestic awards. Especially the "Mingzhou Red" black tea, produced by the intangible cultural heritage inheritance techniques of the Ningbo City, made its debut at the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity last year. Thanks to its unique quality and taste, it has been favored by many attending foreign representatives.

The Ningbo Haishu Hengzhang Grain and Grass Professional Cooperative passed the green food certification in 2020, has QS certification and food production license, and has developed the "Qixiangqiao" agricultural product brand. In recent years, the Haishu Hengzhang Grain and Grass Professional Cooperative in Ningbo has implemented a rice-shrimp co-cultivation model, using organic fertilizer and rapeseed cake fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizers. Due to the extremely high water quality requirements of the accompanying Australian scalloped spiny lobster, pesticides are not used on rice throughout the entire process. The production base also collaborates with the Agricultural Technology Promotion Center of the Zhejiang University to develop functional rice and launch the city's first functional selenium and zinc rich rice that is beneficial to human health.

"The two production enterprises not only promote the large-scale, green, standardized, and branded development of agricultural products such as tea and rice, but also connect and drive the intensive production management of surrounding farmers to avoid blindly following the trend of production and promote the overall regional increase in production and income." A relevant person in charge of the Haishu District Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau said that in the future, the Haishu District will continue to optimize the regional layout of agricultural products, select more high-quality agricultural production bases to demonstrate and drive development, increase the effective supply of green and high-quality agricultural products throughout the district, and provide strong support for the high-quality development of agriculture.