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Take a rest at the "Cool Harbor" where "coolness" is available in this hot summer

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Mineral water, various drinks, ice cream... Although the "caring refrigerator" is small, there are many categories of produce. On August 19, the New Era Civilization Practice Station of the Xindian Community in the Duantang Subdistrict, together with the Urban Construction Office of the Duantang Subdistrict and the Haishu Mobile, opened a "Cool Harbor" for outdoor workers at the Caring E Home in Ningbo within the community. Here, outdoor workers can take a rest and drink water to cool off.

(Photo by Zhang Haohua, Gui Lin and Lian Qiaoling)

In the morning of August 19, the "Red Backpackers" from the Mudan Community in the Baiyun Subdistrict and the medical staff went to the Banshan Village, Hengjie Town to send high-temperature comfort products to the elderly living in the mountains and to provide free medical services such as blood pressure measurement and blood sugar measurement and so on for the elderly.

(Photo by Xin Zhicheng and Wang Jiangning)