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Civilization everywhere brings beauty everywhere

Time:2022-07-28     Click:

On July 22, Party members and volunteers from the Longguan Township came to the Lipailou Road Station located on the Zhuangding Road to carry out an activity for cleaning home, advocating "civilization with recreation", so as to maintain the beautiful road environment together, and jointly guard lucid water and lush mountains. (Photo by Xin Zhicheng and Li Yuan)

On July 22, the Xianxue Community of the Yuehu Subdistrict launched the "Civilized Yuehu, Polite Children" Waste Tire Painting activity. The children used paintbrushes to put bright "new clothes" on the dark waste tires, and decorated them on the walls, planting green plants to "decorate" the community. (Photo by Xin Zhicheng and Tang Qian)