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These blocks and road sections in Haishu become provincial-level demonstrations!

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Recently, the Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development of the Zhejiang Province announced the completion list of "High Quality Demonstration Blocks", "Street Image Demonstration Streets", "Outdoor Advertising and Signage Facility Setting Model Areas" projects for 2023, as well as the list of "Sitting on the Ground", "Living Room Level" High Quality Cleaning Areas and "Beautiful Public Toilets" for 2023. Among them, the Haishu District has won a total of 7 honors, namely the "High quality Demonstration Blocks" - Gulou Subdistrict Historical and Cultural Block, Yuehu Subdistrict Residential and Cultural Block; "Street Image Demonstration Street" - Zhenming Road (Liuting Street - Changchun Road); "Outdoor Advertising and Signage Facilities Setting Model Areas" - Yuehu Characteristic Block (Moon Lake Garden and Yuehu Jinhui Town); "Beautiful Public Toilets" - Qinqiao Public Toilet and the Public Toilet on the Qixiang Road; "Sitting on the Ground" and "Living Room-like" High-quality Cleaning Area - Moon Lake Park.

It is reported that as of now, the Haishu District has 4 provincial-level "high-quality demonstration blocks", 5 provincial-level "street image demonstration streets", 14 municipal level "sitting on the ground" demonstration areas, 2 "outdoor advertising and signage facility setting model areas", 2 provincial-level "beautiful public toilets", and 5 five-star public toilets.

"In recent years, we have taken multiple measures to promote the cleanliness of the city's appearance and environment, the orderly use of municipal public utilities, the beautification of landscaping, the removal of stubborn urban diseases, the standardization of urban order, and the digitization of urban management. We have promoted the normalization of fine urban management, and comprehensive and multi-level three-dimensional construction to create an excellent urban environment that is clean, tidy, safe, orderly, and comfortable and pleasant." A relevant person in charge of the Haishu District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau said that in the future, they will further focus on the creation of high-quality demonstration blocks, so as to continuously improve the quality of the city and effectively enhance the happiness and sense of gain of the people.