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Haishu launches a fitness running activity along the river embankment to advocate water conservation and protection

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On March 18, at the south bank of the Yaojiang River, the Haishu District held an opening ceremony of a fitness running activity along the river embankment for the publicity of the "World Water Day · China Water Week" & "Together for the Protection of Happy Rivers and Lakes", attracting more than 100 runners to participate, jointly calling on the people along the way to actively participate in actions for water resource protection, water conservation, and protection of charming rivers and lakes.

After a magnificent dragon warmed up the activity, there came a starting gun sound. The runners with numbers posted on their clothes took vigorous steps. They started from the Shaojiadu Fanshui Station along the embankment, passed through the Shaojiadu Pump Gate, the Huangniqiang Gate Station, and the Xihongdu, arrived at the Gaoqiao Pump Station and then returned, with a total journey of 6 kilometers. The route boasts beautiful sceneries, and the working staff had specially arranged publicity boards and photo-taking points at all water conservancy projects along the route, allowing runners to enjoy the sceneries and take photos while running. "I live nearby, and it's a great honor to be able to race with fellow runners and enjoy the beautiful waterfront sceneries along the way." Mr. Ren, a citizen, said.

A relevant person in charge of the Water Conservancy Bureau of the Haishu District stated that many of the runners are river and lake chiefs in the Haishu District. They personally practiced river patrol inspection and called on everyone to protect water resources. For the next step, the Water Conservancy Bureau of the Haishu District will continue to carry out activities such as law popularization and publicity, water-saving publicity, and river chief mechanism for water protection and so on. At the same time, six special major actions were carried out, including water area maintenance, drainage pipe network inspection, pre-flood inspection, river chief online protection, water conservancy industry waste disposal, and water supply safety, to provide guarantee for major activities such as the establishment of a national civilized model city and "Creating a Model for the Asian Games".

On the same day, at the activity, 10 water-saving exemplary organizations in the Haishu District were awarded, and the flag awarding ceremony for the "Lucid Water Pioneer" Party members and pioneers was held. The student representatives' water-saving initiatives were also launched.