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Running in the Luocheng City to comprehend the history

Time:2022-06-21     Click:

In the morning of June 18, the China National Orienteering Championship for Finding Beautiful Tourist Cities (Ningbo Station) 2022 started from the Wangjingmen Ruins Park, attracting nearly 300 orienteering enthusiasts.

The championship skillfully integrates historical and cultural elements into the competition, covering many historical and cultural attractions such as the Wangjingmen Ruins Park, the Yongfengku Ruins, the Korean Embassy Ruins, etc.. While competing, participants pursued the evolution track of the city together. "Orienteering is a sunshine sport that combines wisdom and fun." Zhu Feng, a contestant, told reporters after the competition that he had participated in many orienteering activities. This competition not only made him feel the hearty impact of competitive sports, but also made the contestants have a deeper understanding of the cultural heritage and urban charm in the Haishu District. (Photo by Jiang Rubin)