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Mobilize the mass public to build a solid anti-fraud dam

Time:2022-07-05     Click:

On June 29, a theme activity for the Anti-fraud Publicity Day, organized by the Ningbo Joint Conference on Combating and Governing New Types of Illegal Crimes in Telecommunications Networks and undertaken by the Haishu Public Security Branch, was held in the Haishu Incity.

At the event site, not only offline interactive offline activities, but also online live streaming explanation were available. Diversified publicity and national mobilization were being carried out to constantly improve citizens' awareness of self-security. "For the next step, we will continue to mobilize social forces to participate in anti-fraud publicity, improve citizens' awareness of anti-fraud, and guard the masses' money." A relevant person in charge of the Haishu Anti-fraud Center said. (Photo by Liu Yanhao and Duan Xiaopeng)