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Remain vigilant and never slacken our efforts after the typhoon

Time:2022-09-19     Click:

Although the typhoon "Meuifa" has passed through the border, the strong storm and rainfall brought by it have had a great impact on the city appearance, environment and travel. All localities in our district quickly shifted the focus of work from typhoon prevention to follow-up recovery, paying close attention to dealing with "typhoon sequela".

The first photo was taken at 9:00 on September 15 when the Zhangshui Town organized an emergency construction team to repair the collapse site near the natural site of Kongjia, Tongjiao Village along the Hehuachi-Liangnong Line to ensure smooth traffic. (Photo by Zhang Haohua and Ke Rongyao)

The second photo was taken in the morning of September 15, near the Labakou, Dongqiao Town when a number of powerful drainage vehicles were carrying out emergency drainage to ensure that traffic of this section restored as soon as possible. (Photo by Xin Zhicheng)