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Colorful cole flower terrace

Time:2023-03-21     Click:

In the Butterfly Valley, Tuoshanyan Village, Yinjiang Town, Haishu District, a large area of colorful cole flowers is blooming on a terrace, with colors such as white, pink, and orange interspersed in the main yellow-green hue, making it breathtaking.

As is introduced, the terrace covers an area of about 107 mu, 16 mu out of which are planted with colorful cole flowers. In 2021, the Yinjiang Town officially launched the terrace cole flower construction project, which was officially completed last year. A relevant person in charge of the Yinjiang Town said that from the perspective of agricultural tourism integration, the colorful cole flower terrace interacts with surrounding projects such as the Tuoshanyan Mountain Villa, the ecological observation platform, the Quwan Manor, the Jinquan Farm, and the Tuoshanyan Trail, etc.. While bringing tourists more beautiful sceneries and better visual experience, it also drives the integrated development of local agricultural tourism industry, helping to realize common prosperity.