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Enjoy a beautiful life

Time:2022-09-01     Click:

In the evening of August 27, the theme activity of "Enjoy a Better Life in Ningbo" & the Fourth Beautiful Life Festival of the Haishu District opened in the Nantang Ancient Street.

It is learnt that this activity will last for three months. Through intangible cultural heritage exhibition, context display, cultural and creative exhibition and sales, online interaction and other forms, and in combination with 24 solar terms, Chinese traditional festivals and other elements, it will carry out the Urban Youth Week of "Creative Ningbo, Love Ningbo", "Creation Lights Folk Custom" for enjoying the festival folk custom, "Grow up together with Ningbo" Creative Talent Salon, "See the Original China in Ningbo" Urban Beautiful Creation Exhibition, "Read the Ancient Buildings in Luocheng, Mingzhou" series of cultural activities, etc., so as to show the beautiful life empowered by culture in multiple dimensions.

The above photo was taken when citizens were visiting the Beautiful Life Market in the Nantang Ancient Street.

(Photo by Zhang Haohua and Wu Anna)