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Ningbo becomes livelier as the Spring Festival is approaching

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The Spring Festival holiday is approaching. In recent days, the weather in Ningbo is sunny and the temperature is pleasant. Especially on weekends, residents come out to go shopping and enjoy the sunshine and down-to-earth lively environment. In the Gulouyan, the Tianyi· Heyi Business Circle, major businesses have also launched promotional activities to attract customers, and the consumer market presents lively scenes.

In the Gulouyan, the special art exhibition of Inheritance· Renewal- Wake up the "New" Year's Flavor of the City was launched. A series of lively and interesting interactive activities such as intangible cultural heritage rubbing techniques, oriental myths and interesting cultural and creative products attracted the attention of tourists, and they boarded the wall of the Bell Tower and took photos with artistic installations. Many citizens were also attracted by intangible cultural heritage activities. "Intangible cultural heritage skills reflect cultural confidence. I have always wanted to take my children to experience it. Today, I just have this opportunity. It's very interesting!" Ms. Lu, a citizen who brought her daughter to experience intangible cultural heritage rubbing, said.

The Tianyi· Heyi Business Circle is also full of tourists. Recently, the Tianyi Square has set up a series of 2023 Spring Festival landscape devices, including the interplanetary space and time, the landscape of five blessings descending upon the house, and the romantic urban landmark landscape, bringing the bustling atmosphere of the Spring Festival, and interpreting the colorful and dreamy New Year chapter. At the same time, many new stores such as Cailan Hong Kong-style Dim Sum, M Stand, Xiaokui Yangfeng Cuisine, Xingping Restaurant, Wentong Ice Store, and Roujiuyi, etc. have also opened. The business circle also interacted with more than 100 popular stores to carry out the Spring Festival 2023 food and beverage activities, and cooperated with the Wanjia MART to carry out the Spring Festival 2023 goods festival activities, bringing new leisure shopping experience to the residents in Ningbo.

In addition, during the Spring Festival holiday, the Tianyi· Heyi Business Circle will also carry out dragon and lion dance performances, God of Wealth blessing, street dance flash activities and so on at the landmark scenic spots of the Tianyi Square and the main channel of the Heyi Avenue to create a lively Spring Festival atmosphere.