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Busy participating in hands-on inquiry study in the junci effusus field and harvesting fresh and tasty shoot deep in the bamboo forest

Time:2022-07-05     Click:

A few days ago, in the Zhongyi Village, Gulin Town, more than 40 students from the Gulin Town Central Primary School watched the whole process of farmers harvesting junci effusus in the field, and tried to experience mowing, throwing, bundling, etc., so as to personally experience straw weaving skills and traditional culture in hands-on inquiry study.

(Photo by Zhang Haohua and Xu Haoyue)

On July 1, in the 1,000-mu bamboo forest in the Dalei Village, Hengjie Town, a bamboo forest farmer Wang Tangfu was looking for a delicious summer dish - whip bamboo shoots. Affected by the climate, the output of whip bamboo shoots this year is slightly lower than that of last year. At present, the purchase price of whip bamboo shoots is about 16 yuan/ kg. (Photo by Zhang Haohua and Chen Peng)