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The practice of "One Meter in Between" illuminates urban civilization

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"Please queue with one meter in between" "Keep the distance which can bring beauty"...

In the morning of March 11, the 81890 organized 20 volunteers from the Little Apple public welfare team to carry out the activity of guiding the practice of "One Meter in Between" in the Ningbo South Bus Station. Since the Haishu District launched the first "One Meter in Between" civilization queuing promotion day in 2020, such civilization guiding activities would be carried out in public places such as railway stations and bus stations on the 11th of each month.

"Experience a civilized China in Ningbo". The 81890 Volunteer Service Center has been actively engaged in the publicity and guidance-providing activities of normalized civilized behaviors, not only combining with the theme day to carry out the persuasion of waiting in line with one meter in between, the action to ensure that no cigarette butts would be found in public places and the “Clear your plate” campaign and so on, but also continuing to pay attention to the cultivation of voluntary projects for the cultivation of civilized habits, relying on the Center for the New Era Civilization Practice, so sa to extend good habits such as civilized publicity and casual public welfare to the countryside. Since the promotion of the practice of "One Meter in Between", the 81890 Volunteer Service Center has organized more than 50 public welfare activities.